Joseph Smith
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Joseph Smith (Character)
from September Dawn (2007)

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Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (2005)
Joseph Smith: [Playing stick-pull] Have we begun?

Joseph Smith: Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Joseph Smith: What do we here in the gospel that we have received? Truth out of the Earth, mercy from Heaven, a voice of gladness for the living and the dead. Shall we not go on in such great a cause?

The Work and the Glory II: American Zion (2005)
Nathan Steed: At our wedding, you told us something.
Joseph Smith: I believe I told you to kiss the girl.

Ezra Booth: Do I have the privilege of standing before a prophet of God?
Joseph Smith: You might. You want to wrestle?

Brigham Young (1940)
Joseph Smith: Perhaps it's time to show a different kind of courage... and do something besides being killed for what we believe.

The Work and the Glory (2004)
Joseph Smith: Now, about those gold plates...
Nathan Steed: You said there weren't any gold plates.
Joseph Smith: No, I said I don't have them. And I don't.