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Det. Insp. Mike Burden (Character)
from "Ruth Rendell Mysteries" (1987)

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"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Harm Done (#12.1)" (2000)
D.I. Burden: It doesn't matter what a girl looks like or how simple she is... Yes, all right, don't look at me like that. You know what I mean... or shy... or whatever. The instinct in young human beings to reproduce is so powerful, the most unlikely ones get it together. It's like magnets.
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: [Wryly] Well, I wouldn't remember.

D.I. Burden: [to Wexford] Reg, you're allowed to be human after thirty-odd years confronting the darker side of human nature.

"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Road Rage: Part Two (#11.5)" (1998)
Pub Landlord: What do you take me for?
Det. Insp. Burden: [Contemptuously] A lot of things, Mr. Dixon, and none of them very nice!

Det. Insp. Burden: Nothing like the truth to scare a man.

"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Simisola: Part One (#9.3)" (1996)
[looking at a run-down block of flats]
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: Half of them are empty. The council's saving up to blow them up.
Det. Insp. Mike Burden: If Mrs Khoori gets elected they're going to have an explosion sponsored by the Crescent supermarket.
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: If the BNP get in they're going to leave the people in and then blow it up.

Det. Insp. Mike Burden: Dr. Akand telephoned
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: Akand-e
Det. Insp. Mike Burden: I like doctors best when they're called Finlay and Cameron
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: I think that may be racist
Det. Insp. Mike Burden: What?
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: Preferring your doctors Scottish to Nigerian
Det. Insp. Mike Burden: I'm not racist. All Scotsmen look the same to me

"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: The Best Man to Die: Part One (#4.4)" (1990)
Det. Insp. Mike Burden: He's lying isn't he.
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: The lies are queueing up behind his teeth!

"Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Simisola: Part Three (#9.5)" (1996)
Det. Chief Insp. Reg Wexford: Where have I seen that car before?
Det. Insp. Mike Burden: In your worst nightmare.