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Quotes for
Bernard Hedges (Character)
from Please Sir! (1971)

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Please Sir! (1971)
Bernard Hedges: I just don't understand you, Price. I look upon the first day of term as one of the peaks of my career.
Mr. Price: And you've got your graph upside down!

[Bernard and Penny are dancing at the party]
Bernard Hedges: I still can't understand why Mr Dunstable changed his mind so quickly!
Penny Wheeler: Well, a little bird told me Potter found out he couldn't write.
Bernard Hedges: It's almost as if he had an actual aversion to writing!
[Bernard stops dancing as he realises what Penny has just said]
Bernard Hedges: Ah!

[Bernard has barged into the meeting about the school camp]
Doris Ewell: The party will consist of thirty-five children.
Bernard Hedges: Didn't you leave out the word *privileged*, Miss Ewell?
Norman Potter: Aye aye, would you burst into the United Nations like that?