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Hudson (Character)
from "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971)

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"Upstairs, Downstairs: Your Obedient Servant (#2.7)" (1972)
Mr. Angus Hudson, Butler: May I take your coat?
Arthur Bellamy: If you insist.

Mr. Angus Hudson, Butler: I'm sorry you had to use the door knocker, sir. An electric bell system is being installed.
Arthur Bellamy: You forget, I am not London born. I think my hand is not so pampered and weak that it needs electricity to help it.

Mr. Angus Hudson, Butler: [to the repairmen] Learn to use a little more skill and less brute force.

Mrs. Bridges: And now you'll be punished?
Mr. Angus Hudson, Butler: [Softly] Yes.
Mrs. Bridges: That's life. You have to pay for every bit of happiness you have. I sometimes wonder what kind of awful sin we all committed at the beginning.

Mr. Angus Hudson, Butler: [Reproachfully to Edward, who's smoking a pipe] Edward! Tobacco slows the nervous reflexes and yours are quite slow enough! Put that abominable instrument away and lay out two trays.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Change of Scene (#3.3)" (1973)
Max Weinberg: [appreciating Hudson's capabilities and manner] Remarkable loader you have there,
Hudson: Oh, no, he's really our butler, but he acts as valet sometimes.
Max Weinberg: Butler, valet, loader and diplomat. Quite a valuable object!

James Bellamy: [during shooting] Tell me, do you ever regret not becoming a gamekeeper like your father?
Hudson: I never believe in dwelling on what might have been. sir.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Guest of Honour (#2.5)" (1972)
Hudson: [sarcastically to Edward] And what fortunate young woman has the honor of your company today?

Hudson: [to Mrs. Bridges about the King] You better get him plenty of food. I'm told the old man eats like a cart horse.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Home Fires (#4.6)" (1974)
Hudson: [referring to Daisy] She isn't mature enough to handle the strain of an absent husband.
Rose: Or a present one.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Nine Days Wonder (#5.9)" (1975)
Hudson: [Rhetorically] How many times have I told you not to be influenced by pub talk, Edward?

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Joy Ride (#5.4)" (1975)
Hudson: We must keep in mind the old saying that no news is good news.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Distant Thunder (#3.12)" (1974)
Hudson: [about Suffragettes] If they claim the right to vote like men, they ought to be flogged like men.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Whither Shall I Wander? (#5.16)" (1975)
[Hudson rails against the stock market crash, the government and the prime minister]
Edward Barnes - Chauffeur: What I don't understand, Mr Hudson, is where the money's gone to. I mean, one minute everyone's rich and they've got gold, money in the bank, shares and all that. And the next minute, they're skint. Well if *they* haven't got it, who has? Gold doesn't disappear into thin air.
Mr. Angus Hudson - Butler: It's all the fault of this socialist government, Edward. They should never have got rid of Mr Baldwin. Though I say so myself, Ramsay MacDonald is a disgrace to Scotland. Still, I've heard tell the MacDonalds weren't too steady at Culloden, either!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Suitable Marriage (#1.5)" (1971)
Alfred: [presumptuously] What's the matter, Mr. Hudson, don't you believe in love?
Hudson: I believe in it if it's kept in its place.
[Noticing Alfred's feet on the table]
Hudson: Down!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Family Secret (#3.4)" (1973)
Mrs. Bridges: She's right, you know. Things isn't what they was.
Hudson: "Aren't what they was", if you please, Mrs. Bridges.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Path of Duty (#1.4)" (1971)
Hudson: [Referring to Elizabeth] Book learning is useless to a young lady.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: All the King's Horses (#5.15)" (1975)
Mrs. Bridges: You're a man, Mr. Hudson. It's hard for a man to understand these things.
Hudson: [Angrily] Well, there are things a man understands, but a woman doesn't and never will!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: The Sudden Storm (#3.13)" (1974)
Mr. Angus Hudson, Butler: We are not fit! We need some of the old discipline. All this trouble in Ireland and in industry. The other day someone even threatened the king! You know, the lower classes are far too flabby and pampered. A wee bit of bloodletting would do this country a power of good!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: An Old Flame (#5.6)" (1975)
Hudson: [Speaking about radio antennas] Imagine every house in London with a wee pole sticking up from the roof!

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Will Ye No Come Back Again (#5.12)" (1975)
Hudson: You need to be a Scot to know a Scot.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: On with the Dance (#5.1)" (1975)
Rose: All good things come to an end, hm?
Hudson: That's the way to look at it, Rose.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Magic Casements (#1.7)" (1972)
Hudson: Chattering, whispering servants can spread scandal like the rats with the plague.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: A Family Gathering (#2.13)" (1973)
Roberts: [Speaking of Karekin] Put a turban on his head, and he'd be right out of the Arabian Nights.
Mrs. Bridges: [laughs] That's right - Arabian - one of them Eastern potentates with a different wife in every port.
Hudson: I think you'll find out Mr. Kerekin is Armenian. Mrs. Bridges, not Arabian.
Mrs. Bridges: Oh, well, it's all the same. All coffee-colored, oily hair, amd rings on their fingers.
Rose: ...and bells on their toes.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Rose's Pigeon (#3.5)" (1973)
Hudson: [watching Alfred eat in the servant's kitchen] I can see they don't teach manners in German kitchens.

"Upstairs, Downstairs: Out of the Everywhere (#2.8)" (1972)
Sarah: [condescendingly in reference to Hudson's birth] Bet it was a bit more than an occasion when you arrived, Mr. Hudson.
Mrs. Bridges: We're only born once, Mr. Hudson.
Hudson: I don't recall much of it myself, Mrs. Bridges. I was very young at the time.
[polite laughter]