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Racer X (Character)
from Speed Racer (2008)

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"Speed Racer: The Trick Race (#1.50)" (1968)
Captain Terror: We've been waiting for you, Speed. As you can see, we've accepted your letter challenging us to one more race. And this time you will lose, lose badly!
Speed Racer: Wait, what do you mean MY letter challenging you? I got a letter from YOU challenging me to one more race! That's why I'm here! I accept the challenge and I'm gonna win this time too!
Captain Terror: No, you won't! We are the greatest racers in the world and this time we'll prove it!
Speed Racer: You failed to prove it the last time we met and you'll fail again! I'm warning you, I'm gonna win!
Captain Terror: We'll see! Come on, Speed! Let's go!

Racer X: I've got to reach Speed before those time bombs on the Car Acrobatic Team's cars go off!

Mr Magneto: Well, we've been waiting for you, Racer X! Or should I say Rex Racer, the international secret agent?
Racer X: What's the idea of stopping me?
Mr Magneto: Oh, very sorry, but this was the only way we could stop you and now we're going to get rid of you forever. You'll never interfere with us again! After him!

Racer X: Look! There it is! There's their hideout!
Captain Terror: As soon as we surround it, we'll get away from these cars!

Captain Terror: Abandon your cars! Run for your lives!
Mr Supremo: What was that? Magneto, didn't you hear something just now?
Mr Magneto: It's probably the wind howling through those mountains.
Mr Supremo: Ah.
[big explosion]
Speed Racer: They're finished!

[in a flashback, Rex crashes a car in a race]
Pops Racer: He smashed the car!... Is he hurt? Rex! Rex, are you all right?
Rex Racer: Yes, Pops, I am!
Pops Racer: I'm so glad you weren't hurt, Rex!
Rex Racer: I would have won if I hadn't skidded! I deserve to be the winner! I was ahead all the way! Well, I'm going to continue racing and someday I'll be the champion of the world!
Pops Racer: You're much too young yet! I forbid you to be a professional racer until you're older and have more experience behind the wheel!
Rex Racer: You can't stop me from racing, Pops, it's in my blood and I'm going to continue doing it!
Pops Racer: You'll do what I say! And I forbid you to do anymore racing until you're grown up!
Rex Racer: Pops, no matter what you say I'm gonna continue being a professional racer!
Pops Racer: That's no way to talk to your own father! I forbid you to race right now, and that's final!
Rex Racer: Then I'm sorry, Pops. You give me no choice but to run away from home! Goodbye, Pops!
[runs off]
Pops Racer: Rex, don't be a fool! All I'm asking is to wait a few more years until you've gained experience!... All right, if you feel that way, then stay away!

Captain Terror: Come on, let's try to find the spies!
Racer X: Don't forget about the time bombs! They were planted in your cars and they're timed to go off within the next hour! Keep away from your cars!
Captain Terror: We've got to use our cars right now. We'll have to chance it that the bombs won't go off for a while yet! Do you know where the spies' headquarters is?
Racer X: Yes.
Captain Terror: We'd never be able to find it in a hurry, we'll need you to show us the way. Are you strong enough to do that?
Racer X: Uh-huh...
Captain Terror: Good! We'll use my car! We'll take their own time bombs back to them, and give them a taste of their own medicine!

Captain Terror: Racer X, how can we thank you? If it hadn't been for you, our race with Speed would have ended in disaster! We would have been blown up with our cars!
Racer X: Well, now at least we're rid of those spies. They won't be able to cause any more trouble in the countries of the world, and we can have peace...

Captain Terror: Speed, we'll meet again and when we do, I wish you luck!
Racer X: When you meet again, I'm sure Speed will beat you again!
Captain Terror: That's what you think! Come on, let's go.

[Speed wakes up and sees what's in his hand]
Speed Racer: Huh? The mask! I'm sure it belonged to my brother!... Huh? But where is he? What happened to my brother, Rex? REX! REX, WHERE ARE YOU?
Trixie: Speed, what is it? Did you find Rex at last?... There's no one there.
Speed Racer: [in tears] Rex, wherever you are, I promise to try to be the best racer in the world and to make you prouder of your younger brother! Goodbye, Rex!

Speed Racer (2008)
Rex: [to Speed] Stop steering and start driving. This ain't no dead piece of metal. A car's a living, breathing thing, and she's alive. Feel it talking to you. Telling you what she wants, what she needs. All you gotta do is listen. Close your eyes and listen.

Rex: [to young Speed, on the track at Thunderhead] Feel that shimmy? That's your hind legs trying to outrun your front.
Young Speed: What do I do?
Rex: Stop steering, and start driving.

Speed: Racing hasn't changed, and it never will.
Racer X: It doesn't matter if racing never changes. What matters is if we let racing change us. Every one of us has to find a reason to do this. You don't climb into a T-180 to be a driver. You do it because you're driven.

Minx: [after seeing Speed race] He's going to be very good.
Racer X: No, he's going to be the best... if they don't destroy him first.

Speed: I thought we made a good team today. It felt like we've been doing it for a long time.
Racer X: If you say so.

Taejo Togokahn: I'll see you at Fuji.
Racer X: You won't finish. When you lose - if you can still dial a phone...
[hands over CIB business card]
Racer X: ... call this number.

Racer X: [about Rex] I'm sure if he were here, he'd be immensely proud of you.
Speed: For what? Making the same mistakes he did?
Racer X: For trying to make a difference.

Inspector Detector: Do you think you made a mistake not to tell him?
Racer X: If I did, it's a mistake I'll have to live with.

"Speed Racer: The Most Dangerous Race: Part 3 (#1.11)" (1967)
[Speed tries to drive the Mach 5, but ends up stuck in a puddle]
Racer X: I can't leave him there like that. But what choice do I have? What can I do?

Speed Racer: Where is the car?
Snake Oiler: You're unable to see now? Well, isn't that just too bad?
[Speed starts crying]
Snake Oiler: Snap out of it! It looks as if I'm going to win the Alpine Race. You'd better wait here 'til somebody rescues you. I'm glad to say your racing days are over for good, Speed. Eh, I guess I proved I'm a much better driver than you, Speed. I'm on my way to victory!

Racer X: Speed, you're a brave young man. I'm proud to have you for a brother.

Racer X: Speed, you can be a great driver, but you can also be a great man. You value your life even higher than victory. The world needs more people like you. I'm proud to have you as a brother.

Speed Racer: Have you seen Racer X? I've got to find him to thank him.
Trixie: I saw him in the Mach 5 only a few minutes ago...
Sprytle: Nobody's in the car now!
Speed Racer: There isn't? That means he was able to walk away from it! His legs weren't broken, he just told me that so I'd let him help me drive! He deserves this trophy, not me!
Trixie: Oh, Speed, all that matters to me is you made it safely! Now let's go to the hospital and get your eyes taken care of!

Racer X: Speed, there's a broken bridge up ahead. Use your brakes.
Speed: Snake managed to get across it, didn't he? So will I!
Racer X: How? That bridge is falling apart! Speed, you'd better use the brakes before it's too late and we smash up!
Speed: Tell me when we get to the broken bridge. I'm going to try to get across it.
Racer X: The Acrobatic Team's cars have special equipment for flying, the Mach Five can't do it! Use the brake!
Speed: I'm giving her the gas!
Racer X: Stop! Speed, we can't make it. Jam on the brakes! Quick!
[Speed uses his autojacks to jump across the bridge and clears it]
Racer X: You made it! I don't think you would have been able to do it with your eyes open!
Speed: There was no other way, I had to make it. Now I gotta win!

"Speed Racer: The Most Dangerous Race: Part 2 (#1.10)" (1967)
[first lines]
Narrator: Speed is competing in the Alpine Race, the most dangerous race in the world! Favored to win is the tricky Car Acrobatic Team, consisting of seven daredevil drivers in cars equipped with ingenious wings. Their orders are to win the trophy, no matter what the cost!
Speed Racer: Well, now that Pops has redesigned the Mach 5 so that it's got small wings underneath, I may have a chance to beat the Car Acrobatic Team! Poor Pops, all that work was too much for him. I'm glad Trixie got him to the hospital and I hope he's all right. Now we're getting into the higher mountains. So far, so good, but it's going to be really dangerous up ahead...

Snake Oiler: With the heavy rain, parts of the course have been completely wiped away. It's gonna be tough!
Speed Racer: Maybe we can take another way...
Snake Oiler: There is no other way. And when we try to get through, we'll cause more landslides. Besides, our tires won't take hold of that wet ground. We've decided to draw lots to see which one of us goes first. It'll be more dangerous for each car following.
Speed Racer: It's a fair way to do it though.

[Three members of the Car Acrobat Team attempt to cross the chasm and fail]
Racer X: The drivers on the Car Acrobatic Team are supposed to better than that.
Snake Oiler: They are! Just watch! I'll show you! I'm gonna make the jump safely and prove to you what a fabulous driver I am!

Racer X: Well, I'm glad you're safe, Speed. But you only have one life, so you'd better be careful!

Racer X: Every time a driver tries to make it across, some more of the earth caves in. And it's going to be even worse when we try to make the jump. But as a professional racer, I've got to meet the challenge. If you're smart, you'll give up the race. But if you don't, good luck!

"Speed Racer: Race Around the World: Part 2 (#1.52)" (1968)
Speed Racer: When I first started on the road of a professional racer, I had no idea how much training and skill and experience I would need, and how much help. I owe a debt of gratitude to Pops, Trixie, Spritle, Sparky, and even Racer X wherever he is...

Racer X: Speed suspected I'm his long lost older brother, but he never found out for sure. Now I'll be able to continue keeping an eye on him always. He's the greatest racing driver in the world now and he deserves the championship. I'm proud of him.

Speed Racer: Come on, Sparky, let's go! There are more races to be won!

"Speed Racer: The Man on the Lam (#1.31)" (1967)
Mr Stencher: All right, just give up the money nice and easy...
Speed Racer: If you want it so badly come and get it!
[firefight ensues]
Spritle: [drawing slingshot] If you want it so badly come and get it!
Speed Racer: Spritle get down!

Lawson Lamster: You saved my life... I don't really deserve it.
Speed Racer: I feel that everyone's life is worth saving!
Lawson Lamster: You risked your life to save me but it's useless, I'm too badly hurt!... I have one last request to ask: can you give my eyes to my daughter Delicia so that she can see again?
Speed Racer: You mean she's really your daughter?
[Lamster nods]
Speed Racer: Now I understand. Don't worry, your daughter will be all right!
Lawson Lamster: Remember what I asked... give my eyes to her.
[slumps down]
Speed Racer, Spritle: OH!

Delicia: What happened to that nice man?
Speed Racer: You mean Mr Lamster, huh?
Delicia: Is it true that he had something to do with my eyes becoming all better?
Trixie: Yes, but he had to go far away where we'll never see him again. And he said to tell you to look at the sky once each day and think of him. He'll know.
Delicia: Look up at the sky... what a nice idea!

"Speed Racer: The Car in the Sky (#1.49)" (1968)
Speed Racer: There's nothing to eat on the island, so we can't hold out very long. This is one tough spot the Mach 5 can't help us out of. If only I could use the car radio... but that was broken in the crash. And I don't know which direction to send the homing robot, so that's out too. Even the cutters are useless, and the special wheels, even the oxygen tank! No, I'm afraid the Mach 5 can't help us...

Speed Racer: Now listen carefully to my plan, everybody! We could hang the Mach 5 under a bunch of the advertising balloons that we'll fill with hydrogen. Then we can hook a propeller to the Mach 5's engine. If my theory proves correct, we have sort of a makeshift dirigible, wouldn't we?

"Speed Racer: The Fire Race: Part 2 (#1.17)" (1967)
[Kadar's gang perishes in the lava]
Speed Racer: They were too greedy, and anyone who becomes too greedy is punished one way or another!

Racer X: [to Chief Zuma] I've risked my life to save your treasure. Now you gentlemen must come to some agreement! Compromise! Open your borders to the world SOME of the time!

"Speed Racer: Challenge of the Masked Racer: Part 2 (#1.4)" (1967)
Racer X: Speed, I hope you'll be the best driver in the world.

[Racer X drives off]
Speed Racer: One day I'll find out who you are. And then we'll have a race, just the two of us!

"Speed Racer: Race the Laser Tank (#1.44)" (1968)
Cana: How are we going to get out of here, Speed?
Speed Racer: I don't know yet!

Henchman: Don't go that way, there's a dinosaur there!
Speed Racer: HUH?... There's no such thing!
[drives on ahead]
Speed Racer: [to himself] He had to be lying. Dinosaurs aren't real, not today...

"Speed Racer: Race Around the World: Part 1 (#1.51)" (1968)
Greed Scrounge: Well, it won't be long now. I checked the rules very carefully.
Shade: And what did you come up with, Scrounge?
Greed Scrounge: Something very interesting. So where in the rules says there are rules saying it's forbidden to interfere with the other drivers? Nowhere!
Shade: Interesting!
Arabian Racer: Also, it won't matter how the winner wins so long as he wins. Some drivers might try to be dishonest, it seems to me. It's not fair to cheat to win!
Speed Racer: They might win, but they'd lose, too. They'd lose their honour.
Shade: Their honour?
Speed Racer: Sure! Who could be proud of winning if he cheated to win? It's not worth it. All the gold in the world isn't worth a man's honour. That's the most precious thing there is.
Shade: Out of what stupid book did you get that stupid idea? Little Mister Goody over there thinks he's smart with ideas like that...

Shade: I'm warning you, don't try to be smart!
Greed Scrounge: I think he needs more than a warning! Give him what he needs, Shade!
Shade: [gets ready to scrap] That'll be a pleasure! All right, you talk about honor because you're too scared to do everything you can to win?
Speed Racer: I'll win fair and square and no other way!
Shade: Yeah, well that's not the way I'm going to beat you up!
Speed Racer: Just remember, you started it!
Shade: And I'm gonna finish it!

"Speed Racer: The Desperate Racer (#1.42)" (1968)
Speed Racer: You're asking me to lose the Grand Prix?
Eloisa Hazard: Well, my brother wants you to lose and so do I, Speed.
Speed Racer: But that would be cheating and I've never done anything illegal in my life EVER! I'm going to have to ask you to leave!
[Eloisa faints]
Trixie: Speed, why did you yell at her?
Speed Racer: You know I'm angry because of what that girl asked me to do!

Speed Racer: If I don't keep this pineapple with me at all times I'll be disqualified from the race! So I'm sorry gentlemen, but you can't have it!

"Speed Racer: The Most Dangerous Race: Part 1 (#1.9)" (1967)
Snake Oiler: Hey, you must be Speed Racer!
Speed Racer: Huh?
Snake Oiler: I was told that you're one of the greatest racers in the world. Is that true?
Speed Racer: Who are you, anyway?
Snake Oiler: Snake Oiler's the name and I'm a pretty good racer myself. Why don't we ever race to see which one of us is better?
Speed Racer: Okay, let's go!

[Racer X interrupts Speed in the middle of a training run]
Speed: What's the big idea, Racer X?
Racer X: I came to warn you. It's too dangerous!
[points at a landslide]
Racer X: Be careful of falling rocks like those. Last year, they wiped out a dozen drivers who could have crossed easily...
Speed: How?
Racer X: Just by keeping their minds on their driving and the obstacles in the way! But most drivers are worried about the cars ahead of them and how to catch up and pass them, so they sometimes forget to concentrate on the course itself. The plateau areas around here are very tricky: the ground is hard, but when it rains heavily, the ground loosens and changes and tires skid treacherously. Take my advice, Speed, otherwise this will be your last race. Very few cars ever reach the finish line. It's just too dangerous!
Speed: Then you don't think I can win, Racer X?
Racer X: You can only if you keep your mind on the hazards of the course! Oh, one more thing, Speed. Listen carefully. As you race down toward the big jump don't be going too fast, because you'll cause another landslide and crash down into the river. Also, when you reach the other side and start to climb again, don't try to go straight up toward the top. Zigzag along the slope. It takes longer, but it's safer, and in the long run you'll pick up some time. Remember, throughout the whole area there are patches of ice. One wrong twist of your steering wheel and that'll be the end of you. You'll find this is the toughest course you've ever raced and you'll need every ounce of experience and skill, Speed.
Speed: Thanks for the advice. I'll try to follow all of it, Racer X.
Racer X: Heh heh, because if you don't run a good race, I won't enjoy winning!
Speed: You'll be in the Alpine Race?
Racer X: Speed, I'm going to win the Alpine Race. I'm not going to give you a break, um-hmm.

"Speed Racer: Challenge of the Masked Racer: Part 1 (#1.3)" (1967)
[at the Trans-Country race track, in the middle of the night]
Racer X: What are you doing here, Speed?
Speed: Practicing!
Racer X: You must not be in the race!
Speed: I will be! And I can beat you! I'll prove it!

"Speed Racer: The Terrifying Gambler (#1.27)" (1967)
Speed Racer: You're the most dangerous man I've ever met and you're wacky!
Mr Fastbucks: No I'm not wacky, I'm a genius! And I'm about to become the richest man on Earth! Unfortunately you know too much, so I'm going to have to get rid of you permanently!

"Speed Racer: The Desperate Desert Race: Part 1 (#1.14)" (1967)
[after being accused of sabotaging Kim's car, and learning he was framed]
Speed Racer: I'll prove it! I don't have to do things like that to win races, I can win them fair and square! I've got to convince Kim I didn't blow up his car!

"Speed Racer: The Man Behind the Mask (#1.40)" (1968)
Sprytle: Are you going to show us more works of art?
Mark Meglaton: In a way, that's what they are!
[reveals a massive array of monumental missiles]
Speed Racer: These work of arts are terrifying!
Mark Meglaton: It depends on your point of view.

"Speed Racer: Mach Five vs. Mach Five: Part 2 (#1.23)" (1967)
Speed Racer: If that were an ordinary car I could catch up to it, but I can't when it's another Mach 5!
Dr Nightcall: Yes you can, Speed!
Speed Racer: Huh?
Dr Nightcall: Listen to me. I built the car exactly like your Mach 5, but you're forgetting one thing: the bomb is heavy and it will slow down the car enough for you to get a chance to catch up to it. But you've got to hurry! Every second counts! You must save the people in the city from being wiped out!
Speed Racer: Thank you, Doctor. I'll try.
Trixie: Go, Speed!

"Speed Racer: The Fastest Car on Earth: Part 1 (#1.20)" (1967)
Speed Racer: [driving the GRX] I've never driven so fast in my life! This speed is taking me into another dimension! It's fantastic!

"Speed Racer: Race for Revenge: Part 2 (#1.13)" (1967)
Trixie: Speed, I'm afraid!
Speed Racer: This is no time to act like a girl!

"Speed Racer: The Next Generation: The Beginning: Part 3 (#1.3)" (2008)
Annalise Zazic: Careful, X. If you admit Speed's your brother, we'll all know you're part dork.
X: Whatever. I don't even care about Speed. All I care about is winning tomorrow.
Annalise Zazic: What's the difference? It's not like you need the unlimited car parts. You've got sponsors.
X: I don't care about the stupid parts. I just love winning.
Jared: So if you win, can we have your parts?
Jesse: Yeah. We wanna sell them so we can build a water slide in our room. You guys could totally use it, too.
Annalise Zazic: He'd give it to Speed, first.

"Speed Racer: The Next Generation: The Beginning: Part 2 (#1.2)" (2008)
Annalise Zazic: That's so not cool, X. Are you just gonna let him get away with driving your dad's car?
X: I wouldn't let that kid drive my mom's scooter.
Jared: Mom's scooter is awesome.
Jesse: I know. It's pink with those cool ribbons on the handlebars.
Jared: I love those.

"Speed Racer: The Race Against Time: Part 1 (#1.28)" (1967)
Speed Racer: I'll try to win the next race Trixie, but right now I've got something more important to do! Even though I couldn't help Dr. Bone when he was alive, maybe I can still help him!

"Speed Racer: The Secret Invaders: Part 2 (#1.39)" (1968)
Speed Racer: Well, that's the end of that terrible gang of assassins. They tried to assassinate Princess Gracious of Ambrocia and then President Montebank of Abalonia, but they failed both times. It's the end of that gang, but there will be others. As long as men seek power illegally, there will be evil things done in the world. But I'll do all I can to see that men like them never succeed! If everyone did the same, it would be a more peaceful world!

"Speed Racer: Girl Daredevil: Part 1 (#1.18)" (1967)
[first lines]
Speed Racer: For months, I've been driving in races all over the world. There have been a lot of bad crashes and I've had some close calls, but the danger is a part of racing, just as is the thrill of winning. I'll go on competing in races throughout the world, because wherever there's a challenge, I've gotta meet it!