Rodion Raskolnikow
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Rodion Raskolnikow (Character)
from Crime and Punishment (2002)

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Crime and Punishment (1935)
Roderick Raskolnikov: [Looking down at the water] I wonder how many poor devils have found an answer to their questions down there. If only the dead could ever come back.
Sonya: They have!
[goes inside to fetch a book, returns]
Sonya: Remember the Raising of Lazarus?
Roderick Raskolnikov: [Takes Bible, turns it over and hands it back] Are you happy to have your Bible back?
Sonya: [excited] Would you like me to read the Raising of Lazarus?
Roderick Raskolnikov: [They go inside] I can't understand you Sonya, how can you continue living like this?
Sonya: I believe in God.
Roderick Raskolnikov: What have you or I to hope for out of life?
Sonya: Don't take away my faith - I need it.
Roderick Raskolnikov: Don't take away my un-belief - I need that!

Landlady: Good afternoon. We haven't seen much of you these past two days. Have you been praying or only fasting?
Roderick Raskolnikov: I've been contemplating life.
Landlady: You better contemplate the rent! I haven't had a penny out of you in six months! How much longer do you expect me to wait?

Sonya: I forgot that there was still some kindness in the world. Thank you.
Roderick Raskolnikov: I forgot there was still some beauty in it.

Lushin: I may say that I have fairly advanced ideas on the subject of marriage.
Roderick Raskolnikov: In deed.
Lushin: I prefer a girl, like your sister, who's experienced poverty. I believe that a wife should always look up to her husband as a benefactor.

Roderick Raskolnikov: Money!
[Slams the door in anger]
Roderick Raskolnikov: Money! Money! MONEY! Money! Money! Money!

Roderick Raskolnikov: After all Professor, this is your problem, not mine. You promised to show me your blundering police methods and you certainly have. Sorry, I can't give more assistance. Good luck.
Insp. Porfiry: Thanks. Why did you call me Professor?
Roderick Raskolnikov: Because, eh, you profess to know something about crime.
Insp. Porfiry: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...

Mrs. Raskolnikov: Roderick, where did you get this money?
Antonya Raskolnikov: Dmitri, where did you get that money?
Dmitri: Search me? Where did you get it, Roderick?
Roderick Raskolnikov: All I had to do was ask for it! Take what you want! Lie! Cheat! Bluff! Take life by the throat! Come on, lets go out and celebrate...

Antonya Raskolnikov: Roderick, I don't think you should talk to the Inspector like that.
Roderick Raskolnikov: Inspector. Inspect this! No man could have the nerve to commit a murder, then sit in your office, watch you accuse another man and tell you he's not guilty.

Sonya: I do this almost every night. Come out here and look down at the water. Sometimes the water seems full of stars. And then I feel like I can put this bucket down and pull up a whole pailful of them.
Roderick Raskolnikov: You're lonely, aren't you?
Sonya: You are too.

Insp. Porfiry: I may sound like a preacher, but, the truth remains that there is no prisoner, steel-bound, as a man's conscious. Nothing that we could devise, is as horrible as the torture conscious will inflict on a man. Conscious, day-and-night, waking-and-dreaming.
Roderick Raskolnikov: Take your hands off me!

Roderick Raskolnikov: [seeing Sonya searching for something a the bottom of the stair] What did you lose?
Sonya: [referring to the pawnbroker] A ruble. It dropped out of my hand when she pushed me out of the door.
Roderick Raskolnikov: [with bitternes] Someone ought to push her into the next world!

Insp. Porfiry: [to Roderick] How long do you think you can keep up this pretense? Forever? For all eternity?
Roderick Raskolnikov: You're wasting your time.
Insp. Porfiry: Then I'm afraid I'll have to send an innocent man to Siberia - vety likely to his death. It's not my doing after all - it's yours. I don't know how you feel about it, but it's a worse crime than the other in its way, more cold-blooded and fiendish. A Napoleon might be able to carry it off, but you're not a Napoleom, my friend. Not hard enough. I'm sorry for you. I wouldn't be in your place for anything in the world.

Crime and Punishment (2002) (TV)
Raskolnikov: Time to go.
Dounia: To turn yourself in?
Raskolnikov: Yes. But i don't know why.
Dounia: Because by taking your suffering, you'll be taking away half your crime.
Raskolnikov: Crime? Some crime. I killed a filthy old money lender, Dounia. A louse! I'm only going to confess because... I'm a coward. A mediocrity.