Officer Pete Malloy
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Officer Pete Malloy (Character)
from "Adam-12" (1968)

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"Adam-12: Keeping Tabs (#5.23)" (1973)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: It really wasn't that big of a caper. I know its embarrassing but the rest of the guys around here understand.
Sgt. MacDonald: You know Pete, I must have made that same speech to a dozen other cops whose sons were arrested, but I guess I won't be making it again. Somehow it isn't the same when it's your own boy.

Sgt. MacDonald: Whatever we did, he understood. It was natural.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: He's growing up, Mac.
Sgt. MacDonald: I know. I think that's where I've had the most trouble adjusting.

Sgt. MacDonald: I end up not wanting him to do anything, fearing he will make some kind of mistake.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: You know, when I was a kid I built one of those model ships. I worked on it every day after school. It was pretty detailed, exact rigging and built to scale. When I was done, I took it to a pond where we lived and I put it in the water. A gust of wind grabbed it and got it going too fast and sent it toward some rocks. So I ran around the pond and jerked it out of the water. I never sailed it again, I was afraid it was going to get damaged. I took it home and put it on a shelf in my bedroom. I never really enjoyed it again.
Sgt. MacDonald: This is a boy, not a model ship.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: I get the feeling that you're never going to be pleased with him until you let him succeed on his own terms, despite the risks, and he does.

"Adam-12: Log 101: The Stolen Lawn (#1.9)" (1968)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: You did a big thing.
Officer James A. Reed: Yeah, but did I do the right thing?
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Probably, but on this job the only thing that's black and white is the car.

Pete Malloy: The only thing black and white about this job is the car.

"Adam-12: Anatomy of a 415 (#5.22)" (1973)
Officer Pete Malloy: [Referring to the dog that locked Simpson out of his truck] Looks like a pretty good watch dog.
Don Simpson: Oh yeah, so far, he's watched them steal the truck 3 times.

Officer James A. Reed: [Questioning a drunk bicycle rider] Where do you live, Mr. Durkson?
Oliver Durkson: I live a... it's just aro... You can't get there from here.
Officer Pete Malloy: You know where you can get from here?
Oliver Durkson: Jail?

"Adam-12: Log 174: Loan Sharks (#3.1)" (1970)
Pete Malloy: It's simple, Mister Russell. Because how are we gonna put ugly goons like that away unless some cat lays it on us?
Jim Russell: Just what in the heck does that mean?
Pete Malloy: Ask your son, Mister Russell.

Pete Malloy: Mister Russell, Let me explain something to you. Today, A man from your plant was beaten with a baseball bat. Right now, He's unconscious. Last week, It was a fractured skull. A man's head was split open with a tire iron. He's still in a coma. The week before, A man was beaten so badly his neck was broken. He's got a wife, three boys and two little girls at home. And right now, He's laying paralyzed at County Hospital like a vegetable. And we haven't been able to do anything to stop it because so far nobody but your son has had guts enough or brains enough to help us stop it!

"Adam-12: Log 71: I Feel Like a Fool, Malloy (#1.7)" (1968)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: The world is full of squirrils and some days we get 'em all.

Officer James A. Reed: I don't think she's gonna make it Malloy.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: People die every day. ADW, hit/run, murder. Most of the time we're involved. But I'll tell you something, when it happens to a child you don't get used to it. Note: ADW:Assault w/deadly weapon.

"Adam-12: Log 72: El Presidente (#1.8)" (1968)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Come on out Slade, you're surrounded. Put the gun down and come out now. Don't shoot Slade, we see you.
[Gunshot rings out]
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Well that's not gonna work.

Officer James A. Reed: Malloy, things like this don't seem to get to you.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Sure they get to me, but I was thinking about those kids. The way I figure it Slade had his chance, if he blew it that's tough. If he had killed one of those kids, it would have been a lot tougher.

"Adam-12: Log 105: Elegy for a Pig (#3.8)" (1970)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Telling a policeman's wife she's a widow is a job nobody wants. I never tried as hard for anything. He was a friend. It had to be me.
[much softer]
Officer Peter J. Malloy: It had to be me.

Officer Peter J. Malloy: From now on, she'll have to open her own doors. Carry her own troubles. And her childrens'. Alone. From now on, it's just the three of them, instead of just the four. And if there must be a final postscript to all of this, then let it here be noted: the coffin will soon be buried. He will be forgotten except by a very few. Out of sight, out of mind. And strangely enough, in view of current custom, no one will raise a placard to denounce his senseless murder. No one will raise indignant cries of protest at the shedding of his blood. No one will march in anger because of his death.

"Adam-12: Log 62: Grand Theft Horse? (#1.16)" (1969)
Officer James A. Reed: You think we're in trouble, for firing at the suspects back there?
Officer Peter J. Malloy: It's possible, it will be mostly up to the captain, after he gets the report.
Officer James A. Reed: We didn't have much choice, did we?
Officer Peter J. Malloy: We could have let them get away from us. Maybe another unit would have stopped them, and maybe not. Maybe they would have killed someone no matter how it went down. I didn't figure we had much choice.
Officer James A. Reed: You think the captain will see it that way?
Officer Peter J. Malloy: I don't know, in a spot like that sometimes you've got to take your chances with the book. It goes with the territory.

Officer Peter J. Malloy: That's life in the big city, and lessons aren't free.

"Adam-12: Log 52: Good Cop - Handle with Care (#2.3)" (1969)
Officer James A. Reed: It doesn't seem fair.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Sure its fair.
Officer James A. Reed: I don't agree. They're abusing a legitimate grievance procedure. We knock ourselves out to do a good job and now this.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Maybe we should stencil it on our uniforms: Good cops, handle with care.

Jim Reed: We knock ourselves out to do a good job, and now this.
Pete Malloy: Well, maybe we should stencil it on our uniforms; Good Cops - Handle with Care.

"Adam-12: Log 122: Christmas - The Yellow Dump Truck (#1.13)" (1968)
Officer Peter J. Malloy: I guess I sound pretty hard hearted.
Officer James A. Reed: No I understand, I guess they all need a lot of things.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: You can't let yourself get all bent out of shape everytime you see someone unhappy on this job. Get involved up to a point. You go beyond that you go screamin' up the wall.
Officer James A. Reed: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Officer James A. Reed: Pete, you know, sometimes you really confuse me.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: You don't believe everything I say, do you?
Officer James A. Reed: Pretty much, yeah.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Well you should, except when I'm talking through my hat!

"Adam-12: Log 14: SWAT (#2.14)" (1970)
Boy: Why's that guy over there trying to kill people?
Officer Pete Malloy: I wish I knew.

"Adam-12: Log 153: Find Me a Needle (#2.2)" (1969)
Sgt. Miller: She could be anyplace. A bar, another party, or at the bottom of some gully up on Mulholland.
Officer James A. Reed: There's gotta be a thousand ravines up there.
Sgt. Miller: If she has been hid, it will be like looking for a needle in some haystack.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Maybe we can find this needle if we start with the guy that dropped it.

"Adam-12: Log 51: A Jumper, Code 2 (#1.19)" (1969)
Officer Jim Reed: Those guys are always coming up with hot cars, aren't they.
Officer Pete Malloy: No big secret, Sanchez memorizes the hot sheet. Guy's got a photographic brain. Same as me.
Officer Jim Reed: It's a real gift, isn't it.
Officer Pete Malloy: If you don't forget to load the camera.

"Adam-12: Log 155: Internal Affairs - Blackmail (#3.16)" (1971)
Officer Pete Malloy: People calling us pigs - wives and children and friends having to live with that - because one rotten cop gets both his feet in the trough.

"Adam-12: Credit Risk (#7.10)" (1974)
Officer James A. Reed: You know that they're talking about doing away with money all together, just using one big giant plastic credit card, feeding it into a giant computer.
Officer Peter J. Malloy: Might work.
Officer James A. Reed: Not for me. Machines might be efficient, but they don't feel anything.

"Adam-12: Log 102: We Can't Just Walk Away from It (#1.21)" (1969)
Jim Reed: 15 years old. You'd think they'd have more sense.
Pete Malloy: Not think, partner. You hope they'd have more sense.

"Adam-12: Capture (#6.9)" (1973)
Sgt. MacDonald: [after Wells shows up late, again] Wells.
Officer Ed Wells: Yeah, Mac?
Sgt. MacDonald: Tomorrow, when I come thru that door for roll call, the first thing I want to see is your face.
Officer Pete Malloy: Your a glutton for punishment, Mac.

"Adam-12: Log 12: He Was Trying to Kill Me (#1.23)" (1969)
Officer Pete Malloy: Charlie has welts and cuts all over her back and legs. She said 'Daddy did it'.

"Adam-12: Skywatch: Part 1 (#6.21)" (1974)
Lt. Fred Benson: [about flying in the police helicopter for the first time] Well, just remember, in case you ever get air sick, we got one rule.
Officer Pete Malloy: I know. We clean it up.