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Henry Fitzroy (Character)
from "Blood Ties" (2007)

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"Blood Ties: Blood Price: Part Two (#1.2)" (2007)
Vicki Nelson: I'm busting your chops for talking about demons and I was out hunting a vampire.
[Henry chuckles]
Vicki Nelson: Yeah, I know.
Henry Fitzroy: I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Okay?
Vicki Nelson: You believe in vampires.
Henry Fitzroy: I am a vampire.

Vicki Nelson: [notices a painting of Henry VIII in Henry's penthouse] History buff?
Henry Fitzroy: Family photo.
Vicki Nelson: Right.
Henry Fitzroy: You believe I'm a vampire but you don't believe I had a father?
Vicki Nelson: And he just happened to be one of the most famous figures in history.
[suddenly realizes who he is]
Vicki Nelson: That would make you Henry, Duke of Richmond.
Henry Fitzroy: [nods] You surprise me again. How did you know that?
Vicki Nelson: I have a minor in History.

Henry Fitzroy: My smile's my best feature.
Vicki Nelson: I've never met a vain serial killer.

Henry Fitzroy: Art and literature has always been my passions. I finally found a medium where I could fully realize the both of them

Henry Fitzroy: You gave me your blood. You're part of me now.

Henry Fitzroy: I've lived a long time. Almost 500 years.
Vicki Nelson: Wow. See, I wouldn't have pegged you for a day over 450.
Henry Fitzroy: I use a great moisturizer.

Henry Fitzroy: Victoria...
Vicki Nelson: Vicki. Victoria was an overweight queen.
Henry Fitzroy: She wore it well, though. Trust me.

Vicki Nelson: Well, unless you have a demon GPS around here somewhere, this is all we have.
Henry Fitzroy: I was hoping not to have to do this.
Vicki Nelson: What do you mean? You actually have a demon GPS?

Vicki Nelson: You son of a bitch...
[holds head and almost falls]
Henry Fitzroy: Easy, easy, easy.
[helps her sit down]
Henry Fitzroy: I was just trying to protect myself. Perhaps a bit too forcefully.
Vicki Nelson: You think?

Henry Fitzroy: Now, I know you won't believe me, but I don't wanna hurt you.
Vicki Nelson: Yeah? You've got a funny way of showing it.
Henry Fitzroy: I wasn't the one threatening the other's dental work.

"Blood Ties: Love Hurts (#1.6)" (2007)
Vicki Nelson: So, you okay with this?
Henry Fitzroy: I've talked to women before.
Vicki Nelson: Yeah, but not as a P.I.
Henry Fitzroy: Yet, I usually get what I want.
Vicki Nelson: You're not gonna, you know, bite them, are you?
Henry Fitzroy: Are you gonna tell me I can't?
Vicki Nelson: No.
Henry Fitzroy: Good.
Vicki Nelson: It's just that it's not exactly protocol.
Henry Fitzroy: You are gonna tell me I can't.
Vicki Nelson: Well, it's an investigation, not a... picnic!

[Henry is taking a few golf swings when Vickie and Coreen approach to discuss the case]
Vicki Nelson: [with laughter] You golf?
Henry Fitzroy: [with indignation] My father killed the Scottish King. Yes, I golf.

Coreen Fennel: Vicki fought a demon!
Henry Fitzroy: What?
Coreen Fennel: Something attacked Isabel and Vicki tried to kill it, and it knocked her across the room, and it has glowing red eyes, and we think it might be Emmanuel and...
Vicki Nelson: [Vicky starts laughing] You golf?
Henry Fitzroy: My father killed the Scottish king. Yes, I golf.

Henry Fitzroy: [peeved] You're a child, Celluci, cutting me off at the light!
Mike Celluci: [insulting] You've been driving for what, 90 years, you still choke at a yellow? It's pathetic.
Vicki Nelson: [impatient] Okay boys, we have a murder to stop.

Vicki Nelson: These women are lying about the night of Marcy's murder. So we are going to unleash Henry's mojo on them.
Henry Fitzroy: I don't have mojo. I have charm. Charisma, if you will.
Coreen Fennel: I would.

Vicki Nelson: You weren't in my bed running your hands up and down my body just now were you?
Henry Fitzroy: Depends. Where you enjoying it?
Vicki Nelson: Henry!
Henry Fitzroy: No, I wasn't.
Vicki Nelson: Oh.
Henry Fitzroy: Disappointed?
Vicki Nelson: Relieved.
Henry Fitzroy: You don't look relieved.
Vicki Nelson: No, this is my relieved face.

Henry Fitzroy: Waking up to find my hands running up and down your body would be... horrible.
Vicki Nelson: Well, unless you were invited.
Henry Fitzroy: I'm all ears.

Vicki Nelson: There is no longing!
Vicki Nelson: Well, maybe a little longing. I have been thinking about getting a dog lately.
Emmanuel: You don't have to explain.
Henry Fitzroy, Mike Celluci: Explain!

Henry Fitzroy: [about sex] We could cuddle after!

"Blood Ties: Heart of Ice (#1.7)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: Do you know what it's like tryin' to draw with somebody looking over your shoulder?
Vicki Nelson: It makes you wanna stop working and discuss my case?
Henry Fitzroy: I have a deadline. If this book isn't in to the printers by the end of the month, my editor's gonna kill me... again.
Vicki Nelson: So much for a timeless existence as one of the Children of the Night.
Henry Fitzroy: Welcome to the twenty-first century.

Henry Fitzroy: How do we do this? Do you hit me with phone books until I confess?
Mike Celluci: Yeah, if you like.
[points to a photo]
Mike Celluci: Ever meet her?
Henry Fitzroy: She's not exactly my type.
Mike Celluci: Oh? And, uh, what exactly is your type Henry? O negative?

Henry Fitzroy: I'd better let you lead. I don't think I can trust my back anymore.
Vicki Nelson: Henry, don't do this. I don't judge you.
Henry Fitzroy: How generous. Then what does it matter what I've done? My life is my business. I drink blood or I die.
Vicki Nelson: You chose to be a vampire.
Henry Fitzroy: I chose to give my life to be with the woman I loved. I chose to experience hundreds of years of human history. And every time I feed, I am choosing to live. What is your choice, Vicki?

Henry Fitzroy: When you turn, you don't see people anymore. You see prey. I spent a long time learning to control my impulses. But I'm not human, Vicki. And every once in a while, somebody's gotta die.

Vicki Nelson: Henry, it's just a conversation. It's nothing to worry about.
Henry Fitzroy: That's what my father said to Anne Boleyn, right before he took her head.

Vicki Nelson: If you didn't know her why not just say so?
Henry Fitzroy: Who says I didn't know her

Vicki Nelson: Henry, I have an obligation
Henry Fitzroy: a hundred dollars, that's all it takes for you to risk your life?
Vicki Nelson: Actually, it was more around 98...

"Blood Ties: Heart of Fire (#1.8)" (2007)
[Spanish Inquisition, 1742]
Javier Mendoza: You are charged with inflicting vampirism and heresy against the Faith and common good of this village.
Henry Fitzroy: [growls] How do you know who I am?
Javier Mendoza: I will ask the questions in this court. How do you plead?
Henry Fitzroy: I've hurt no one here. You hold no authority over me, Priest.
Javier Mendoza: We shall see.

Mike Celluci: We really need to talk about your drinking problem.
Henry Fitzroy: Clearly, I stopped too soon.

[Henry is shackled to a cross]
Javier Mendoza: The accused has the opportunity to confess.
Henry Fitzroy: All right. All right, I confess. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I should have killed you 400 years ago!

[Henry has been offered a rodent to quench his thirst]
Javier Mendoza: I thought you might be hungry. Go on vampire eat. You're getting weak. You need your strength.
[Henry frees his meal]
Javier Mendoza: One small act of mercy won't impress God.
Henry Fitzroy: God loves mercy.
Javier Mendoza: For those who deserve it.

Maria: You've been sent to test my faith.
Henry Fitzroy: [grabs her wrist with great speed] Your faith is about mercy. To have you in its grasp.
[slides his hand down]
Henry Fitzroy: To let you go.
[releases his grasp]
Henry Fitzroy: No devil is that foolish.

Henry Fitzroy: [to Javier] Don't think you can immerse yourself in darkness and emerge unscathed!

"Blood Ties: 5:55 (#2.3)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: Let's just get this bowl and get out of here. Shall we?
Vicki Nelson: Wow! Somebody's cranky.
Henry Fitzroy: [grabs Vicki's arm] I came over as soon as you called me. If I had known this was a simple recovery case I would have...
[realizes their client is with them]
Henry Fitzroy: I would have stopped for a bite first.

Vicki Nelson: [using a Southern accent on the phone] Oh well, Gary, you are just sweeter than a Tennessee... Williams.
[hangs up, turns to a smiling Henry]
Vicki Nelson: Don't!
Henry Fitzroy: Do one thing for me. Tell me you've always depended on the kindness of strangers.

Vicki Nelson: Is a drink an implied sexual advance?
Henry Fitzroy: Other than our strange sexless relationship we seem to share, I don't have much experience in the world of dating.
Vicki Nelson: Really? So you don't get your groove on before you put the bite on?
Henry Fitzroy: My relationships are usually intense and passionate from the first glance. I don't need to make a sexual advance.
[grabs Vicki's waist from behind playfully]
Henry Fitzroy: I am one.
Vicki Nelson: I hate it when you do that.
Henry Fitzroy: I know that.

Henry Fitzroy: [about Mike] Well, it's not like you snapped him up. And with him seeing someone you might want to take this opportunity to move on as well. To someone special, someone who deserves you.
Vicki Nelson: Right, someone who'll be snacking on a different girl in his bed every night of the week.
Henry Fitzroy: Everybody has their flaws.

Henry Fitzroy: [catching Vicki on the phone and copying her Tennessee accent] If that don't put the pepper in a gumboat
Henry Fitzroy: I don't know what would.

"Blood Ties: Bad JuJu (#1.3)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: [to Vicki] You share a familiarity with me that very few people in this world have known. I am not to be taken lightly. Do not forget who and what I am.

Henry Fitzroy: I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away.
Vicki Nelson: You're one of those guys who's just riddled with nagging self doubt, aren't you?
Henry Fitzroy: I have a fair opinion of myself, and hundreds of years of positive reinforcement.

Coreen Fennel: One of my books says something about zombies. You can use salt.
Henry Fitzroy: I don't wanna season them, Coreen, I'd like to kill them.

Coreen Fennel: [about Angelique] She took my mouth away.
Vicki Nelson: Oh, I'd love to learn that trick sometime.
Henry Fitzroy: Do you have to wisecrack even when you're dying?
Vicki Nelson: I'm not dying.
Vicki Nelson: Yet.
Coreen Fennel: Henry, do something. She needs help.
Henry Fitzroy: We can't exactly take her to a hospital and ask for a Voodoo Curse Specialist.
[Looks towards the window]
Henry Fitzroy: The only thing we can do is get the doll back before she makes her next move. Now it's almost daylight and I've gotta go.
Coreen Fennel: You can't just leave her like this.
Henry Fitzroy: Coreen, you have to be strong. Keep her comfortable until I get back, okay?

Henry Fitzroy: Don't trust the movies. Look what they did to vampires.

"Blood Ties: Bugged (#2.4)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: You know my life doesn't bear scrutiny. Isn't it your job to serve and protect?
Mike Celluci: Actually, I don't think that motto was meant to extend to the undead.

Mike Celluci: Keep in mind Fitzroy, I'm not doing this for you. I don't even like you.
Henry Fitzroy: Since we're affording each other the courtesy of bluntness, I don't like you either. Vicki seems to trust you with her life. That's good enough for me.

Henry Fitzroy: If we are confronted with the other vampire, it will attack me first.
Mike Celluci: How can you be so sure?
Henry Fitzroy: It won't find you any kind of threat. And we can use that distraction to our advantage.
Mike Celluci: Hey, I'm the one wearing the badge here. Remember?
Henry Fitzroy: And I'm the vampire. If you want the killing to stop, you'll do as I say.

Vicki Nelson: Who's gonna tell me what's going on?
Mike Celluci: It's best if you don't know.
Vicki Nelson: Best if I don't know what?
Henry Fitzroy: Telling you would kind of defeat the purpose of "it's best if you don't know."

"Blood Ties: Wrapped (#2.7)" (2007)
Vicki Nelson: That's not a bad dream. That's a full on nightmare. You know what? I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was in the academy. I used to dream that my bedroom was full of snakes.
Henry Fitzroy: Interesting.
Vicki Nelson: One word about Freud and I'm going to put a stake in your heart.
Henry Fitzroy: Vicki, what I'm trying to tell you is it's not the specifics of the dream that is disturbing. It's the fact that I dreamt at all. From sunrise to sunset, for all intents and purposes, I'm dead.
Vicki Nelson: Well something has to be different. Could it have been someone you ate?
Henry Fitzroy: I'm afraid it might be something more serious than that. Because a vampire's life isn't natural, neither is our death. Because we live so long we can sense when we're going to die.
Vicki Nelson: What are you saying? That you know when it's your time?
Henry Fitzroy: Assuming nobody puts a stake through our hearts, we decide when to go. Like the Inuit elders, they would leave their families and walk out onto an ice pond.
Vicki Nelson: Yeah, but Henry you don't have a death wish.
Henry Fitzroy: No? I keep working with you.

Coreen Fennel: [reading from a book] To see the sun in the dream symbolizes peace of mind, enlightenment, tranquility, fortune, goodwill and insight. It is a good omen to have the sun shining in your dreams.
Henry Fitzroy: I'm a Vampire.
Coreen Fennel: Right. Bad omen.

Vicki Nelson: What if he's coming to you in your dreams because he can't find you and he's trying to draw you out?
Henry Fitzroy: Then I'll give him his fondest desires and I'll tear his throat out for him.
[picks up his sword]
Vicki Nelson: Oh please do not go all vampire macho on me. If he can hurt you in your dreams, imagine what he can do to you in person. Henry he serves their god of death.
Henry Fitzroy: He'll die just like everybody else.
Vicki Nelson: He doesn't. That's the point. He wants your life-force and if you go out there you'll be handing it to him on a silver platter. You'll just be making him stronger.
Henry Fitzroy: There's no other way... Okay.
[hands Vicki the sword]
Henry Fitzroy: What's your suggestion?
Vicki Nelson: I don't know how to stop him yet. But I want to keep you under wraps during the daytime.
Henry Fitzroy: You want to guard me.
Vicki Nelson: I'll catch some shuteye too. Nice thing about vampire sleep is you don't snore. Listen, I'll be back by dawn. Please do not leave here.
Henry Fitzroy: I guess I'll have to order dinner in tonight.

Henry Fitzroy: [Vicki and Coreen walk up behind Henry]
Henry Fitzroy: So Coreen's babysitting me now.
[Coreen and Vicki exchange looks]
Henry Fitzroy: You have a heart murmur.
Coreen Fennel: Since I was kid.
Henry Fitzroy: Nothing to worry about.
Vicki Nelson: Great. Vampire MD. I can see primetime possibilities now.
Henry Fitzroy: [turns around] I could smell you too. For some reason no one ever likes when I say that.

"Blood Ties: Wild Blood (#2.2)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: You think she's... different?
Mike Celluci: I was gonna go with creepy and freakish, but yeah, "different" kinda sums it up.

Henry Fitzroy: [about Mike] You know, I like him. I'm going to regret having to draw him being eaten by Hellhounds.
Vicki Nelson: Would you get your coat? We have work to do.
Henry Fitzroy: [looks at his sketch] They need bigger teeth.

Mike Celluci: Your lordship.
Henry Fitzroy: Constable.

Vicki Nelson: Outside of their driver's licenses they don't have school records, medical records, immunizations... I mean they've been totally off the grid for their entire lives.
Henry Fitzroy: Neither do I. That doesn't make me a killer.
[Vicki looks at him]
Henry Fitzroy: Huh, bad example.

"Blood Ties: Post Partum (#1.11)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: Where are you going?
Vicki Nelson: Husband hunting.
Henry Fitzroy: [gestures to himself] Husband material.
Vicki Nelson: You're sweet, but you're just not a morning person.
Henry Fitzroy: [reluctantly agrees] No, I'm not.

Henry Fitzroy: I don't buy blood.
Coreen Fennel: But it's good blood. Great blood, actually. Plenty of antioxidants. Rich in iron and 22 other essential vitamins.
Henry Fitzroy: No.
Coreen Fennel: I deliver.

Coreen Fennel: Henry, I think Travis may have killed his mother.
Henry Fitzroy: He was about to add to his accomplishments.
Coreen Fennel: Oh, my God.
Henry Fitzroy: He's under control, for now, but I don't know how long it'll last. He's not completely human Coreen. There's a blackness there, pure evil, and something else is controlling it.
Coreen Fennel: He's only ten.
Henry Fitzroy: But the darkness in him is ancient.

"Blood Ties: The Devil You Know (#2.5)" (2007)
Vicki Nelson: So another vampire leaves a dead model on your doorstep and you go to Mike for help. Which is... astounding... really. Then you turn around and you say leave it alone, I'll handle it myself. And I'm left wandering the streets wondering what the hell is going on. Alone... at night... by myself.
Henry Fitzroy: Under the circumstances, probably not a good idea.

[talking over the phone about Christina]
Vicki Nelson: And you believe her?
Henry Fitzroy: Yes, I do.
Vicki Nelson: Where is the calm and rational Henry Fitzroy I know?
Henry Fitzroy: I don't have to be calm. I need to find this Alexander and kill him.
Vicki Nelson: What is this power she has over you?
Henry Fitzroy: The instinct tells you to hunt, to kill, to remove the threat from your territory. But just underneath that is the memory of love and the ache of that love's unnatural death. I know Christina in a way that... I don't know if I can explain it.
Vicki Nelson: I think you did a pretty good job right there.

Henry Fitzroy: You strayed into my territory. You threatened me and my associates. You brought attention that could expose me. I should kill you for any one of those things.
Alexander: How many have you killed in your time?
Henry Fitzroy: To count would be sentimental.
Alexander: You're a monster.
Henry Fitzroy: That's true. But I'm a monster who can control his needs. I'm not ruled by my passion, my hatred or my instinct alone. When you surrender, you surrender your humanity not your conscience. Only then do you become a thing.

"Blood Ties: Necrodrome (#1.10)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: Love is always worth the risk. Eternity's a long time to live with regret.
Vicki Nelson: You ever consider writing greeting cards?

Henry Fitzroy: For the record, Swanson is reanimated. I, am resurrected.
Vicki Nelson: There's a difference?
Henry Fitzroy: Diesel Swanson is still walking only because of the dark magic to serve the Necromancer who raised him. He has no freedom of will. He has no life. I maintain my personality, my intelligence, my wit.
Vicki Nelson: Your humility.
Henry Fitzroy: My soul.

Mohadevan: A heinous crime has been committed against Mr. Swanson. There's nothing worse than an Easter Weekend.
Henry Fitzroy: Hm.
Vicki Nelson: I take it you don't mean the Holiday with the bunnies and the chocolate?
Henry Fitzroy: She's talking about a resurrection.
Vicki Nelson: There's a code word for walking dead?

"Blood Ties: Deadly Departed (#1.5)" (2007)
Sinead: Don't be such a grouch. So I used a little magic on you. I never complained when you drank my blood.
Henry Fitzroy: It's impolite to refuse a drink when offered. I never asked you to use magic on me
Sinead: I did it for us.
Henry Fitzroy: To keep me tied to you.
Sinead: You used to enjoy being tied.

Henry Fitzroy: You did it again.

Vicki Nelson: I'll give you one thing, you have the best breakup stories of anyone I know.
Henry Fitzroy: Thank you.

"Blood Ties: Drawn and Quartered (#2.6)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: You know for somebody who used to be a cop, you make an enthusiastic break and enter person.
Vicki Nelson: Well the guy who works here is a thief. I'm just doing my part to help catch him. Besides the union guy takes things. I'm leaving something behind.
Henry Fitzroy: A rationalization.
Vicki Nelson: No. 200 dollars of high tech security equipment is not a rationalization. You're keeping an eye out. Aren't you?
Henry Fitzroy: There's two rats mating one floor down. Otherwise we're alone.
Vicki Nelson: Wow! If you could work days, I wouldn't need the bugs.

Henry Fitzroy: Maya has her moments.
Vicki Nelson: All right. So tell me, what is it between the two of you?
Henry Fitzroy: We're friends. We met at a show a couple of months ago. I enjoy her vision and her work.
Vicki Nelson: Friends.
Henry Fitzroy: Oh come on. She's a little young for me, don't you think?
Vicki Nelson: Isn't everybody?

Henry Fitzroy: Is it too much to ask for you to be a little more humane?
Mike Celluci: Oh, I'm sorry, only humans get to ask for humane.

"Blood Ties: Gifted (#1.4)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: I can sign that for you, if you like.
Vicki Nelson: Are you stalking me?
Henry Fitzroy: It's Wednesday.
Vicki Nelson: And that's, what, stalking day?

Vicki Nelson: You okay?
Henry Fitzroy: It's the blood.
Vicki Nelson: Not making you sick, is it?
Henry Fitzroy: Just hungry.
Vicki Nelson: Right. Uh, you smell anything else, ya know? Can you sniff out whoever it was that did this?
Henry Fitzroy: I'm a vampire, not a bloodhound.

Vicki Nelson: Alright. You place your bet on the Boogey Man, I'm goin' with dad.
Henry Fitzroy: You know, I had lunch with the Boogey Man last week.
Vicki Nelson: Really? How is he? I haven't seen him since I was five.

"Blood Ties: Norman (#1.12)" (2007)
Vicki Nelson: Anyone ever try to keep you up past your bedtime?
Henry Fitzroy: Passion can be a great distraction, for vampires as well as humans. And playing on the edge of getting burned is part of the fun.
Vicki Nelson: You'd think there'd be easier ways of getting a meal than having to get involved in a messy romance.
Henry Fitzroy: It's not about taking blood. When I feed, there's a connection. Every emotion adds to the quality of the experience. Sometimes it's taking someone in a dark alley and tasting their fear. Sometimes it's tasting a lover in the throes of passion. But it's easy to forget the dawn.

Vicki Nelson: [has interrupted Henry's "date"] You don't rest do you? I mean I thought you were the Prince of Darkness but it's really more like the Lord of Lechery or something.
Henry Fitzroy: [unapologetically] A man has to eat.
Vicki Nelson: You don't have to play with your food.

"Blood Ties: D.O.A. (#2.1)" (2007)
[the last place Paul Deeds remembers being at]
Vicki Nelson: He said he was at The Standard, it's a biker bar... it's kind of a...
Henry Fitzroy: I know it. I don't always Hunt in the Opera circuit. One has to vary one's diet.
Vicki Nelson: Everybody enjoys a little fast food now and again.

Coreen Fennel: You're a vampire reading about vampirism.
Henry Fitzroy: Like you've never read a self-help book?

"Blood Ties: Stone Cold (#1.9)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: [about Elena] She's hiding something.
Vicki Nelson: Too bad it's not that tattoo.
Henry Fitzroy: When did you become a prude?
Vicki Nelson: Five minutes ago.
Henry Fitzroy: Funny, that's when the case became interesting for me.
Vicki Nelson: All right, so how do you know she's hiding something?
Henry Fitzroy: Her heart started beating faster when she said she'd never met him.
Vicki Nelson: Oh, you're the best lie detector a girl could have.

Henry Fitzroy: Beauty isn't everything, and when it goes - which it does, you have to have a deeper connection.

"Blood Ties: Blood Price (#1.1)" (2007)
Henry Fitzroy: Passion is at the center of my world. There's nothing else worth living for.

Henry Fitzroy: You will not remember what happened tonight but you will remember there are bigger predators than you out there. You will not do this again.