Dix Handley
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Dix Handley (Character)
from The Asphalt Jungle (1950)

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The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
Dix Handley: Why don't you quit cryin' and get me some bourbon?

Dix Handley: Don't bone me!

Cobby: [Telephone rings twice; Cobby answers] Yeah, hello, hello. Yeah, this is Cobby. What?
Cobby: [Cobby gets off the telephone in to talk to Dix and Doc] It's Gus. Dragnet's out and they're combing the district.
Cobby: [Cobby holds out telephone] He wants to talk to you. You, Dix.
Dix Handley: [Dix takes telephone from Cobby; Cobby leaves] Gus, Dix.
Gus Minissi: [the scene switches from Cobby's hideout to a telephone booth where Gus is; Gus talks to Dix] Yeah, now, listen careful, pal. The cops are knocking over all the joints along the boulevard. There's mobs of them, meat wagons and all. Now, look, I already called the guy, Eddie Donato. Donato's got a grocery down by the river. 116 Front Street, you got that?
Dix Handley: [Dix's voice is heard through the telephone] Yeah.
Gus Minissi: Okay.
Dix Handley: [a police car rolls into the scene outside of the telephone booth] Thanks, Gus. Say, how's Louie?
Gus Minissi: Louie's not so good. He got a slug in his belly, all right. Doc's doing all he can. Uh, here they are now, the happiness boys.
Gus Minissi: [a policeman bangs on the telephone booth and motions Gus to get out of the booth so that he can use it. Gus chuckles, turns and waves to him] Hello. How are you, yeah?
Gus Minissi: [Gus turns back to talk to Dix] Looks like I'm in...
Gus Minissi: [Policeman bangs on the booth again] ... for a working over. Look, go down to Eddie's by way of the...
Gus Minissi: [Policeman bangs on booth for the third time] ... old car barn.
Gus Minissi: [Gus turns and waves to the policeman; turns back to talk to Dix] Yeah, it's deserted at night. Once you get beyond that...
Gus Minissi: [Policeman bangs on booth for the fourth time] ... you're okay. The cops never bother Eddie's neighborhood. So long, Dix. Blow now...
Gus Minissi: [Policeman bangs booth for the fifth and final time] ... eh?
Gus Minissi: [Gus turns and waves to the policeman; He hangs up and makes his way out of the telephone booth] All right, all right, all right.