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Jack Spicer (Character)
from "Xiaolin Showdown" (2003)

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"Xiaolin Showdown: Citadel of Doom (#2.2)" (2004)
Jack Spicer: How many times can I say "my bad"?

Omi: I soon realized that the only way to return to the future was to wait.
[Clay, Kimiko and Jack's jaws drop]
Kimiko: You waited for a thousand years?
Omi: Exactly.
Kimiko: But you don't have wrinkles or liver spots, or...
Jack Spicer: Or that old people smell.
[Kimiko smacks him]
Jack Spicer: OW!

"Xiaolin Showdown: Days Past (#2.1)" (2004)
Jack Spicer: [about Jack Spicer's evil time machine] I can only generate enough power to travel back two seconds.
Clay: And why's that?
Jack Spicer: Hmm... How to explain the intricate manufacturacies temperal distortion to a simpleton cowboy...?

Omi: [after being sent back into the past] Now, all I have to do is return to the future!
[stops for a moment and thinks]
Omi: Which I have no idea how to do.
Kimiko: [in the present and so mad at Jack that fire shoots out of her eyes] What do you mean you can't get him back?
Jack Spicer: Oops.

"Xiaolin Showdown: The Journey of a Thousand Miles (#1.1)" (2003)
Dojo: Gong Yi Tan Pai!
Jack Spicer: What?
Dojo: It means: ready, set, go.

"Xiaolin Showdown: Pandatown (#2.5)" (2004)
Jack Spicer: Not fair! I've been robbed... twice!
Wuya: Forget it, Jack. What happens in Pandatown STAYS in Pandatown...

"Xiaolin Showdown: The New Order (#2.21)" (2005)
[Jack has captured Chase in the Orb of Yun]
Jack Spicer: Ooh, I'm so scared! I wasn't good enough to work with you! But you're not in charge anymore, Mister High-And-Dragon-Mighty, are you? I'm in charge! Jack Spicer! What'd you say? Jack Spicer! That's right!
Chase Young: [yawn] Could you keep it down? I think I'll get some sleep.

"Xiaolin Showdown: Big as Texas (#1.10)" (2004)
Jack Spicer: Why don't we have a relationship like that?
Wuya: I'm not your mommy. Now pick up your toys, Jacky, and let's go home.