Thomas A. Edison
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Thomas A. Edison (Character)
from Edison, the Man (1940)

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Edison, the Man (1940)
Thomas A. Edison: [to the Gold Exchange clerk, who once told him he'd have to wait until next Christmas to see Mr. Taggart, before Edison fixed the gold ticker and got an appointment with Taggart:] Merry Christmas.

Ben Els: I keep worryin' about Bunt. I guess I won't get a wink of sleep tonight.
Thomas A. Edison: Ah, Mr. Els, you shouldn't try to do two things at once. If you're gonna sleep, sleep. If you're gonna worry, why stay awake and make a good job of it.

Mr. Taggart: We've no guarantee that these theories of yours are workable.
Thomas A. Edison: Well, most electricity is theory yet.
Mr. Taggart: That's the trouble. Beyond a point what good is electricity anyway?
Thomas A. Edison: What good is a newborn baby?

Thomas A. Edison: [after the latest attempt to find a filament that will work in the electric light] Well, we failed again. That's the net result of nine thousand experiments.
Michael Simon: Too bad, Tom. We know the work you have done. We are as sorry as you are that you didn't get results.
Thomas A. Edison: Results? Man, I got a lot of results. I know nine thousand things now that won't work.

Thomas A. Edison: Uncle Ben, I've got to do something, and I'm open for suggestions.
Ben Els: You foolin', Tom?
Thomas A. Edison: I wish I was?
Ben Els: Nobody ever asked me for advice before.
Thomas A. Edison: Why, then, you ought to have a lot of it stored up.

Thomas A. Edison: How about that job you promised me?
Bunt Cavatt: Hah? Oh... You don't want to work in New York, Tom. This town is no good fer yeh. The tall buildings crush the spirit and torment the soul.

Thomas A. Edison: [speaking to young Jimmy Price] Funny thing about mistakes- they don't have to be *permanent*. I had to find that out *myself* when I was a boy.

"This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Great Inventors (#1.6)" (1989)
Thomas Edison: [voiceover] When you come across anything you don't thoroughly understand, don't rest until you've run it down. When I am asked the key to my success, I have a short answer: it's hard work based on hard thinking. Each day dawns with fascinating possibilities. The world is so *full* of a number of things.

Thomas Edison: [gesturing to Marion and Peppermint Patty] Gentlemen, we have two special guests tonight.
[gesturing to Peppermint Patty again]
Thomas Edison: This young lady seems to agree with me that the phonograph can work. In fact, it was Marion's doll that helped me along the way to this talking machine.
[pointing to the two diaphragms on the phonograph]
Thomas Edison: Marion and Miss Patty, these are two diaphragms. They are the key to this talking machine. John Crusa here drew up the sketch for me. He doesn't think it'll work, but maybe we'll get lucky and at least hear one word.
John Crusa: Yeah, but what will you say into it, Mr. Edison?
Thomas Edison: Hm, let me think. Ah, yes, I have it. Are we ready?
[cranking the phonograph and speaking into one of the diaphragms]
Thomas Edison: Mary had a little lamb. Its fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.
[he releases the first diaphragm and turns the phonograph back the other way, cranking again with his playback; when it's over, the men cheer, and Marion and Peppermint Patty dance with joy]
Sally Brown: Wow! He did it!

"Murdoch Mysteries: The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch (#7.3)" (2013)
Thomas Edison: Detective Murdoch, if I wanted to harm Pendrick, I would use weapons *far* more devastating than any gun. My attorneys.

Thomas Edison: Mr. Pendrick, I and a group of others are considering going to California to launch the motion picture industry. You could be a part of it.
James Pendrick: The motion picture industry will be here, in Toronto, Canada. I have no intention of going into business with a scoundrel such as you.

"Clone High: Film Fest: Tears of a Clone (#1.4)" (2002)
Joan of Arc: But, you don't know what you're doing!
Thomas Edison: Or do I?
Joan of Arc: No!
Thomas Edison: Or is it yes?
Joan of Arc: No!