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Ralph Willart (Character)
from All Fall Down (1962)

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All Fall Down (1962)
Annabell Willart: Ralph, you're gonna' have to talk to Clinton.
Ralph Willart: [Not terribly concerned] Yeah? What about?
Annabell Willart: [Exasperated] "What about?" Do you realize that boy hasn't set his foot inside a classroom in the past two months?
Ralph Willart: Well, maybe he doesn't like the school he has to go to.
Annabell Willart: [Sarcastically] Well, maybe we should call the School Board and ask them to start a new school, just to please "His Majesty."
Annabell Willart: [Now without the sarcasm] Ralph, will ya' talk to him?

Ralph Willart: [Berry-Berry has gotten himself in trouble again, requiring yet another effort on Ralph's part to wire him "rescue" money] Yeah, that knucklehead's got it in his head that Western Union is some sort of bank. I'll tell you what he's good at: he's a colossal expert at getting money outta' Western Union. You know what he went and did?
Clinton Willart: No.
Ralph Willart: He didn't tell ya', huh?... You know who he took a poke at? A woman! He don't fool around, that big gorilla, no sirree. Some dame says something he don't like... WHAM! - lays her out. And the "Old Man" carries the gold down to Western Union.

Annabell Willart: [Ralph and Clinton are barbequing, and drinking liquor. Annabell is not amused] You don't have to go making HIM a drunkard, too, Ralph.
Ralph Willart: Whom are you calling a "drunkard," madame?
Annabell Willart: [Exasperated] You never go anywhere without that bottle. You'd even take it to Church with you - if you ever WENT to Church.
Ralph Willart: If I ever went to Church, I'd HAVE to take it with me!
[laughs derisively]

Ralph Willart: [Inviting three old drunks to his home for Christmas] Gentlemen! The pleasures of my humble house!
Ralph Willart: [presenting them to his rather shocked-looking wife] These three kings will pause here tonight... and tomorrow they will continue their journey to Bethlehem.