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Quotes for
Lewellen (Character)
from Hounddog (2007)

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Hounddog (2007)
Lewellen: What's that from?
Buddy: What?
Lewellen: That big ole bruise you got there.
Buddy: Nothin'.
Lewellen: I got one, too.
Buddy: Where?
Lewellen: Right here. My daddy did it.
Buddy: My daddy don't hit me!
Lewellen: Does so.
Buddy: Does not, you liar!
Lewellen: I'm gonna kill my daddy one day.
Buddy: Are not.
Lewellen: Am too! I'll kill your daddy too, if you want.

Lewellen: Who are you? Where's my daddy?
Stranger Lady: He's in the can. He'll be out in a minute.
Lewellen: Who's the stranger lady?
Daddy: We, uh, we were waiting for you to watch Elvis.

Buddy: You can't tell nobody I can't swim.
Lewellen: I won't.
Buddy: You gotta promise.
Lewellen: I promise.
Buddy: And you can't tell nobody you rescued me.
Lewellen: I won't. Hey, I'll teach you how to swim, okay?
Buddy: And how to dance like Elvis?
Lewellen: Yeah, and sing.
Buddy: Can I come?
Lewellen: Yeah, we're goin' together.
Buddy: No, I mean if Elvis takes you with him.

Daddy: I got you somethin'.
Lewellen: What'd you get me? What'd I get, what'd I get?
Daddy: Let me see if I can find it. Let's see, where'd I put it? Baby, I can't seem to find it. I just don't know where it is.
[He hands her an Elvis record. She screams in excitement]
Lewellen: Daddy!

Stranger Lady: Lewellen, I'm sorry. I just... I had some things I had to tend to back at home.
Lewellen: [mimicking her] Oh, I just had such busy, busy things to do. I just forgot all about 'em, plumb forgot. Silly me.
Stranger Lady: I'm sorry. I shouldna said that about your daddy, that he was gonna leave with me. He didn't say that.
Lewellen: Oh, I've known your daddy for a long, long time. He's always comin' back. I didn't just meet your daddy at some local bar like I did this man towin' my car. I've known him for a long time. Oh, rescue me! Please rescue me! I'm a sinner! I'm a liar and a sinner! Please rescue me!
Truck Driver: You know this kid?
Stranger Lady: No.
Lewellen: You promised me you'd take me with you.
Truck Driver: Get away from the truck, kid.

Buddy: Guess what I heard?
Lewellen: What?
Buddy: Guess!
Lewellen: No, tell me.
Buddy: I heard Elvis is comin' to town.
Lewellen: Elvis is comin' to town?

Grammie: I heard you talkin' to someone. Who you talkin' to?
Lewellen: Nobody.
Grammie: It better not have been one of those boys wantin' to do evil things with you.
Lewellen: No, mam.
Grammie: Plenty of time for you to grow up and do all kinds of evil, but I just want you to be good while you still can. Gotta long time before you need to be growing up.

Lewellen: Where's Vernon?
Wooden's Boy: He's gone.
Lewellen: But I heard they weren't movin' till next week.
Wooden's Boy: Naw.
Lewellen: You the Wooden's Boy?
Wooden's Boy: Yeah, how'd you know?
Lewellen: Vernon told me your face was... I mean, I don't know. Vernon told me you me you was takin' over.
Wooden's Boy: Where are the empties?
Lewellen: By the screen door. You know Elvis is comin' to town. I'm gonna sing for him.
Lewellen: [singing] Well, they said you was high class. Well, that was just a lie. You ain't never caught a rabbit and you ain't no friend of mine. You ain't nothin' but a hounddog, cryin' all the time.

Lewellen: Oh my God, Daddy, guess what! I saw Elvis, and he blew a kiss just for me! Daddy, I saw Elvis!
Daddy: You left me alone. You said you'd be back.
Lewellen: I am back.
Daddy: Well, you said you'd be right back, and you didn't come right back. I thought you were gone.
Lewellen: I'm sorry.
Daddy: You won't leave me, will you? Promise you'll stay with me for always. Promise you won't leave me again.
Lewellen: I promise.

Lewellen: [to a picture of Elvis] I love you, Elvis.

Lewellen: Guess what!
Buddy: What?
Lewellen: I saw Elvis!
Buddy: Did not.
Lewellen: Did! And he blew me a kiss!
Buddy: You're a liar.
Lewellen: Am not!
Buddy: Are!
Lewellen: Am not, you stupid!
Buddy: Well, can you meet me on the bank?
Lewellen: No, I can't. I gotta finish this for Grammie.
Buddy: Just for a little?
Lewellen: No, I can't. I gotta do this.
Buddy: What is it?
Lewellen: Makin' jelly.
Buddy: What about tomorrow?
Lewellen: Well, I don't know. I gotta get ready for Elvis. My Grammie's comin'. You better scoot.

Lewellen: [crying] I ain't got no money. I can't go see Elvis.
Buddy: Get it from your dad, can't you?
Lewellen: He ain't got no money, either. I can't go see Elvis.
Buddy: Don't worry. We'll get the money someways. I'll get the money, I promise! Just don't cry no more, please? Lewellen, please, just don't cry.

Grasshopper: Hey there, you girl and boy! What were you doin' back there?
Lewellen: Nothin'.
Grasshopper: I saw you. You were stealin'. Do you confess to me that you were stealin'?
Lewellen: Yes.
Grasshopper: Mam.
Lewellen: Yes, mam.
Grasshopper: My grandmother and my grandfather said that while I'm here stayin' with them, I am not to play with you. But I've decided I will play with you. My name is Gwendolyn, but you may call me Grasshopper.
Lewellen, Buddy: [laughing] Grasshopper?
Grasshopper: What can you do?
Buddy: She can do Elvis.
Grasshopper: Show me.
Lewellen: [singing] Well, if your baby leaves you and you need a place to dwell, go down to the end of lonely street at heartbreak hotel.

Lewellen: Oh my God, you scared me! What are you doin' here?
Buddy: I told him to meet us here. He wants to see you do your Elvis dance. I told him you'd do your Elvis dance for him.
Lewellen: Oh. Well, do you have my ticket?
[Wooden's Boy holds up two tickets. Lewellen reaches for them, but he pulls them away]
Buddy: You have to do your Elvis dance first.
Lewellen: Why?
Buddy: That was the deal. He said he'd get the tickets if you did your Elvis dance.
Wooden's Boy: Do the one you did that mornin'.
Lewellen: Hound dog?
Wooden's Boy: Yeah.
Lewellen: [singing] You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time. You ain't never caught a rabbit, and you ain't no friend of mine.

Lewellen: What do you want?
Charles: I want you to come in and sing with me.
Lewellen: I don't feel good.
Charles: I know, missie, I know.
Lewellen: I wanna go home.
Charles: Just come in and sing one song with me first.
Lewellen: Leave me alone.
Charles: I ain't goin' to.
Lewellen: I really don't want to!
Charles: What you gonna do with that hole? When what you love is stolen and ripped away from you, there's a hole there. You got to fill all those empty hollow places. You gotta fill 'em when they turn mean. They turn mean and eat you alive.
Lewellen: You're just a nigger, you know. You're just a nigger.
Charles: So are you, missie.
Lewellen: No, I ain't.
Charles: Oh yes, miss, you are. You're lettin' 'em make you one. It's the way people treat you that makes you a nigger. The way people put you down, call you names, spit on you, mess with you. People try to make you hate yourself, take away all the things you love the most. You gonna let 'em do that to you? I ain't sayin' life ain't hard. It is. But you can't let 'em win.
[Lewellen starts to cry]

Lewellen: I can't shake no more.
Charles: You don't have to shake. If you stand still, you can reach deeper into the sound.
Lewellen: I can't sing.
Charles: It's hidin' in the dark, Lewellen. Stand still and reach down deep.
Lewellen: [singing slowly] You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time. You ain't never caught a rabbit, and you ain't no friend of mine.

Buddy: [first lines - gawking up at the trees] Wow.
Lewellen: I told ya... So let me see.
Buddy: You said I get a kiss.
Lewellen: No, you gotta show me first.
Buddy: Charles says you give him a kiss for nothing.
Lewellen: Charles is a liar. He showed me his thing, he did.
Buddy: I want my kiss first.
Lewellen: No, you gotta show me first.
Buddy: Maybe you won't give me my kiss then.
Lewellen: Sure I will. Come on now, show.
Buddy: [finally pulls his trousers down]
Lewellen: No stupid, you gotta take 'em all the way off.
Buddy: No, I won't!
Lewellen: Well then, I won't kiss ya.

Lewellen: Here.
[hands Ellen a cold beer]
Ellen: Oh no, not now, honey, thank you.
Lewellen: It's for your face.