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Samantha Stewart (Character)
from "Foyle's War" (2002)

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"Foyle's War: All Clear (#5.3)" (2008)
[last lines]
Andrew Foyle: All hell's breaking loose outside. You ought to come and join us.
Samantha Stewart: I will. I'm going to dance *all* night.
Andrew Foyle: Will you dance with me?
Samantha Stewart: I'll dance with anybody.
Samantha Stewart: But especially you.
Andrew Foyle: You coming, Dad?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No, I'll catch you up. You go on.
Andrew Foyle: Alright.
Samantha Stewart: Are you sure? We'll never find you.
DCS Christopher Foyle: I'll make sure you do. Off you go.
Samantha Stewart: Andrew.

Ray Ingleton: So, convince me.
Samantha Stewart: I'm sorry?
Ray Ingleton: Six words, a slogan that I can't resist; one that would persuade me to take you on.
Samantha Stewart: Umm... Well, Umm...
Ray Ingleton: Can't keep the client waiting, Miss Stewart.
Samantha Stewart: Umm... Sam Stewart, she gets the job done.
Ray Ingleton: *Seven* words...

Andrew Foyle: Sam, why don't we get married?
Samantha Stewart: What!
Andrew Foyle: I mean it. You don't know what you're going to do, I don't know what I'm going to do, surely it makes sense to not know what we're going to do together.
Samantha Stewart: Is that why you invited me down here?
Andrew Foyle: Don't get angry with me.
Samantha Stewart: I said I'd be your friend, I said I'd see you again, but that's all... It's unfair to ask for more. Especially in so unromantic a fashion.
Andrew Foyle: All right. But I might as well tell you, I'm going to work on you, Sam, until one day you'll change your mind about me, and forgive me for being such a bloody fool. And you *will* marry me.
Samantha Stewart: Oh yes?
Andrew Foyle: If only because you'd secretly love to have my dad as your father-in-law.

Samantha Stewart: They said you drove Milner and his wife to the hospital, sir?
DCS Christopher Foyle: I did.
Samantha Stewart: But I thought you couldn't drive. Are you telling me that all these years...?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, I've never actually ever at any time said I couldn't drive, I mean, I just preferred not to.
Samantha Stewart: S-so you never really needed me?
DCS Christopher Foyle: I wouldn't say that.

Andrew Foyle: In all this time you've hardly changed at all.
Samantha Stewart: Really?
Andrew Foyle: But I have.

"Foyle's War: The German Woman (#1.1)" (2002)
Samantha Stewart: Yes, but... she was a German.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, that doesn't matter at all. She's a human being, and she was murdered. Murder is murder. You stop believing that, and we might as well not be fighting the war. Because you end up like the Nazis.

Samantha Stewart: Can I ask you something? Were you tempted to let him go? I mean, even for a moment?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Yes, I was. Yeah... I mean, hanging him is probably not going to do anybody much good, and I suppose he had a point...
Samantha Stewart: But...?
DCS Christopher Foyle: In the end, I'm a policeman, I'm here to do a job. It's simple as that. If I start bending the rules, I might as well pack it in!

Samantha Stewart: [Sam is treating a wounded civilian] It's all right, it's not broken, it's all to stop the bleeding.
DCS Christopher Foyle: That's a very good job.
Samantha Stewart: They taught us basic first aid in the MTC, my instructor said he'd rather bleed to death, than be bandaged by me.

Samantha Stewart: So, what are you investigating? I hope it's something juicy like a spy ring or a grisly murder.

"Foyle's War: Eagle Day (#1.4)" (2002)
[Andrew has spotted a car approching]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Here comes the cavalry!
[the pair walk over to the car]
Samantha Stewart: [leaning across Milner] We were getting worried about you, sir. Are you all right?
DCS Christopher Foyle: [glancing at Andrew] Well, no thanks to this one!

Sgt. Paul Milner: A man's body has been found, Hendley Terrace, bombed last night.
DCS Christopher Foyle: oh yeah...?
Samantha Stewart: Was he killed by the jerry?
Sgt. Paul Milner: No, unless they are dropping kitchen knives. He was stabbed.

Samantha Stewart: Hello.
DCS Christopher Foyle: You're still here?
Samantha Stewart: I'm afraid it's not quite that easy to get rid of me, my father changed his mind.
DCS Christopher Foyle: So you persuaded him?
Samantha Stewart: Um... No sir, in fact, it was you and sergeant Milner. He was so excited to have helped solve a crime, that he revised his opinion of the whole thing over, and he decided, that perhaps after all I was doing an important job, and that I... I should stay.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well that's wonderful... We don't have to walk.

DCS Christopher Foyle: So how did it go?
Samantha Stewart: Not very well. He rumbled me. In fact he pinched me.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Pinched you?
Samantha Stewart: Yes. Quite hard. Really hurt!
DCS Christopher Foyle: Right I'm gonna go and talk to him.
Samantha Stewart: No. Leave it. Its alright.

"Foyle's War: Plan of Attack (#5.1)" (2008)
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: So why don't you tell us what you're doing with yourself, now you've been thrown out of the police?
Samantha Stewart: I wasn't thrown out, I resigned. Anyway, I can't tell you anything except I'm making a vital contribution to the war effort.
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: I'll drink to that.
Samantha Stewart: It's not the same, you know, sir. You should have stayed.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Really?
Samantha Stewart: Well, if you're writing a wartime history of the Hastings police, you ought to stay until the last chapter.
DCS Christopher Foyle: No... Belongs to somebody else.
Samantha Stewart: DCS Meredith, you mean. He was the one who fired me.
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: I thought you said you resigned?
Samantha Stewart: Well, I would have... Given the chance.

Adam Everitt: Miss Stewart?
Samantha Stewart: Yes?
Adam Everitt: I'd just like to say about this afternoon... It's not good to eavesdrop, especially in a place like this.
Samantha Stewart: I don't know what you're talking about.
Adam Everitt: Well, listening on things that have nothing to do with you. I'd be... careful, if I were you.
Samantha Stewart: Are you threatening me?
Adam Everitt: I'm just advising you not to repeat things you shouldn't have heard in the first place.
Samantha Stewart: Eh... It's Mr Everitt, isn't it?
Adam Everitt: That's right.
Samantha Stewart: Well, I'd forgotten all about it, if you really want to know.
Adam Everitt: I'm glad.
Samantha Stewart: But as you're so worried about it that you've come out here to bully me, I'm going to mention it to everyone I can!

Samantha Stewart: All the raids that are going on there now, you wouldn't believe it...
DCS Christopher Foyle: [Holding his hand up] You might want to stop there.
Samantha Stewart: I haven't done anything wrong, have I, sir?
DCS Christopher Foyle: You mean apart from breaking the Official Secrets Act?

"Foyle's War: The Funk Hole (#2.4)" (2003)
[now that Sam and Andrew are seeing each other]
Samantha Stewart: Do you really have to go back?
Andrew Foyle: Yeah, soon. Arm's almost healed.
Samantha Stewart: Maybe I should break the other one?
Andrew Foyle: You keep your spanner away from me.

Samantha Stewart: Mrs. Bradley's got me fixing her car. An old beast of a thing.
Andrew Foyle: Mrs. Bradley or the car?

[Milner walks out of the "guesthouse" after interviewing the residents]
Samantha Stewart: Friendly lot, aren't they?
Sgt. Paul Milner: Just get me out of here, Sam.
Samantha Stewart: Gladly.

"Foyle's War: Among the Few (#2.2)" (2003)
Samantha Stewart: I just want to say how grateful I am to you for letting me have this chance, sir.
DCS Foyle: And I just want to say, um, please don't let me regret it.

DCS Foyle: You see, the trouble with war is committees, and the trouble with committees is that people take an hour to say what you or I could say in a couple of minutes.
Samantha Stewart: Mmm. I had an instructor at the MTC. We called him Chloroform, because when he finished talking, there was nobody left awake.
DCS Foyle: What did he teach?
Samantha Stewart: Road safety.
DCS Foyle: [pauses] Now you tell me.

[a black market truck rams through a roadblock, and Sam speeds after it]
DCS Foyle: You up for this?
Samantha Stewart: You bet I am, sir!

"Foyle's War: Casualties of War (#4.4)" (2007)
Samantha Stewart: [Sam has just survived a timebomb explosion while on a walk in the woods] I have to say it was the last thing I was expecting. Would you realise it was the third time I've been blown up?
Christopher Foyle: Can't say I was counting.
Samantha Stewart: First of all there was the pub and then Jerry dropped a bomb on my house, and now this! I was only going for a walk in the woods. Seems nowhere's safe these days.
Christopher Foyle: And you saw what?
Samantha Stewart: Two youths. They were both about 18, I'd say. One was tall and had dark hair and *his* name was Terry. I heard the other one call out to him.
Christopher Foyle: The other one wasn't called Frank by any chance?
Samantha Stewart: Would you know, I think that might have been his name. How did you know?
Christopher Foyle: They're the same men who helped Milner, when he got into trouble the other night.
Samantha Stewart: Well, that's nice of them. Rescue Milner and then try to kill me. I wish they'd get their priorities sorted out.

AC Henry Parkins: I need Mr. Foyle's driver to take me to the Regency Hotel. Where is he?
Samantha Stewart: Oh... That's me, sir.
AC Henry Parkins: What?...
Samantha Stewart: I'm Mr. Foyle's driver.
AC Henry Parkins: But that's not a police uniform.
Samantha Stewart: Well, no, I was, um, transferred from the MTC. I know it's a bit irregular, but what with the war and everything, there was no one else.
AC Henry Parkins: It's more than irregular! A transfer from the MTC, it's unheard of! How long has this been going on for?
Samantha Stewart: About three years... I don't mind, really...
AC Henry Parkins: It's not you I'm thinking of, it's police procedure!
Sgt Brooke: Well, would you rather walk, sir?

"Foyle's War: A War of Nerves (#3.4)" (2004)
[last lines]
Samantha Stewart: [Germany has just launched Operation Barbarossa, invasion of the Soviet Union] Can it be possible? The end of the war?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Be nice to think so.
Samantha Stewart: Well I'm going to drink to it anyway. Over by Christmas?
Sgt. Paul Milner: You said that last Christmas.
Samantha Stewart: All right then. New year.
DCS Christopher Foyle: New year.

Samantha Stewart: [to Gwen] You don't need a cake. You don't need anything as long as you have each other.

"Foyle's War: Bad Blood (#4.2)" (2006)
Christopher Foyle: [Sam is driving Foyle and Milner to a farm] You're unusually quiet?...
Samantha Stewart: Yes, sir...
Christopher Foyle: Does that mean you're thinking?
Samantha Stewart: Yes...
Christopher Foyle: Need any help?
Samantha Stewart: No, thank you... I just have to make up my mind about something, and it's rather akward. I feel as though I've come to a crossroads, and I'm afraid of making a wrong turn .
Christopher Foyle: Well, you just have, you should have gone that way, Hythe is left.
Samantha Stewart: Oh... Sorry...

[last lines]
Samantha Stewart: So, you here to take me back to work, then?
Christopher Foyle: Absolutely.
Samantha Stewart: Good.
Christopher Foyle: Can't go anywhere without you.
Samantha Stewart: Jolly good.

"Foyle's War: Trespass (#8.2)" (2015)
Samantha Wainwright: [to Foyle] This is just like the old days, sir... dead bodies, police, grand old house...

Christopher Foyle: You better wait in the car.
Samantha Wainwright: Why?
Christopher Foyle: [dryly] Because whenever you get out of the car, you get into trouble.

"Foyle's War: Fifty Ships (#2.1)" (2003)
Jenny Wentworth: [the sound of German planes and an air raid siren are heard as Jenny runs into Sam's bedroom] C'mon, Sam, we're going down the cellar.
Samantha Stewart: [Sleepily] Can't you just tell Gerry to come back later?
[a second later a bomb hits]

[Sam is trying to get Paul to dance with her]
Samantha Stewart: Don't be such a cold fish. I've been bombed! I've lost my house and just about all of my possessions and here I am stuck with you.

"Foyle's War: The French Drop (#3.1)" (2004)
Samantha Stewart: [Sam has come to pick up her boss from the SOE HQ] Good afternoon sir!
DCS Christopher Foyle: Glad to see you!
Samantha Stewart: I was rather worried they weren't going to let you out.
DCS Christopher Foyle: So was I.
Samantha Stewart: So what do they actually do here?
DCS Christopher Foyle: You wouldn't believe me, if I told you.
Samantha Stewart: Are you going to?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No.

Samantha Stewart: [to Milner] You know what you need? Something to take your mind off things. A jolly good murder - that'd do it.

"Foyle's War: The Eternity Ring (#7.1)" (2013)
Sam Wainwright: How're we going to get in there?
Christopher Foyle: With a key.
Sam Wainwright: Where'd you get that?
Christopher Foyle: I 'liberated' it.
Sam Wainwright: Is this quite legal?
Christopher Foyle: Well, it's not all legal, but the security service doesn't seem to have much regard for the law.

"Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter (#4.3)" (2007)
Samantha Stewart: There always seems to be someone dying somewhere, but you never expect it to be anyone you know.

"Foyle's War: Killing Time (#6.2)" (2010)
[last lines]
Samantha Stewart: It's going to be different in the country, I mean.
Christopher Foyle: Well, I hope so.

"Foyle's War: Elise (#8.3)" (2015)
[final lines of episode and of whole series - Samantha has a quiet word with Foyle after the funeral]
Samantha Wainwright: [diffidently] Sir...
Christopher Foyle: Yes?
Samantha Wainwright: Um...
Christopher Foyle: Problem?
Samantha Wainwright: No, I just wanted to tell you something.
Christopher Foyle: What's that?
Samantha Wainwright: I hate letting you down, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to hand in my notice. The fact is... well, you could say I'm... PWP.
Christopher Foyle: Pregnant without permission?
Samantha Wainwright: 'Fraid so.
Christopher Foyle: Well, you choose your moments!
Samantha Wainwright: I wanted to get it over with.
Christopher Foyle: Good thinking.
Samantha Wainwright: So it means I'm going to be rather... busy for a while.
Christopher Foyle: Well, I do understand.
Samantha Wainwright: I don't like to leave you on your own.
Christopher Foyle: Well I *might* be OK. I don't about the rest of the country, but...
Samantha Wainwright: I'd really like it if you- if you'd be the godfather.
[Foyle stops walking and turns to face Samantha]
Christopher Foyle: Honoured.
Samantha Wainwright: Thank you.
Christopher Foyle: Pleasure.
[Samantha hugs Foyle and kisses him on the cheek, then walks off to her husband; Foyle smiles contentedly to himself]

"Foyle's War: A Lesson in Murder (#1.3)" (2002)
Tony Lucciano: [Last lines] What sort of world is this, Mr. Foyle?
Samantha Stewart: [after a pause Tony walks away] Tony!
[to Foyle]
Samantha Stewart: I don't know what to say.
DCS Christopher Foyle: [Soberly] Neither do I.

"Foyle's War: Enemy Fire (#3.2)" (2004)
Christopher Foyle: [Andrew is leaving to the RAF base at Debden] Are you all right?
Samantha Stewart: Yes sir, all present and correct.
Christopher Foyle: [after a pause] Well, I'll miss him... Will you?
Samantha Stewart: [sobbing] Yes, sir... I'm sorry sir, I... I didn't mean to get involved... Oh, I did, but...
Christopher Foyle: Well... The Foyle's you know... Always have been hard to resist.
Samantha Stewart: Absolutely, sir!

"Foyle's War: The Hide (#6.3)" (2010)
Samantha Stewart: Perhaps Mr. Foyle was wrong about the settlement.
Adam Wainwright: Mr. Foyle is never wrong.

"Foyle's War: The White Feather (#1.2)" (2002)
Samantha Stewart: [to DCS Foyle about the Day of Prayer service] I hope the vicar's sermon's are shorter than my father's!