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Eric Myers (Character)
from "Power Rangers Time Force" (2001)

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"Power Rangers Wild Force: Forever Red (#1.34)" (2002)
Cole: Wow. So that was Tommy? He really is the greatest Ranger.
[The others scoff and laugh]
Cole: What did I say?
T.J.: Well, I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one who replaced him.
Jason: Are you kidding me? I was doing all the work while he was at the juice bar kissing on Kimberly.
Carter: Alright, well, at least his haircut's regulation now. Right?
Eric: My Q-Rex would eat his Dragon Zord for lunch.
Leo: He didn't discover lost galaxies!
Wes: Hey, wait, wait, wait wait. I changed history. So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?
Andros: Hey! I saved two worlds! What about that?
T.J.: Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait! Did I ever you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?

Tommy: Several years ago, the Machine Empire arrived from deep space, and tried to invade Earth. Myself and the other Zeo Rangers succeeded in stopping their invasion by destroying their leader, King Mondo, and most of the Empire with him. But now, the last surviving members of the Machine Empire have regrouped under the command of General Venjix, and are gathering here, on the Sea of Tranquility on the moon.
Eric: It looks like they're digging something there.
Wes: Well, what would they want on the moon?
Jason: Serpentera.
Tommy: Years ago, when Lord Zedd was defeated, his personal Zord remained hidden on the surface of the moon.
Andros: But I spent the last few years trailing General Venjix. Just recently he discovered the hidden location of Serpentera.
Jason: If the Machine Empire gets their hands on Serpentera, they're gonna have more than enough power to destroy Earth.
Cole: We have to stop them here - on the moon. We're the only chance Earth has.

Jason: It's morphin time!
[transforms into the Red Mighty Morphin Ranger]
Jason: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!
Tommy: It's morphin time!
[transforms into the Red Zeo Ranger]
Tommy: Red Zeo Ranger! Hyah!
T.J.: Shift into Turbo!
[transforms into the Red Turbo Ranger]
T.J.: Red Turbo Ranger!
Andros: Let's rocket!
[transforms into the Red Space Ranger]
Andros: Red Space Ranger!
Leo: Go Galactic!
[transforms into the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger]
Leo: Go Galactic!
Carter: Lightspeed Rescue!
[transforms into the Red Lightspeed Ranger]
Carter: Red Lightspeed Ranger!
Wes: Time for, Time Force!
[transforms into the Red Time Force Ranger]
Eric: Quantum Power!
[transforms into the Quantum Ranger]
Eric: Quantum Ranger!
Cole: Wild Access!
[transforms into the Red Wild Force Ranger]
Cole: Red Wild Force Ranger
Aurico: Red Alien Ranger!

"Power Rangers Wild Force: Reinforcements from the Future: Part 1 (#1.24)" (2002)
[To Wes about Taylor's Eagle zord]
Eric: A giant eagle, huh? Big deal. You should see my Q-Rex.

Eric: Mutants. Orgs. They're going down, just the same.

"Power Rangers Time Force: Quantum Secrets (#1.20)" (2001)
Eric Myers: Save it! I don't wanna know your problems. I got my own: like getting my morpher!
[starts to walk away]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELF, don't you?
[Eric stops and turns around]
Eric Myers: You don't know anything about me.
[Jen walks past him. Then stops and turn around]
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Do me a favor: don't tell anyone we're from the future, ESPECIALLY Mr. Collins. It could ruin everything we're working for.
Eric Myers: I'm not making any promises.

Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Eric, we've got to work together!
Eric Myers: I work alone!
[into his morpher]

"Power Rangers Time Force: Trip Takes a Stand (#1.19)" (2001)
Wes Collins: You almost hit Trip!
Eric Myers: Then you should have kept him out of my way! NOTHING'S going to stop me from getting that mutant!
Wes Collins: We're not gonna let you do that!
Eric Myers: You can't stop me!
Lucas Kendall: Do the math, Eric. There's four of us and only one of you.
Eric Myers: Do I *look* scared to you?

Eric Myers: You think they deserve the same justice we do? WHY? Look at him - he's a - A FREAK!
Trip Regis: WHAT? You want to destroy him because he's a mutant. You don't even know his story. You hate him because he looks different. Well if you have to destroy everything that's different than you, well then you better destroy ME too!
[removes his hat to reveal the crystal on his forehead]

"Power Rangers Time Force: Clash for Control: Part 1 (#1.14)" (2001)
Eric Myers: You can forget it. The Quantum morpher's mine.
Wes Collins: It doesn't belong to you.
Eric Myers: Finders keepers.

Wes Collins: Hey Eric.
Eric Myers: What?
Wes Collins: Thanks again for not letting me down back there.
Eric Myers: No. But I'll let you down here. See ya!
[turns the controls and drops Wes off the Flyer]

"Power Rangers Time Force: Frax's Fury (#1.27)" (2001)
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Time Force! You're under arrest, Venomark!
Venomark: I bit you once before! I can do it again!
Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts: Not gonna happen!
Eric Myers: I'll take this one!
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: He's all yours.
Eric Myers: [into his morpher] QUANTUM POWER!

"Power Rangers Time Force: The End of Time: Part 2 (#1.39)" (2001)
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: [after Eric's been injured] Gotta get him help.
Mr. Collins: I'll take him.
Eric Myers: No. No. I'm going with you.
[tries to rise but falls back down]
Wesley 'Wes' Collins: Eric, don't worry. I've got it from here.
[starts to leave. Eric grabs his arm]
Eric Myers: Wait. Wait!
[speaks into his morpher]
Eric Myers: Deactivate voice identification.
[offers the morpher to Wes]
Eric Myers: Take this! If anything can deneutralize those crystals, my Quantum Defender can!
[Wes takes it]
Mr. Collins: Get'em son!

"Power Rangers Time Force: Dawn of Destiny (#1.28)" (2001)
Taylor: Looks like you've become his right-hand man.
Eric Myers: Just doing my job, sir.

"Power Rangers Time Force: Time Force Traitor (#1.26)" (2001)
Steelix: Don't make me laugh! Time Force is nothing but a joke!
[gets blasted]
Eric Myers: We'll see who gets the last laugh!
[into his morpher]
Eric Myers: Quantum Power!
Wes Collins: ERIC? What are you doing here?
Eric Myers: What do you think I'm doing here? As usual I'm here to bail YOU out!
Wes Collins: Every little bit helps.

Power Rangers Time Force: Photo Finish (2001) (V)
Circuit: The Rangers are missing. I can't find them anywhere.
Eric Myers: Well, maybe they're out picking up someone's trash.

Power Rangers Time Force - Quantum Ranger: Clash for Control (2001) (V)
Eric Myers: Listen and learn Brickneck. I'm not just any Power Ranger. Not by a long shot. I am the Quantum Ranger.
Brickneck: I don't care what you call yourself. But I call you destroyed!