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Gossamer (Character)
from Hair-Raising Hare (1946)

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Hair-Raising Hare (1946)
Bugs Bunny: Listen, Dracula... Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched? Like the eyes of strange things are upon you? Look, out there in the audience.
Bugs Bunny: [Bug then starts speaking, extra slowly and almost whispers] Look, out there, in the audience.
Gossamer: PEEEE-PLE! Aieeeeeeee!
[Gossamer then runs away through the laboratory walls screaming]

Water, Water Every Hare (1952)
[last lines]
Bugs Bunny: [wakes up panicking in his flooded home] Who! Where! What! When! Why! How! Who! Oh...
[sighs in relief]
Bugs Bunny: Must've been a nightmare.
Rudolph - Gossamer: [rows past him] Oh, yeah? That's what YOU think!
[Bugs Bunny goes puzzled]