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Mongul (Character)
from "Justice League" (2001)

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"Justice League Unlimited: For the Man Who Has Everything (#1.2)" (2004)
Mongul: Happy birthday, Kryptonian, I give you Oblivion!
Superman: [His eyes turn red] Burn!

Superman: Do you have any idea what you did to me?
[continues to fight Mongul. Mongul counter-attacks]
Mongul: I fashioned a prison that you couldn't leave without sacrificing your heart's desire. It must have been like tearing off your own arm.

Mongul: You should have stayed in whatever happy fantasy the Black Mercy granted you!
[they fight, Mongul hits Superman through the floor. They land at the base of Statues of Jor-El and Lara]
Superman: HAPPY? Do you know what I've LOST? What I've...
[looks up at the statues of his parents]

Mongul: You know for a moment there, I almost believed you were going to kill me. How stupid of you to hesitate like that. Not a mistake I'll make, I can assure you.

Mongul: I'd advise you to try the plasma disruptor. It's more of a woman's weapon.

"Young Justice: War (#2.15)" (2013)
Reach Ambassador: Why would he come here? And why now? Open a sub-space channel.
[Opens link]
Reach Ambassador: Attention, I am an ambassador of the Reach, and claim the Earth as property of the Reach under Guardian treaty. You are therefore breaching Reach territory. Reverse course.
Mongul: Request denied. It is because the Reach is on Earth that I am here.

Captain Atom: Attention... WarWorld. This is Captain Atom of the Justice League, representing the planet Earth. We wish to open negotiations.
Mongul: But I am uninterested in negotiations. The Earth under the reach's thumb is far too great a threat to my long-term plans. It must be destroyed. And, quite frankly, if you knew what you were in for with the Reach, you'd thank me for putting you out of your collective misery.

Mongul: This is your attack force? I'm insulted.
Superboy: Learn to cope.

Mongul: Don't you understand? Your deaths today in the face of the Reach are a mercy. My grand laser emitter would've ended your world in a matter of minutes. Another mercy. But it seems the mercies of Mongul are not appreciated. So we will do this the hard way, and the WarWorld will unleash all it's weapons upon the Earth. You're welcome.

"Justice League: War World: Part II (#1.11)" (2002)
[after Superman wins, Mongul orders him to finish Draaga off. When Superman refuses, Mongul orders him executed]
J'onn J'onzz: No, the Kryptonian won! Don't you want to see him fight again?
Alien: I gotta admit, he's a real champ!
J'onn J'onzz: He's more than that. He's a super-man!
[as the robot guards blast Superman]
Mongul: What? Still alive? You're tougher than I thought, Kryptonian. But I doubt you'll survive another blast.
Superman: Take your best shot.
Mongul: Guards...!
J'onn J'onzz: [stands, cheering] SUPERMAN! SUPERMAN! SUPERMAN!
Alien: [cheering] Superman! Superman! Superman!
[the entire crowd starts cheering]
Mongul: Are they mad?

Mongul: [Superman fights him passionately after agreeing to lose so Drega's planet would be spared] What are you doing?
Superman: Making it convincing.