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Edward Young (Character)
from In the Wake of the Bounty (1933)

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The Bounty (1984)
Edward Young: [after seeing Christian improvising a raft to escape the ship at night] That isn't a raft, it's a coffin. There's a five-knot current running between us and that island.
Christian: I'll take my chance.
Edward Young: You think a lot of us haven't thought of this? You're not the only one to have left a woman behind. Fletcher, the men are ready for anything.
Christian: What are you saying, Ned? Are you inciting me to mutiny?
Edward Young: If I were you, I'd take the ship. That's all.
Christian: Why don't you, then?
Edward Young: I said if I were you. I'm not.

Edward Young: [after Heywood falls on his seat and bumps into Christian] Striking a superior officer.
Thomas Heywood: No, I didn't.
Christian: It's a hanging offence, sir.
Thomas Heywood: [nervous] Sorry, sir.
Christian: Can't be helped. We shall get to know each other pretty closely, I believe.
Edward Young: I wonder we shall find out.
Christian: Depends on how inquisitive are, Mr. Young.