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Mrs. Blanche Lipton (Character)
from "You Rang, M'Lord?" (1988)

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"You Rang, M'Lord?: Please Help the Orphans (#3.1)" (1991)
Mrs. Blanche Lipton: Mr. Stokes told you to go upstairs and clean the bathroom.
Mabel Wheeler: I'm going.
Mrs. Blanche Lipton: And don't let anybody see you.
Mabel Wheeler: I'll put a rug over myself and stay close to the wall.

Mrs. Blanche Lipton: That kettle! Why hasn't it boiled yet?
Henry Livingstone: t's the gas. It isn't as strong as it was in your day.

"You Rang, M'Lord?: The Meldrum Vases (#2.4)" (1990)
Mabel Wheeler: I can't remember the last time I had a glass of champagne.
Mrs. Blanche Lipton: You're not having one now. It doesn't mix with brown ale.
Mabel Wheeler: I haven't had any brown ale.
Mrs. Blanche Lipton: There's a drop in the bottle on the side, help yourself.
Mabel Wheeler: That'll be nice.
Henry Livingstone: Can I have some?
Alf Stokes: No, it'll make you drunk.
Mrs. Blanche Lipton: Plenty of water in the tap, Henry.
Henry Livingstone: [mimicking Mabel] That'll be nice.