Pep Le Pew
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Pep Le Pew (Character)
from For Scent-imental Reasons (1949)

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For Scent-imental Reasons (1949)
Pepe Le Pew: Do not come wiz me to ze Casbah - we shall make beautiful musicks togezzer right here!

Pepe Le Pew: Un smelle vous finay.

Pepe Le Pew: What is this? Oh, but of course. This little one wish to commit suicide to prove her love for me. What a sweet gesture. Nevertheless, I must prevent it.

Pepe Le Pew: I am ze locksmith of love, no?

Pepe Le Pew: Quelle est? Ah, le belle femme skunk fatale.

Pepe Le Pew: This little love bundle. Now she is seeking for us a trysting place. Touching, is it not? Come, my little peanut of brittle. I will help you. Wait for me. Wait.

[last lines]
Pepe Le Pew: You know, it is possible to be too attractive.

Pepe Le Pew: [after "shooting" himself] I missed! Lucky for you.

Little Beau Pepé (1952)
Pepe Le Pew: I am the broken heart of love. I am the disillusioned. I wish to enlist in the Foreign Legion so I may forget. Take me!

Pepe Le Pew: Why did everyone leave? Oh, but of course! Already I have achieved a post of honor, and have been left to defend the fort. Viva la Republique!

Pepe Le Pew: A pitiful case, am I not?

Pepe Le Pew: How is it that she can sleep when I am so near? We must stoke the furnace of love, must we not?

Pepe Le Pew: But madame! I have overstoked the furnace, yes? Madame! Your conduct is unseemly! Control yourself! Madame!

Pepe Le Pew: Why is it whenever a man is captured by a woman, all he wish to do is get away?

Wild Over You (1953)
Pepe Le Pew: Quelle est? Une king-sized femme skunk. Acres and acres of her, and she is mine, all mine!

Pepe Le Pew: You are ze corned beef to me, and I am ze cabbage to you.
[Wild cat attacks Pepe and leaves]
Pepe Le Pew: I like it! Come back! Ze corned beef does not run away from ze cabbage!

Pepe Le Pew: All is love in fair and war.

[last lines]
[as Pepe is being attacked viciously by the wildcat]
Pepe Le Pew: If you have not tried it, do not knock it.

Two Scent's Worth (1955)
Pepe Le Pew: I pierce you with the ack-ack of love, flowerpot.

Pepe Le Pew: Guess who? It is mee. Oh partu pertu le mois, uh partu meet me eentroduce you myself, I am pepe le pew, your lover! So impetuous, but nice.
Pepe Le Pew: You know it is not just a case of physical attraction. I admire her mind too.
Pepe Le Pew: Hello Cherie, all is fare in love and war, aye darling?
Pepe Le Pew: alright butterduck, you have done all that could be expected, you have resisted your natural impulses and have ran away from me. mwooo, mwooo, mwooo, you little flirt, mwoo, mwoo, mwoo. Charming situation is it not? mwoo, mwoo. I tell you what, you stop resisting me and I will stop resisting you. Well if you have a better offer than that...
Pepe Le Pew: Oli Ole ei yo, epule? I am your guide to love, no? Together we shall explore the heights of the light. mwoo, mwoo, mwoo. The conquest of Everest will pale into insignificance mwoo, mwoo
Pepe Le Pew: Navigator to pilot, pretty girl at 3'oclock, over. Pilot to navigator, roar roar. Over, Roger, will go. Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh. I pierce you with the ack ack of love flowerpot
Pepe Le Pew: Poems are made by fools like mee.
Pepe Le Pew: I always got A's in gym.
Pepe Le Pew: Darling, how good of you to wait for me. She is no longer timid.
Pepe Le Pew: A true gentleman must be prepared for anything.

Touché and Go (1957)
Pepé le Pew: Wait here while I get you a glass of water!
[dives in and swims away, returns with a glass of water]
Pepé le Pew: [she's gone] Here you are... Darling? Never underestimate the recuperative powers of a woman.
Pepé le Pew: [pours the water out of the glass] I never touch the stuff myself.

Pepé le Pew: [swimming underwater without a scuba tank] When you are a skunk you learn to hold your breath for a long time.

Really Scent (1959)
Pepé le Pew: I must find out what this 'pew' means every time I appear.
[scanning a dictionary]
Pepé le Pew: Pew, pew. Ah, here it is. Pew. It means... No! No, not me! C'est les ridiculous. C'est impossible pew, no. No Pew!
Mouse: [mouse climbs out of a manhole as Pepe passes and his nose twitches] P U!

Who Scent You? (1960)
Pepé le Pew: [emerging from a dryer overly fluffy] Hey, I am a creamy puff, no?