Genevive Emery
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Genevive Emery (Character)
from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)

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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964)
Geneviève Emery: Guy, I love you. You smell of gasoline.
Guy Foucher: It's just another perfume.
Geneviève Emery: Oh, Guy, I love you. A customer - I must run. I'll see you in front of the theater at eight.

Geneviève Emery: You know, I think she suspects something.
Guy Foucher: Who?
Geneviève Emery: Mother. When I said I was going to the theater with Cecile, she gave me a funny look.
Guy Foucher: What kind of look?
Geneviève Emery: Like this. She knows Cecile hates shows, and I am a bad liar.
Guy Foucher: That's what you say.
Geneviève Emery: I assure you I am.

Guy Foucher: We'll have children.
Geneviève Emery: I'll name our daughter Francoise.
Guy Foucher: And if it is a boy?
Geneviève Emery: It will be a girl. We've always had girls in the family.
Guy Foucher: One o'clock.
Geneviève Emery: If Mother's not asleep, what a scene there will be.

Madame Emery: My little girl, you're crazy! Thinking of marriage at sixteen!
Geneviève Emery: Seventeen.
Madame Emery: In love!
Geneviève Emery: Am I too ugly or too stupid?
Madame Emery: No, you're not ugly. You're not the fairest of them all, but you're neither ugly nor stupid. You have plenty of time. You think you're in love, but love is something different. You do not just fall in love with a face in the street.
Geneviève Emery: He's a young man whom I've met several times, and he loves me. We want to get married.
Madame Emery: I am shocked!
Geneviève Emery: I went to the theater with him last night.
Madame Emery: So you lied to me! And you admit it without shame!

Geneviève Emery: I'm going to see Guy.
Madame Emery: I forbid you to see that boy. Stay here.
Geneviève Emery: I don't want to respect you, but I'm going.
Madame Emery: You stay right here! Anyway, Mr. Cassard will be here soon, and I want you to be present.

Guy Foucher: I got drafted this morning, and I'll be away for two years. We'll talk about marriage later. With the war in Algeria, it will be a long time before I can come back.
Geneviève Emery: But I would never be able to live without you!

Madame Emery: Where were you?
Geneviève Emery: With Guy.
Madame Emery: What were you doing?
Geneviève Emery: Mother, he's leaving. He'll be away for two years. I can't live without him. I'll die.
Madame Emery: Stop crying. Look at me. People only die of love in movies.

Madame Emery: Mr. Cassard came this evening. He was sorry he missed you. I'm sure he could give you some advice.
Geneviève Emery: I can do without his advice.
Madame Emery: You're wrong. For me, he is the kind of man...
Geneviève Emery: Don't bother me with his kind.
Madame Emery: You look terrible.
Geneviève Emery: Leave me alone, Mother.

Madame Emery: There's no reason for sulking. You're tired, but you're not dying.
Geneviève Emery: It's not my weariness that saddens me. It's his silence. Guy left just two months ago. He only wrote me once.
Madame Emery: Don't start that again.
Geneviève Emery: If I knew where he was, I could write to him. I'm sure they've sent him someplace dangerous where he's risking his life.

Geneviève Emery: I'm pregnant, Mother.
Madame Emery: Pregnant by Guy? This is horrible! How is it possible?
Geneviève Emery: Well, just like with everybody.
Madame Emery: Don't joke. This is serious. What are we going to do?
Geneviève Emery: What do you mean?
Madame Emery: What are we going to do with the child?
Geneviève Emery: Raise it.
Madame Emery: What are we going to say?
Geneviève Emery: To who?
Madame Emery: Our friends, our neighbors!
Geneviève Emery: We have no friends, and you never speak to the neighbors.
Madame Emery: And Roland Cassart is coming to dinner tonight!
Geneviève Emery: You don't need to tell him.

Madame Emery: Roland Cassart asked for your hand in marriage.
Geneviève Emery: I heard. You didn't tell him I'm pregnant.
Madame Emery: I did not dare tell him.

Madame Emery: I saw the cutest little rompers at the department store.
Geneviève Emery: Admit that you're pleased.
Madame Emery: I'd be more pleased if this baby had a father, and you had a husband.
Geneviève Emery: Guy will come back.
Madame Emery: Guy or someone else.
Geneviève Emery: Absence is a funny thing. I feel like Guy left years ago. I look at this photo, and I forget what he really looks like. When I think of him, it's this photo that I see.

Geneviève Emery: Roland Cassart will not want to marry me when he sees I've been knocked-up.
Madame Emery: Watch your language!
Geneviève Emery: Since neither you nor I had the courage to tell him the truth, now at least it will show. Do you believe he'll take me like this? If he refuses me as I am, it shows that he never had deep feelings for me.

Guy Foucher: Are you in mourning?
Geneviève Emery: Mother died last autumn.
Guy Foucher: What did you name her?
Geneviève Emery: Francoise. She's a lot like you. Do you want to see her?
Guy Foucher: I think you can go.