Richard Bellamy
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Biography for
Richard Bellamy (Character)
from "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971)

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Richard Pemberton Bellamy, was the son of country minister, who got a scholarship to oxford College. he met lady Margerie southfold, the eldest daughter of the conservative Tory politician, Lord southfold. about whom Mr.bellamy wrote a biogrpahy, following his wife's death on the titanic in 1912. Lord Bellamy had two children by Lady Margerie, James Bellamy, an officer in his majesty's Army, and Lady Elizabeth Bellamy who was a suffregete, that married and divorced the poet lawrence kirkbridge, and later ran a hat business with social climber Julius karakin.

Richard Bellamy met and later married margerie southfold when he was in the foriegn office in Paris. France. He then became a tory member of house of commons. As much as he loved margerie, he hated being contrained poltiically by the southfold money. when lday maregeri dies, she left her estate to her son and duaghter, and Richard with a modest allowance.Following lady margerie's death on the titanic, mr bellamy took to drinking, his secretary, and later daughter in law, Hazel Forrest Bellamy helped him control his drinking.

although Hazel and Mr, Bellamy got along, they did have their arguments. in one episode, a fellow member of the house of commons cons Richard Bellamy into an insider trading deal. all mr bellamy has to do is give the name of his colleague up to clear himself. since he promised not to say anything, he refuses to do so. Hazel uses Hudson the butler , hudson tofind out the name, and help clear mr. bellamy's name. when richard bellmay finds out what his new daughter in law has done, he scolds her for it, and gives Hazel a lecture on honor, and keeping promises. Hazel replies that women do not care about such things as much as they care about protecting their families.

following his wife's death, and his son James Bellamy's marriage, Richard Bellamy is visited by, and falls in love with the the French countess detierney, who killed her husband, whe he tried to kill her, after finding her in bed with another nobleman. penniless, she and her artist brother, kurt target Richard bellamy in the belief that he is wealthy. Richard and lilly decide that they must part because he is controlled by his son's money, and she is controlled by her ambition to marry man with money. in the same episode, the new welsch made is hired that gains an obsessive crush on mr. Bellamy.

in 1918, Richard Bellamy is made a viscount. Lord Bellamy now a civil lord of the Admiralty, is introduced to Virginia Hamilton, a widow with three kids. Mrs. Hamilton comes to Viscount Bellamy for help in defending her son a young Navy officer who is up for court martial, due to "cowardice." Lord Bellamy arranges for the family attorney, sir Geoffrey Dillon to defend him. the young officer is found guilty but reprimanded. Lord Bellamy uses his connection in the admiralty to give the young officer hamilton another assignmnet. however the young officer is killed.

Lord Bellamy then marries virginia Hamilton, and gains two step chilren william, and 1929, Richard Bellamy's son. Major James Bellamy goes to New york to visit his sister, and loses money in the wall street crash. among the money lost was that of lady's maid,rose Buck. when Richard Bellamy hears of this, he scolds James for his irresponsibility. James then commits suicide with a gun, as a result of that confrontation. The Bellamys are forced to move out of 165 Eaton place since James has lost everything in the crash. this occurs just Lady Georgina worthsly (James Bellamy's step cousin, who he had once had a crush on) is left all of james' estate. lady georgina is engaged to marry robert stockbridge. At virginia Bellamy's urging, richard Bellamy agrees, along with attorney sir geoffrey dillion, to take 200 pounds out of his own bank acount, and tell georigina that james left it to her. He then pays for Lady Georgina's marriage to sir robert Strockbridge, the son of a duke. In the summer of 1930, Richard Bellamy, his wife and his two step children move out of 165 Eaton place. the only servant that they take is rose Buck

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