Crash Bandicoot
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Crash Bandicoot (Character)
from Crash Bandicoot (1996) (VG)

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Crash: Mind Over Mutant (2008) (VG)
Uka-Uka: Finally. Ugh, if I had nipples, they'd kill right now.
Aku-Aku: My brother... what did they do to you?
Uka-Uka: That traitorous dog, Cortex stole my power! All my bad mojo has been drained and put into NVs that he sent all over the world.
Aku-Aku: All over the world?
Uka-Uka: That little weasel of a scientist actually had a good idea for a change. However, I didn't realize it involved...
Aku-Aku: Milking you.
Uka-Uka: YES! Milking me! HA HA, everbody enjoys a laugh at the evil mask!... I will destroy Cortex for this, and you two 'short bus students' will be the means of my vengence!
Aku-Aku: Why should we help you? You're a jerk! Remember mom's birthday? You sent her socks! Honestly, who sends socks to a magic mask with no feet?
Uka-Uka: You'll help me because if you restore my power, I will give you the means to reach Cortex's lair, and destroy his NVs forever!
Crash Bandicoot: [Cheers]
Aku-Aku: Fine! We'll restore your powers. Tell us what we have to do.
Uka-Uka: The voodoo bones of my mask have been stolen and given to the worst, most despicable mutants on the island. Get them back! Be my vengence! I will use my power to let you move around quickly. You dummies probably walked everywhere. And please... would you clean this cake off my face?
Crash Bandicoot: [wipes the cake off] Wahoo! Ha ha ha!

Crash Bandicoot: Oh... heh heh. Howjeba?... Heh.
Nina Cortex: Crash? What are you doing here? Leave me alone! I hate you! You ruined my life!
[Slaps Crash]
Aku-Aku: Sooo... How's it going?
Nina Cortex: How's it going?... How's it going? I'm stuck in evil public school now! Oh, I used to be the queen of Madam Amberley's private school... now I'm stuck with the dregs of society. All because of you!

Coco Bandicoot: If I get this Doominator eye working, we'll have the best entertainment system of all time! It will play games, watch movies, and dispense butter! It will be the mother of all TiVos!
Crash Bandicoot: Wahoo!
Crunch Bandicoot: That does sound good!... Butter.
[noticed a fire extinguisher in his hand]
Crunch Bandicoot: ... And where'd I get this? Short term memory loss. Confused! And where'd I get this?

Coco Bandicoot: [trying to hotwire the wrecked Doominator] Oh, stupid thing! Work!
Crunch Bandicoot: Wow, we should clean this place up, childrens! It's been like a metric year!
Coco Bandicoot: Who's gonna make us? You? I don't think so.
Crash Bandicoot: [laughs]
Crunch Bandicoot: Okay, guess I'll just say some catchphrases. Chick Lemonade! Vitamin C!

Crash of the Titans (2007) (VG)
Tiny Tiger: Stop! No more, please! You're just too stupendous and fantabulous! Honestly, you are just awesome.
Crash Bandicoot: Uh huh.
Tiny Tiger: I'll tell you where they go! Nina took Coco to the factory on the beach.
Crash Bandicoot: Nina? Howjihebevuh?
Aku Aku: Nina? You mean Doctor Cortex, don't you?
Tiny Tiger: No, Nina! Uka Uka and her got rid of Cortex. They were tired of Cortex failing all the time.
Aku Aku: This isn't good, Crash. Nina's a lot smarter than Cortex ever could be. I'll take us there now! Get ready, Crash.