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Quotes for
Supt. Jack Meadows (Character)
from "The Bill" (1984)

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"The Bill: 248 (#20.68)" (2004)
[after Ted Roach's funeral, Jack Meadows tells Bob Cryer and Alec Peters about how his problems with one of his C.I.D. officers has made him consider resigning]
DCI Jack Meadows: Sometimes, I could gladly strangle the little runt!
Bob Cryer: That's one way out of the job!

DCI Jack Meadows: What's the point of having rank if you can't pull it?

Bob Cryer: You're not thinking of packing it all in are you?
DCI Jack Meadows: I don't know what I'm thinking at the moment. Too many office politics in the job. Too much back-stabbing.
Alec Peters: There's always been back stabbing.
DCI Jack Meadows: Yeah but this new lot stab you in the front aswell. And they smile while they're doing it. I've got this DI called Manson, and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. All he thinks about is how he's going to get promoted. I could cheerfully strangle the little runt.
Alec Peters: That's one way out of the job!

"The Bill: Pride Before a Fall (#23.27)" (2007)
DCI Jack Meadows: What the hell were you doing in a nail bar having a manicure?
DS Phil Hunter: It was a legitimate tactic to get close to the witness.
DCI Jack Meadows: Bollocks!

DS Phil Hunter: Here Guv. Stuart thinks he's gonna compromise the case we're working on because he dated the victim. What do you think?
DCI Jack Meadows: How long did you go out with her?
DS Stuart Turner: Not long Guv.
DCI Jack Meadows: How long?
DS Stuart Turner: Couple of dates...
DCI Jack Meadows: D'you give her one?
DS Stuart Turner: Erm...
DCI Jack Meadows: Well I can't see what the problem is. Get on with it and stop messing about!

"The Bill: 277 (#21.3)" (2005)
DI Neil Manson: [Jack and Neil have been handcuffed together] My back's itchin'!
DCI Jack Meadows: So what do you want me to do about it?
DI Neil Manson: Come on Guv... I'd scratch yours.
DCI Jack Meadows: Make a change from stabbing it!
DI Neil Manson: [Jack relents and scratches Neil's back] Down a bit...

DI Neil Manson: I can't believe this! I cannot believe this! I knew this was going to be a bad day, I knew it! The moment that Jo Masters walked in the building, I knew something was gonna kick off!
DCI Jack Meadows: Neil, will you do me a favour?
DI Neil Manson: What?
DCI Jack Meadows: Just put a sock in it will ya? It's bad enough being here without you whining on!
DCI Jack Meadows: [Some Time Later] Are you still sulking or have you passed out?
DI Neil Manson: My backs itchy.
DCI Jack Meadows: So what do you want me to do about it?
DI Neil Manson: Come on Guv, I'd scratch yours.
DCI Jack Meadows: Make a change from stabbing it.
DCI Jack Meadows: [Some More Time Later] You took your time.
DI Neil Manson: Four hours. Four hours we've been stuck in here.
DC Jo Masters: Glad to see you've not lost your charm.
DI Neil Manson: You just concentrate on doing your job DC Masters, instead of always trying to antagonise your senior officers.
DCI Jack Meadows: Just how long does it take to search one hospital floor?
DC Jo Masters: I should've known you'd both try and blame someone else for the mess you got yourselves into...
DI Neil Manson: What's that supposed to mean?
DC Jo Masters: Can you manage Honey?
PC Honey Harman: Yeah...
DC Jo Masters: I've got better things to do with me time.
PC Honey Harman: She's been great. Hero of the hour!

"The Bill: 179 (#19.104)" (2003)
DCI Jack Meadows: You're accusing a fellow officer of a double murder!

"The Bill: 275 (#21.1)" (2005)
Supt. Adam Okaro: Jack; Neil. I believe you already know, DC Jo Masters.
DC Jo Masters: Jack; Neil. Good to see you both again.
DI Neil Manson: Yeah, you too Jo.
DCI Jack Meadows: So, you're joining us then?
DC Jo Masters: Yeah I'm looking forward to it... I'm sure we'll make a great team.
Supt. Adam Okaro: Well that's all for now gentlemen, if you'll excuse us. Jo and I have a few more things to run through.
DI Neil Manson: Sir.
DCI Jack Meadows: [Jack & Neil Leave Office] Jo Masters aye? So how do you know her?
DI Neil Manson: We worked on a joint operation together, how about you?
DCI Jack Meadows: I've only met her a couple of times, at police doos. But I know her reputation. She's gonna make our lives hell isn't she?
DI Neil Manson: Absolutely.
Supt. Adam Okaro: [Back In Office] They're good officers... but... they're so busy bickering with each other at the moment that they've become distracted. Which is where you come in, do you think you're up to telling our DCI and DI a few home truths?
DC Jo Masters: Up to it? Oh I'm looking forward to it.
Supt. Adam Okaro: It's a strong CID team, but with them at each other's throats at the moment, well the holes are starting to appear. It's your job to show them where they're going wrong. I want you on their case Jo, morning, noon and night.
DC Jo Masters: Not a problem. When I start, they wont know what's hit them.

"The Bill: Angel (#16.1)" (2000)
D.C.I. Burnside: I'll tell you what - I've had my fill of trawling gay bars.
D.C.I. Meadows: Not enjoying your work then?
D.C.I. Burnside: I feel about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.

"The Bill: 212 (#20.32)" (2004)
[last lines]
DCI Jack Meadows: You're putting your trust in a cop killer