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Ricki Tarr (Character)
from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)
[from trailer]
Ricki Tarr: [about Irina] She had information concerning a double agent. What she told me was sensational...

[from trailer]
Ricki Tarr: I needed to see you.
George Smiley: Why?

Ricki Tarr: Mr Guillam, I'm sorry I was out for so long.
[Guillam attacks Tarr]
George Smiley: Ricki's been helping us, Peter! He's been telling us all about his adventures.
Peter Guillam: He's a double, George! There is no mole! Irina's been locked up by Moscow!
[turns on Tarr]
Peter Guillam: I stole that, because of you! I spied on my own, because of him! Do you know how that makes me feel?

Ricki Tarr: She told me she had a secret, the mother of all secrets...

Ricki Tarr: Everything the Circus thinks is gold is shit made in Moscow.

Ricki Tarr: They're going to kill me.
George Smiley: Who is?
Ricki Tarr: Your lot. Or their lot, whoever gets me first. I'm innocent. Within reason.

Ricki Tarr: [to Smiley] I want a wife and family, I don't want to end up like you.

[Alleline's telex arrives from London]
Ricki Tarr: Read it aloud.
Ben: "Personal for Tarr from Alleline: require clarification before meeting your request. Quote, 'information vital to safeguarding of the Circus', unquote, does not qualify, send further information."
Ricki Tarr: [laughing maniacally] That's the way, Percy boy! You keep stalling. I warn you, Ben, we've got some really lousy people in this outfit, I wouldn't trust a fucking one of them!

Tufty Thesinger: You're supposed to have gone. London station has been onto me, wondering what the hell it is you're doing.
Ricki Tarr: Fuck off.

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Tarr Tells His Story (#1.2)" (1979)
Ricki Tarr: Nags me a bit, though, this Boris. Makes his rounds every night, does he?
Tufty Thessinger: Never missed yet. I told you, my boys...
Ricki Tarr: Well, before I go, I might just take a peep inside Boris's kennel, see what's under the mattress. Can't be any harm in that, can there?
Tufty Thessinger: Orders is orders.
Ricki Tarr: I like keeping my hand in. It's been quiet lately. You can get rusty.
[Tarr walks towards the door]
Tufty Thessinger: Well enjoy yourself, my son, but don't break any eggs, Ricki, please.
[Tarr smiles at him and walks out the door]
Tufty Thessinger: I have to live here! Remember?

Irina: You should be careful what you say about my husband. He's an important man, he has influential friends...
Ricki Tarr: You frightening me off, Mrs Boris? I've got quite a name for looking after myself. I'm your original Australian self-made success story. Rags to richess and punching all the way. Bureaucrats don't scare me, not even the bloody Russian kind!
Irina: Don't call me Mrs Boris. My name is Irina.

[first lines]
[Tarr arrives in Lisbon]
Ricki Tarr: Our resident buffoon - old galloping major called Tufty Thesinger - wanted a helping hand.

Ricki Tarr: My boss says you've got your eyes on a likely piece of merchandise for us. So what's your style, this Boris?
Tufty Thessinger: He's a real Flash Harry!
[Tarr looks at Thesinger]
Tufty Thessinger: Exactly. Not your common in-the-garden Russian granite face at all!

Ricki Tarr: [reporting to Thesinger] And I am telling you we're definitely in the wrong ball game with this Johnny! That is a professional, a Moscow Centre-trained hood!

Irina: I need someone to help me. You'll have to be quite brave, Lawrence...
Ricki Tarr: Tony...
Irina: I shall call you Lawrence. Colonel Lawrence, Like in "Lawrence of Arabia"?
Ricki Tarr: He was English.
Irina: I know.

George Smiley: It's very unusual for Moscow Centre to use a husband-and-wife team. Hard to believe. Unless of course they have children in Moscow, hostages...
Ricki Tarr: They have.
Peter Guillam: Common-law marriage. Unofficial, but permanent.
Ricki Tarr: There's a lot the other way around these days, believe it or not, Mr Smiley.

Peter Guillam: I'm doing what I can to check...
Ricki Tarr: Well, you be damn careful baby, because I don't want the wrong people on my back!

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Return to the Circus (#1.1)" (1979)
George Smiley: Before we begin, Ricki: do I understand correctly that no one at the Circus knows you're in England?
Ricki Tarr: Only Mr Guillam.
George Smiley: You're officially absent without leave. On the wanted list.
Ricki Tarr: I think I'm safe now.

Ricki Tarr: I've got a story to tell you. It's all about spies. And if it's true, which I think it is, you boys are gonna need a whole new organisation, right?

Ricki Tarr: Tarr, sir. Ricki Tarr. The lawyer's boy from Marseilles. You changed my first nappies, as we used to say.

Ricki Tarr: [to Smiley] Twelve years ago nobody, but nobody, got taken on unless he got past you. Not even scalphunters, though they were not quite your type. We all had to get the nod from Mr Smiley.
Peter Guillam: Tarr...
George Smiley: Of course I remember you, Ricki. Your father was an Australian, as I recall a solicitor and a non-conformist preacher; altogether a most unusual chap to pop up in Marseilles. But such odd circumstances do seem to provide us with suitable personnel.

Ricki Tarr: Daddy thought he could beat the sin out of me. But you knew better, didn't you, Mr Smiley? You beat it further in. And that's what scalphunters are made of. Isn't that right, Mr Guillam?

[last lines]
Ricki Tarr: Shall I start with the day you sent me to Lisbon? It changed my life. You might find it's going to change all your lives.

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: How It All Fits Together (#1.4)" (1979)
[after attacking Smiley]
Ricki Tarr: Maybe you'd better keep an eye on your own damn woman and leave mine alone!

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Smiley Sets a Trap (#1.6)" (1979)
[last lines]
Peter Guillam: The message will be, "Have information vital to the safeguarding of the service. Request immediate meeting. Personal." Remember, "Vital to the safeguarding of the service."
Ricki Tarr: It's even true.
Peter Guillam: Don't forget that. No mistakes, Ricki. Your head's on the block.
Ricki Tarr: Not the only one, Peter.