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Eddie Cicotte (Character)
from Eight Men Out (1988)

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Eight Men Out (1988)
[the Sox have just won the AL penant and are in the clubhouse. A row of champagne bottles are sitting on a table]
Eddie Cicotte: What's the scoop, Harry?
Harry: Mr. Comiskey sent these down for you. His congratulations for a successful pennant race.
Eddie Cicotte: He didn't happen to mention when we can expect that bonus he promised us if we took the flag, did he?
Harry: This IS your bonus.
Swede Risberg: Cheap bastard.
Kid Gleason: Look, fellas, if it was up to me...
Eddie Cicotte: Kid, we got no beef with you.
[opens one of the champagne bottles - nothing happens]
Eddie Cicotte: It's flat.

Eddie Cicotte: I always figured it was talent made a man big, you know, if I was the best at something. I mean, we're the guys they come to see. Without us, there ain't a ballgame. Yeah, but look at who's holding the money and look at who's facing a jail cell. Talent don't mean nothing. And where's Comiskey and Sullivan, Attell, Rothstein? Out in the back room cutting up profits, that's where. That's the damn conspiracy.

Eddie Cicotte: You said if I won 30 games this year there'd be a $10,000 bonus.
Charles Comiskey: So?
Eddie Cicotte: I think you owe it to me.
Charles Comiskey: Harry, how many games did Mr. Cicotte win for us this year?
Harry: 29, sir.
Eddie Cicotte: You had Kid bench me for two whole weeks in August. I missed five starts.
Charles Comiskey: We had to rest your arm for the series.
Eddie Cicotte: I would have won at least two of those games. You knew that.
Charles Comiskey: I have to keep the best interests of the club in mind, Eddie.
Eddie Cicotte: I think you owe me that bonus.
Charles Comiskey: 29 is not 30, Eddie. You will get only the money you deserve.

[Eddie Cicotte is warming up before Game 7]
Kid Gleason: Put it away, Eddie. I'm going with Wilkinson today.
Eddie Cicotte: Why?
Kid Gleason: You haven't had your stuff lately, have you?
Eddie Cicotte: But I feel right today, Kid.
Kid Gleason: I can't take any chances, I'm sorry.
Eddie Cicotte: Like I can't lose, that's how right I feel.
Kid Gleason: Sure you do, Eddie.
[He starts to walk away]
Eddie Cicotte: Kid! I can't miss.

Abe Atell: [When the players meet with him to accept the money before the first game] It's all out on bets.
Chick Gandil: [Shoves him] That's not good enough!
Abe Atell: Hey! Don't worry, you'll get the money soon enough.
Chick Gandil: When?
Swede Risberg: And how much?
Abe Atell: 100 grand, like I said. 20 after each game.
Hap Felsch: Wait a minute, that's 5 games. I thought we were just dumping a few.
Abe Atell: No, you lose the first 3.
Eddie Cicotte: Kerr's pitching the third, he's not with us.
Swede Risberg: So what? We don't hit for him, he'll fold. He's a busher!
Abe Atell: After that, we got to play it by the ear. We gotta make this look good, fellas!
Eddie Cicotte: [Aside to Chick] Hey, Chick. Where's the money you promised me?
Chick Gandil: Look under your pillow.
Eddie Cicotte: What?
Chick Gandil: Compliments of Sports Sullivan.

Field of Dreams (1989)
Chick Gandil: [the "Black Sox" warm up on the field. Shoeless Joe catches a fly ball hit by Buck Weaver] Show-off!
Buck Weaver: Stick it in your ear, Gandil.
Eddie Cicotte: Yeah, Gandil. If you'd have run like that against Detroit, I'd have won 20 games that year!
Chick Gandil: For Pete's sake, Cicotte, that was 68 years ago! Give it up, will ya?
Swede Risberg: Hey, hey! You guys wanna play ball, or what?
Buck Weaver: Musclebound jerk.
Eddie Cicotte: Oh, yeah? At least I got muscles.
Chick Gandil: No! At most you got muscles!
Buck Weaver: [returns to home plate]
[to Cicotte]
Buck Weaver: Come on, asshole! Pitch!
Swede Risberg: [motioning to Ray and Karin, who are in the stands] Weaver... Be nice.
Buck Weaver: [embarrassed, to Karin] Sorry, kid.
Karin Kinsella: It's okay. I don't mind.

[as the players disappear into the cornfield]
Eddie Cicotte: I'm melting. I'm melting.
[fades away laughing]
Ray Kinsella: That is so cool.