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Penelo (Character)
from Final Fantasy XII (2006) (VG)

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Final Fantasy XII (2006) (VG)
Penelo: Balthier, your handkerchief. I thought you might want it.
Balthier: I shall wear it close to my heart.

Vaan: ...Hey, you sure this rabbit hole's the way into Archades?
Balthier: Better a hare unseen then a rat in a trap. Then again, if you'd prefer to go knocking on the front gates of the city, be my guest.
Penelo: But what about once we're inside? Won't the city watch find us?
Ashe: We'll do what we can to blend into the crowd. Our names may be notorious, but our faces are not far-known.
Vaan: True, true. You're our princess, and we didn't even recognize you.
Ashe: I noticed.

[last lines]
Penelo: [regarding Fran and Balthier] There's still plenty of time before the coronation, so Vaan's going to pay the two of them a visit. You should see him! He can hardly wait. I'll be going too, of course. Every good sky pirate needs a partner, right?