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Richard Bellamy (Character)
from "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971)

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"Upstairs, Downstairs: Another Year (#4.9)" (1974)
Richard Bellamy: Lloyd George is a dictator without friends.

[last lines]
Richard Bellamy: [to Hazel] As for the future I have my doubts, but then tomorrow is a long way off.

Richard Bellamy: [referring to Mrs. Hamilton] My God, she's got a nerve!
Hazel Bellamy: Yes, she has.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Miss Forrest (#3.1)" (1973)
[Richard has just learned that his book has been accepted for publication]
Richard Bellamy: If only this letter had arrived three days ago, before my wife left for Canada! How thrilled she would have been.
Hazel Forrest: Could you not write and tell her the news at once?
Richard Bellamy: Well, there's no point. Time my letter got to New York, she'd be halfway across Canada.
Hazel Forrest: I see. What a shame.
Richard Bellamy: Mm.
Hazel Forrest: Could you not send her... a wireless message, to the ship?
Richard Bellamy: A Marconigram! Yes, I'll do that! Then she'll get it at sea. Well done, Miss Forrest!
Hazel Forrest: Shall I take down the message?
Richard Bellamy: Yes, and Edward can run round to the Marconi office with it. So, a wireless message to Lady Marjorie Bellamy, stateroom number six, aboard White Star Liner R.M.S. Titanic en route from Southampton to New York. Date, April twelfth, 1912. My message reads, "Macmillan's delighted and impressed with manuscript. Take good care of yourself. All my fondest love, Richard."
[fade out, title music up]

Richard Bellamy: What on earth is that noise?
Hazel Forrest: It's a gramophone, I think, Mr. Bellamy. Coming from upstairs.
Richard Bellamy: Must be my son. He's keen on the latest ragtime music, this dreadful syncopated jazz. Like everything else from America, it's too fast, too noisy!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Joy Ride (#5.4)" (1975)
Richard Bellamy: I look and feel somewhat dirty. I shall go to my room and change. It'll give me something to do.

Richard Bellamy: More sherry?
Lady Prudence Fairfax: Oh, no, no. I might get squiffy and let you down.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Whom God hath Joined... (#2.4)" (1972)
Lady Marjorie Bellamy: Felicity landed a major.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: Oh, good for Felicity. What did he weigh?
[Mr. Bellamy laughs]
Lady Marjorie Bellamy: Darling, you make him sound like a prize trout. What would James be?
Elizabeth Kirbridge: A sort of eel perhaps.
Richard Bellamy: [laughs] And Lawrence? What would he be?
Lady Marjorie Bellamy: [Becoming concerned] I think this is a silly game.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: [Assertively] No, it isn't. It's illuminating. Lawrence... I think I see Lawrence as... a place.
Lady Marjorie Bellamy: A place?
Elizabeth Kirbridge: A place!
Lady Marjorie Bellamy: Why a place/
Elizabeth Kirbridge: I don't know. I just see him as one.
Lady Marjorie Bellamy: I don't think that's very illuminating.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: It is to me.

Richard Bellamy: [Referring to Elizabeth's moving back home] Darling, are you sure you haven't left in haste? Your mother feels, and i find it hard to disagree with her, that you haven't really given it much time.
Elizabeth Kirbridge: How much time do you need to know you've made a mistaake?

"Upstairs, Downstairs: All the King's Horses (#5.15)" (1975)
James Bellamy: Look, I know what I am, Father. I don't need you to tell me.
Richard Bellamy: [Realizing he may have gone too far] James, my dear boy...
James Bellamy: No, Father! No! No, no conciliations! That's where we always end up patching the wounds. L-Let's just leave them open this time, shall we...?

Richard Bellamy: [reading from James's suicide note] "Dear Father, do you remember me telling you about that German soldier in the shell hole at Passchendaele, who should have finished me off, but declined to? Well, I'm doing the job for him. It has nothing to do with our talk today. Mother always said that to leave when you're winning is unethical, and we all know that my losing streak has been going on far too long. Try to see it as a soldier's way out, when he can no longer do justice to himself, or the men under his command. I choose this place as to not make a mess of my rooms, or cause anyone anymore inconvenience than what is necessary. I have left my will to Sir Geoffrey - unwitnessed, I'm afraid, but I am sure he'll manage. Goodbye, Father. Give my love to Virginia, and to Georgina. Don't be sad. James."

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Pair of Exiles (#2.2)" (1972)
Richard Bellamy: [to Lady Bellamy] James has fallen into the clutches of some gredy, unprincipled female who will take him for every penny she can get out of him.

Richard Bellamy: [Referring to Lady Bellamy] I'm sorry if she was discourteous to you.
Sir Geoffrey Dillon: The lioness protecting her young is entitled to show her claws. I respect that, Richard. In the end it may well be the making of your son.
Richard Bellamy: I hope so. Well, thank you for all you've done. It can't have been easy.
Sir Geoffrey Dillon: My dear boy, that's precisely why we solicitors charge such exhorbitant fees.
[They both laugh]

"Upstairs, Downstairs: For Love of Love (#1.13)" (1972)
Richard Bellamy: Remember, dear, marriage is a declaration of faith in the future.

Henrietta Winchmore: Maybe you're not quite as bad as you seem.
Richard Bellamy: [laughs] Funny, I was just thinking exactly the same thing about you.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Word of Honour (#3.7)" (1973)
Richard Bellamy: [to Hazel] Clubs exist so women and servants can't enter.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Wanted - a Good Home (#5.5)" (1975)
Richard Bellamy: [to Virginia about the British public school system] We're the only nation in the world that tears the male patrician child from the bosom of his family to be subjected to football, cold baths, and Latin infinitives at the tender age of eight.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Distant Thunder (#3.12)" (1974)
Richard Bellamy: [to Hazel] Do allow me to look after you. Someone's got to!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Why Is Her Door Locked? (#1.9)" (1972)
Richard Bellamy: Domestic servants are more loyal by nature than Public servants.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Suitable Marriage (#1.5)" (1971)
Angus: [about his broken engagement with Elizabeth] Maybe she'll change her mind with time.
Richard Bellamy: Well, knowing Elizabeth as I do, once she's made up her mind to do something, there's little one can do.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Desirous of Change (#3.6)" (1973)
Lili de Ternay: I don't want fits from you, Richard. I want more. I want your soul.
Richard Bellamy: If you can find it, you can have it.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A House Divided (#3.2)" (1973)
Richard Bellamy: Strange the capacity human beings have to make each other unhappy when there is so much inescapable misery in the world.
Hazel Forrest: Yes, very strange.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Tug of War (#4.5)" (1974)
Richard Bellamy: [to Hazel] We should speak the truth now and then. We tell too many lies... especially in wartime.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Peace out of Pain (#4.13)" (1974)
Richard Bellamy: [to Virginia] I find you amusing, brave, warm-hearted, and utterly adorable, and I want you to consider very carefully... the prospect of... becoming my wife... but, uh, not let it spoil your dinner.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Sudden Storm (#3.13)" (1974)
Hazel Bellamy: What's the difference between an alliance and an entente?
Richard Bellamy: Well, one is written down, and the other one's sort of a gentlemen's areement.
Hazel Bellamy: Do you always have to behave like gentlemen?

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Missing Believed Killed (#4.11)" (1974)
Richard Bellamy: You've been spared. You have so much to contribute when the peace comes.
James Bellamy: Peace? Peace is for grandfathers and grandsons...
Richard Bellamy: ...and survivors.
James Bellamy: I wouldn't count on them to put the world to right.
Richard Bellamy: Between us, James. Between us we can do it... grandfathers, grandsons, and survivors. You owe it to us to try.
James Bellamy: Well, at least we're talking. That's a start.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Wages of Sin (#2.12)" (1973)
Richard Bellamy: [angrily] Oh, damned servants! Why in God's name do we have to put up with them!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Will Ye No Come Back Again (#5.12)" (1975)
Georgina Worsley: Oh, perhaps it's the feeling of this place, being alone together, miles from anywhere. Coming up here was like going back in time. Peat fires, nursery tea, Bonnie Prince Charlie... But it's all make-believe and make-believe is for children. We did love each other once...
James Bellamy: We do!
Georgina Worsley: No, DID. During the war. That's all in the past, darling.
James Bellamy: Don't take this away from me, Georgina. I haven't anything else.
Richard Bellamy: [suddenly entering the room] I say, Hudson's just been telling me the most extraordinary thing! You know that small bedroom that's always kept shut up? Well, apparently there's a tradition that Charles Edward Stuart slept there during his wandering before he sailed for Skye! And there's a glass case in there containing a lock of his hair. Of course, if that unfortunate young man had given every lock of his hair kept in his memory in Scotland, he'd be competely bald!
[laughs to himself]
Richard Bellamy: I think we should have a look at it afterwards, what do you think?
[silent pause]
Richard Bellamy: Georgina, my dear, you're shivering! Isn't that rather a flimsy dress for this climate?
James Bellamy: Perhaps a ghost walked over her grave...

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Disillusion (#5.7)" (1975)
Richard Bellamy: [Referring to Hudson imlacability] That man'd make a damn good diplomat, even better card player. You'd never guess anything unusual was going on.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Such a Lovely Man (#5.8)" (1975)
Richard Bellamy: [after James has expressed concern over his stepmother's relationship with Paynter] Oh, she's perfectly safe with him.
James Bellamy: Sh- Why should you say that?
Richard Bellamy: Oh, for reasons I could not possibly mention to her.
James Bellamy: He's not married, is he?
Richard Bellamy: [Trying to be delicate] No, he's not the, uh, marrying sort.
James Bellamy: [Simon slowly realizes his father's meaning] Oh, you mean... ?
Richard Bellamy: [Nodding] Mmmh-hmm.
James Bellamy: Oh, I see.
Richard Bellamy: He's devoted to his mother.
[He rises and walks across the room]
Richard Bellamy: A great number of ladies have acted as his hostess at the table over the past ten years, and, I daresay. at least half of them expected to marry him, but I'm quite sure nothing would horrify him more thsn to have a woman permanently in his home or temporarily in his bed.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Place in the World (#5.2)" (1975)
Richard Bellamy: I am simply saying that one heartfelt letter from a gallant ex-officer doesn't turn him overnight into a peacetime politician.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Family Gathering (#2.13)" (1973)
Richard Bellamy: Nevertheless, in this country gentlemen are expected to favor only one political cause at a time, as they would favor only one woman at a time.
Julius Karekin: True, Bellamy, but as I am constantly reminding your charming daughter, I am no gentleman.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Rose's Pigeon (#3.5)" (1973)
Richard Bellamy: I'm in this position largely through your handling of Marjorie's affauis!
Sir Geoffrey Dillon: I don't quite follow,
Richard Bellamy: I'm not blaming you. None of us could have forseen what would happen, but you must admit I've been left in a devilish situation
Sir Geoffrey Dillon: Financially speaking.
Richard Bellamy: In all ways, damn it! Particularly financially!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Facing Fearful Odds (#4.12)" (1974)
Virginia Hamilton: "For how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods?" That was Michael's...
[about to start crying, hastily leaves the room]
Richard Bellamy: Is there anywhere in the world a woman braver than that?

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Guest of Honour (#2.5)" (1972)
Richard Bellamy: [referring to the King's imminent arrival] How's your curtsy, Prudence?
Lady Prudence: It's all right going down, a bit wobbly coming up. I'm always afraid my right knee will crack like a pistol shot.