Don Juan Tenorio
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Don Juan Tenorio (Character)
from I, Don Giovanni (2009)

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The Devil's Eye (1960)
Pablo: The day's first torment is here.
Don Juan: Did you recognize her?
Pablo: No, but you will if you loosen her skirts.

Don Juan: Was she crying?
Pablo: Crying? Hell, yes. Women live in a storm of tears. They must breathe with gills - for a man chokes in all that salt water.

Woman in veil: [Pulls out a knife] I am here to kill you.
[Don Juan guides her hand with the knife to his his chest]
Woman in veil: You're brave and you play for high stakes.
Don Juan: You give me a thrill of delight. My breast will open as gladly to your dagger as your thighs opened to the sharp blade of my love. Give us this final ecstasy - the one our bodies have not yet tasted. I give my death as I gave my life. Complete this sacrificial act and purify our love for ever.

Don Juan: Your breasts must be freed, I'll help you.

Woman in veil: O, I am burning, Don Juan!
Don Juan: I will cool you, free you from your clothes.

Don Juan: Has Jonas no faults?
Britt-Marie: He's a noisy eater and dislikes washing his feet. If those are faults.
Don Juan: You've made a good choice.

Britt-Marie: Shut your eyes! Now describe me.
Don Juan: Blue eyes. Fair hair. Charming nose, a mouth for kisses, high breasts, rounded hips, all made for love...

Don Juan: Principles are more sacred than life.

Don Juan: Lack of principle is my principle, vice my virtue, debauchery my asceticism, godlessness my religion.

Don Juan: Those capable of love are very few. Their suffering has no limit. I am told they are mirrors which reflect God and make life easier for us wretches in the dark.

The Private Life of Don Juan (1934)
Don Juan: All girls are different. All wives are alike.

Don Juan: Marriage is like a beleaguered city. Those that are out want to get in; those that are in want to get out.

Don Juan: Lovely little girl!
Leporello: She'd look awful by daylight.
Don Juan: Well, who wants to see her by daylight?

Don Juan: Lovely? When did you tell her that she was lovely? When did you send her a basket of flowers? When did you whisper words that sent shivers up-and-down her spine? Not for years. Because, you were married. You just owned her. Like a monkey, a fiddle! So that a miserable bungler could come and take her away from you. Why should a lovely wife be faithful to you? Clown! Yokel! Boob! Husband!

Don Juan: What divine hair. And those two lovely stars. Just a little frightened, gazing at me. You baffle me. Once again I'm just a frightened child. Oh, I could kill you for being so attractive.
Antonita, a Dancer of Passionate Temperament: What a fool I was! What a fool!
Don Juan: Why?
Antonita, a Dancer of Passionate Temperament: I thought I could resist you.
Don Juan: Can you?
Antonita, a Dancer of Passionate Temperament: No woman could.

Dona Dolores, a Lady of Mystery: What does he got to say to me?
Don Juan: What a fool he was to forget all this. The divine hair. And those two lovely stars. Just a little frightened.
Dona Dolores, a Lady of Mystery: No-no-no, darling. You told me all that six years ago. Tell me some of the wonderful things that made women dazed and intoxicated.
Don Juan: Well, that was it. That's what I always told them.
Dona Dolores, a Lady of Mystery: Well, then, tell me something you never told any woman before.
Don Juan: I love you, darling. I don't want to be anything but your husband.
Dona Dolores, a Lady of Mystery: Ha-ha-ha. Won't you ever learn anything about women? Every woman wants something more than just a husband. Every woman wants Don Juan; but, all to herself.