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Biography for
Beowulf (Character)
from Beowulf (2007)

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Beowulf is the legendary hero and king of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of the same name. Beowulf is also the oldest living piece of literature in the English language. He was the son of Ecgeow, a banished warrior of the apparently Swedish Wgmundings. Ecgeow had slain Heaolaf, a man from another clan named the Wulfings (according to Scandinavian sources, they were the ruling dynasty of the Geatish petty kingdom of stergtland). Apparently, because the victim was from a prominent family the weregild was set too high, and so Ecgeow was banished and had to seek refuge among the Danes. The Danish king Hrogar generously paid the weregild, and had Ecgeow swear an oath.

Ecgeow was in the service of the Geatish king Hreel, whose daughter he married. They had Beowulf, who grew up with the Geats. Beowulf's childhood friend was Breca of the Brondings "supposed to be the inhabitants of the island Brnn, lying off the coast of West Gothland in the Cattegat". This would be a realistic location for a childhood friend of Beowulf, and the poem describes a swimming contest between them.

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