Greg Preston
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Greg Preston (Character)
from "Survivors" (1975)

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"Survivors: Episode #1.5" (2008)
Abby Grant: What did you say you did before?
Greg Preston: Systems Analyst.
Abby Grant: Oh, that's handy.

"Survivors: Episode #2.4" (2010)
Anya Raczynski: How do you get the coal out? It can't be an easy job.
Henry Smithson: A system. Tried and tested over millennia.
Abby Grant: What system?
Henry Smithson: We use a form of... slavery. It's cheap and effective.
Abby Grant: And immoral.
Greg Preston: [pretending] Well, that depends on the morality you choose, doesn't it.
Henry Smithson: Well said there, man. Most people choose a moral code which chimes with their own survival needs.