Meredith Davies
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Meredith Davies (Character)
from "Tru Calling" (2003)

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"Tru Calling: Pilot (#1.1)" (2003)
Tru Davies: [Speaking to Meredith on her cellphone] Are you sure you're okay?
Meredith Davies: My God, that actually sounds like genuine concern. Wait a second! Who is this and what have you done with my sister?

Tru Davies - Age 12: [At their mother's funeral] I just wish...
Meredith Davies - Age 15: You just wish what?
Tru Davies - Age 12: That I could go back to that day and help her.

"Tru Calling: Brother's Keeper (#1.3)" (2003)
Tru Davies: Listen I really need to reach Harrison. You haven't heard from him by any chance?
Meredith Davies: Actually I have. He's under arrest.
Tru Davies: For what?
Meredith Davies: They haven't filed yet. But my guess is Murder One.