Kaiser Franz Joseph
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Kaiser Franz Joseph (Character)
from Sissi (1955)

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The Emperor Waltz (1948)
Baron Holenia: [optimistically] In this, our moment of sorrow, I venture to offer some consolation. There will be other days. She'll give us some puppies yet.
Dr. Zwieback: Yes, that's the way to look at it. Come spring and we can count on another litter.
Emperor Franz-Josef: [sadly] Hmmm... the question is - can I count on another spring?

Emperor Franz-Josef: [about Virgil] We both agreed that with him you had only one chance in a million to be happy
Johanna Augusta Franziska: Your majesty thinks that I am happy? Isn't one chance in a million better than no chance at all?
Emperor Franz-Josef: My dear, you are much to pretty for mathematics.

Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (1991) (TV)
Emperor Franz Joseph: Not only have we followed your adventures, Mr. Holmes, but the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire once kept us waiting for dinner whilst he finished one of the stories of your exploits in the Strand magazine.
Sherlock Holmes: [bows] I am honored, your majesty. And surprised.

The Night Is Young (1935)
Emperor Franz Josef: Women see realities more clearly than men.

Mayerling (1968)
Emperor Franz-Josef: Rudolph, what is this wall between us?
Archduke Rudolf: You should know, you built it. You tear it down, Father.