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Cheetah (Character)
from "Challenge of the Superfriends" (1978)

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"Justice League: Injustice for All (#1.18)" (2002)
Cheetah: My talents don't come cheaply.

Batman: [to the covered figure] You're safe now.
Cheetah: But you're not.
[leaps up to attack]

Justice League: Doom (2012) (V)
Vandal Savage: Eighty-thousand years ago, I was living in what is now the island of Sumatra. One night, the sky lit up with streaks of fire. Meteors. But my primitive mind thought the stars were falling from the sky. One meteor fell to Earth in my valley. My compatriots ran, but it was very cold and the glowing stone was warm. I slept there bathed in the meteor's strange radiations. And when I awoke the next morning, I was forever changed. The radiation mutated me, evolving me. I was instantly aware of my increased intelligence. It was only with the passage of time that I discovered the rest of my gift. So far as I know, I cannot die.
Cheetah: Is that a fact?
Vandal Savage: Go ahead.
Mirror Master: [Cheetah slashes Vandal's throat] Why'd you do that?
Cheetah: Don't you realize what he's planned? In his new world our money doesn't matter.
Vandal Savage: You are correct. Money won't matter. It's trivial in the long run.
[smacks Cheetah]
Vandal Savage: Let me tell you about the long run. I've lived thousands of lives. I've been a laborer, a scientist, a priest, an artist, a healer, thief.
Ma'alefa'ak: But most often a conqueror.
Cheetah: I'm still not seeing how this makes up for my money.
Vandal Savage: Seventy-five-thousand years ago, a disaster nearly rendered humanity extinct. I enslaved the survivors and ruled with an iron hand. In a few generations, my people were well under way to repopulating the Earth and becoming the planet's dominant species. I was happy then.
Cheetah: You're taking the world over out of nostalgia?
Vandal Savage: I'm taking over because humanity is prideful and belligerent and once again needs my guiding hand. But before I take over, I intend to soften them up.
Ma'alefa'ak: By destroying half the world.
Vandal Savage: Those who survive will happily follow a leader who offers food, comfort and order.
Bane: That could work.
Ma'alefa'ak: It will work.
Vandal Savage: To you, my warlords, I offer dominion over as much of what remains of the planet as each of you can hold, second only to me. Interested?
Cheetah: You haven't left us much choice.
Bane: Heh, how do you propose to kill that many people? Even without the Justice League, they will fight.
Vandal Savage: They'll lose.

Cheetah: No technology, no superheroes, no functioning governments.
Vandal Savage: Except the one we control.
Martian Manhunter: That's quite an ambitious plan. No wonder you wanted us out of the way.
Vandal Savage: I thought you took care of him.
Ma'alefa'ak: He should've been burning for weeks.
Martian Manhunter: Don't feel bad. Actually, none of you managed to finish the job. Did you get all that?
[Justice League teleports in the Hall of Doom]
Superman: We did. Take them down.

"Justice League: Injustice for All: Part II (#1.19)" (2002)
[Cheetah is supposed to be guarding Batman]
Batman: So what happened then?
Cheetah: My research opened up whole new worlds. There was so much to do...
Batman: But so little funding.
Cheetah: You know about that?
Batman: You didn't have enough for test subjects, so you used yourself.
Cheetah: And now I'm a freak.
Batman: That's not what I see. I see someone who was willing to sacrifice everything for a cause she believed in.
Cheetah: [softens] How do you know so much about me?
Batman: Let's just say, cats aren't the only creatures who are curious.
[she sidles up to him]
Cheetah: Too much curiosity can be dangerous.
Batman: Maybe I like danger.
Cheetah: Do you?
Batman: [whispers] Try me.
[she kisses him]

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Doomsday/Battle of the Gods (#1.14)" (1978)
Cheetah: It looks like diamonds are a villain's best friend. Purr! Purr!

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Swamp of the Living Dead/World Beneath the Ice (#1.10)" (1978)
[first lines]
Cheetah: There's that old witch again, prowling through the swamp.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: Wanted: The Superfriends/Rokan: Enemy from Space (#1.1)" (1978)
The Cheetah: With Luthor's brilliant mutation device hooked up to the SuperFriends' computer, the Justice League satellite will beam its rays all over the world.
Bizarro: Turn all Earth people into Bizarros and Cheetahs.
The Cheetah: And all of them working for our evil purr-poses.

"Challenge of the Superfriends: The Final Challenge/The Incredible Space Circus (#1.12)" (1978)
Cheetah: Never let it be said that the Cheetah was afraid to cheat!