Det. Supt. Christopher Foyle
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Det. Supt. Christopher Foyle (Character)
from "Foyle's War" (2002)

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"Foyle's War: All Clear (#5.3)" (2008)
DCS Christopher Foyle: Having evaded the draft, murdered a member of the medical profession, tried to avoid detection to feather your own nest, I'd have said that you were a born politician. But the law being what it is, hanging is perhaps the very best way you can serve your country.

Sgt. Paul Milner: How was the committee?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, a complete waste of time. A lot of talk about nothing in particular, no action at the end of it, so more or less as expected really.

DCS Christopher Foyle: What's going on?
Sgt Brooke: Oh, nothing, sir. It's, uh, in the... It's just a, a cartoon, sir. You probably don't read it. Jane.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Jane, right. Not a stitch on today, so I see. You'd probably notice that.
Sgt Brooke: Yes, sir. The, uh, lads and I were just commenting on it. I suppose it's, uh, to mark the end of the war.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, not a moment too soon, if that's anything to go by.

Hilda Pierce: You like to inhabit dangerous territory, Mr Foyle.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, not by choice.
Hilda Pierce: Well, this time even you should tread carefully. I've stuck my neck out for you, and I have to say I felt a very cold breeze indeed. Operation Tiger, does that mean anything to you?
DCS Christopher Foyle: M-might.
Hilda Pierce: Slapton Sands in Devon.
DCS Christopher Foyle: What happened there?
Hilda Pierce: Nothing happened there. That's the official verdict, and that's the way it shall remain for many years to come.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Unofficially?
Hilda Pierce: You never spoke to me, I never gave you this, and it would be better if nobody ever found out you knew anything about it.
DCS Christopher Foyle: All right.
Hilda Pierce: Just remember: a war always hides a great many dirty secrets. This has been a long war, and this secret's very dirty indeed.

[last lines]
Andrew Foyle: All hell's breaking loose outside. You ought to come and join us.
Samantha Stewart: I will. I'm going to dance *all* night.
Andrew Foyle: Will you dance with me?
Samantha Stewart: I'll dance with anybody.
Samantha Stewart: But especially you.
Andrew Foyle: You coming, Dad?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No, I'll catch you up. You go on.
Andrew Foyle: Alright.
Samantha Stewart: Are you sure? We'll never find you.
DCS Christopher Foyle: I'll make sure you do. Off you go.
Samantha Stewart: Andrew.

Hilda Pierce: You said you wanted my help; that makes a pleasant change.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, since you've been so very unhelpful on two separate occasions during the course of the war so far, I thought I'd give you the opportunity to make up for it.
Hilda Pierce: Point taken.

Samantha Stewart: They said you drove Milner and his wife to the hospital, sir?
DCS Christopher Foyle: I did.
Samantha Stewart: But I thought you couldn't drive. Are you telling me that all these years...?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, I've never actually ever at any time said I couldn't drive, I mean, I just preferred not to.
Samantha Stewart: S-so you never really needed me?
DCS Christopher Foyle: I wouldn't say that.

Andrew Foyle: Poor Dad, it could only happen to you.
DCS Christopher Foyle: What do you mean?
Andrew Foyle: The whole country preparing for a giant knees up and once again you're stuck with the body in the library.
DCS Christopher Foyle: It was in the museum.

Michael Brown: [Annoyed] I don't know, really; dragging me back here on a Sunday!
DCS Christopher Foyle: [Sarcastically] So inconsiderate getting yourself murdered on a weekend, isn't it?

"Foyle's War: Fifty Ships (#2.1)" (2003)
[Jamieson, a volunteer firefighter, has been caught stealing valuables from bombed-out houses]
Henry Jamieson: I haven't got anything to say to you.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, that doesn't surprise me. You know, I sometimes wonder why I do this job. And then I come across someone like you. I mean, we're living in such evil times, when the whole world seems to be sinking into some sort of mire. And as if Hitler wasn't enough, we got the likes of you, who capitalize on other people's misery, who hurt them, make things even worse for them when they're at their weakest. And it's with the likes of you that this... mire... begins. And it's some small consolation to know that I've helped to clean up just a little bit of it.

[Paige, Foyle's murder suspect, walks free because he is organizing American supplies for the war effort]
Howard Paige: You sound like a sore loser. You know what the French say? "C'est la guerre."
DCS Christopher Foyle: Precisely, Mr. Paige. "It's the war." And no war has lasted forever, and neither will this one. A year, maybe ten, but it will end. And when it does, Mr. Paige, you will still be a thief, a liar, and a murderer, and I will not have forgotten. And wherever you are, I will find you. You're not escaping justice, merely postponing it. Au revoir.

John Bishop: [In a cautionary tone] Mr. Paige has been involved in negotiations at the highest level and will be returning to the United States shortly. In the meantime I must ask you not to harass him.
DCS Christopher Foyle: The same way you're harassing me.
[He turns to go but turns back]
DCS Christopher Foyle: I'll do my best.

DCS Christopher Foyle: [Looking across the Channel] It's quite a view!
Sgt. Paul Milner: On a clear day you can see France.
DCS Christopher Foyle: ...and send a signal if you feel inclined.

DCS Christopher Foyle: [after punching Henry] You know, I quite enjoyed that.

John Bishop: I'm very sorry I can't let you you arrest him.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Why?
John Bishop: Because of fifty ships, Mr. Foyle, out-of-date rusting ships with appalling armament and accommodation. Ships we may never actually use.
DCS Christopher Foyle: American ships?
John Bishop: Yes. We need the Americans, Mr. Foyle. They're the best friends we have. If we can't persuade them to provide us with arms, food, ammunition and all the rest of it, we will not survive.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Why do we need Howard Paige?
John Bishop: Whatever else he may be, Paige has been a great supporter of this country. The American Allies of England have made a huge difference. They've managed to broker a deal, that will almost certainly be the start of many more, they've created a lifeline that could last the entire war.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Starting with fifty ships?
John Bishop: Well, the ships are largely symbolic. You have to be American to understand their real significance. They get very emotional about it, giving away a piece of their navy to a foreign country. They even had to change their own laws to make it possible. But the point is, it opens the floodgates. By this one commitment, they will show the world whose side they're really on. America will become the arsenal of democracy, Mr. Foyle, nothing less.
DCS Christopher Foyle: And arresting him is going to compromise all this?
John Bishop: It would destroy it. The American Allies of England would lose all credibility at a stroke. The scandal would have repercussions you can't even begin to imagine. The ships might not even sail. Mr. Foyle, this isn't the first time you have crossed powers with military intelligence and I very much hope you will understand that the actions I've taken have been forced on me and not taken lightly.
DCS Christopher Foyle: What do you mean? Protecting him, lying on his behalf, searching my office, arresting Colin Morton because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time...?
John Bishop: Mr. Morton is in Whitehall. He is being interviewed...
DCS Christopher Foyle: And you will go on interviewing him, presumably until Paige is safely out of the country.
John Bishop: I don't like this any more than you do, Mr. Foyle. The man is a killer and should be hanged. But right now you can draw a direct line between Howard Paige and the outcome of this war.

DCS Christopher Foyle: Are you planning to arrest me?
John Bishop: I hope you won't make that necessary.
DCS Christopher Foyle: And what am I supposed to tell Richard Hunter's widow? What am I supposed to tell his son?
John Bishop: You can tell them he was a casualty of the war.
DCS Christopher Foyle: [on Paige] I want to see him.
John Bishop: [wary] Why?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, I'd love to say goodbye.

Elizabeth Lewes: You've grown very hard. Was it Rosalind dying that did that?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No. Losing her changed nothing. Marrying her changed everything.

DCS Christopher Foyle: Are they treating you well?
Hans Maier: [chuckles] I know they are going to kill me.
DCS Christopher Foyle: I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do for you.
Hans Maier: Then why are you here?
DCS Christopher Foyle: I was hoping you might be able to help me.
Hans Maier: ...You want *me* to help *you*?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Yes.
Hans Maier: ...There's an expression that you use: "I'm lost for words."

"Foyle's War: The German Woman (#1.1)" (2002)
Samantha Stewart: Yes, but... she was a German.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, that doesn't matter at all. She's a human being, and she was murdered. Murder is murder. You stop believing that, and we might as well not be fighting the war. Because you end up like the Nazis.

Samantha Stewart: Can I ask you something? Were you tempted to let him go? I mean, even for a moment?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Yes, I was. Yeah... I mean, hanging him is probably not going to do anybody much good, and I suppose he had a point...
Samantha Stewart: But...?
DCS Christopher Foyle: In the end, I'm a policeman, I'm here to do a job. It's simple as that. If I start bending the rules, I might as well pack it in!

Samantha Stewart: [Sam is treating a wounded civilian] It's all right, it's not broken, it's all to stop the bleeding.
DCS Christopher Foyle: That's a very good job.
Samantha Stewart: They taught us basic first aid in the MTC, my instructor said he'd rather bleed to death, than be bandaged by me.

DCS Christopher Foyle: The German woman was protected by influential friends, and it's still possible that it was those friends that wanted her dead. She was as fit as you or me, and yet the family doctor lied about an angina condition on her medical report to prevent her from being interned.
Assistant Commissioner Summers: So you've arrested him, this doctor?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No, because he was only a part of it.
Assistant Commissioner Summers: Are you suggesting there was a conspiracy?
DCS Christopher Foyle: I'm suggesting that Henry Beaumont, her husband, is rich and influential, and would find it very easy to expect favors. Greta Beaumont went before a tribunal last February. She was given C-registration, and was classified as a refugee from Nazi oppression. Greta Anna Hauptmann - her maiden name - isn't exactly a classic refugee. For starters, she still has two brothers in Germany. One of them served under von Falkenhorst in Norway, and the other is a ranking officer in the Abwehr in Berlin, which should have led to her being interned immediately, and the committee that gave her C-registration must have been blind, idiotic, corrupt, or all three. But, of course, you know all this, don't you? Because you were the chairman of the committee.
Assistant Commissioner Summers: [nervous sniff] Foyle, we can work this out...
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, I don't think so.

Andrew Foyle: [Fishing with his father] You know, I never did quite work out the attaction of spending half a day
[looking at the water]
Andrew Foyle: ... ankle deep in mud at the seat of a fish too stupid to even come near us.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Andrew, just never underestimate the intelligence of a trout... and they can hear you from forty feet away, so do be quiet.
Andrew Foyle: They must have heard me coming because I've been here two hours and haven't seen a thing.

Assistant Commissioner Summers: You're doing a good job. No telling where you might be once the war is over.
DCS Christopher Foyle: It'll depend on who wins I suppose.

DCS Christopher Foyle: Where are you gonna be based?
Andrew Foyle: I'm not allowed to tell you.
[His father gives him a look]
Andrew Foyle: It's a drome just ouside some god-awful place never heard of up in Russia.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Scotland!

Andrew Foyle: [Looking at a fish his father just caught] What is it dad, a starter?
DCS Christopher Foyle: You are very difficult to please, Andrew, it's a main course. Perfect.

"Foyle's War: Eagle Day (#1.4)" (2002)
Wing Commander Martin Keller: I was simply doing what I thought was best for the war!
DCS Christopher Foyle: I'm sure a great many Nazi's will be saying the same thing when this war is over.

DCS Christopher Foyle: What's that smell?
Andrew Foyle: Let's see.
[lights a match, only to realize that the "shelter" is full of drums of aviation fuel]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Blow it out, would you?
[Andrew blows the match out]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Why have you brought us to shelter in a fuel dump, Andrew?

[Andrew has spotted a car approching]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Here comes the cavalry!
[the pair walk over to the car]
Samantha Stewart: [leaning across Milner] We were getting worried about you, sir. Are you all right?
DCS Christopher Foyle: [glancing at Andrew] Well, no thanks to this one!

[Wing Commander Keller arrives at Group Captain Graham's house, and reveals that he will be investigating the Group Captain's death]
DCS Christopher Foyle: You're too late. I know who killed him, and why he was killed.
Wing Commander Martin Keller: [leaning close to Foyle] Tell me!
DCS Christopher Foyle: Not until I've seen my son.

Sgt. Paul Milner: A man's body has been found, Hendley Terrace, bombed last night.
DCS Christopher Foyle: oh yeah...?
Samantha Stewart: Was he killed by the jerry?
Sgt. Paul Milner: No, unless they are dropping kitchen knives. He was stabbed.

Samantha Stewart: Hello.
DCS Christopher Foyle: You're still here?
Samantha Stewart: I'm afraid it's not quite that easy to get rid of me, my father changed his mind.
DCS Christopher Foyle: So you persuaded him?
Samantha Stewart: Um... No sir, in fact, it was you and sergeant Milner. He was so excited to have helped solve a crime, that he revised his opinion of the whole thing over, and he decided, that perhaps after all I was doing an important job, and that I... I should stay.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well that's wonderful... We don't have to walk.

DCS Christopher Foyle: So how did it go?
Samantha Stewart: Not very well. He rumbled me. In fact he pinched me.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Pinched you?
Samantha Stewart: Yes. Quite hard. Really hurt!
DCS Christopher Foyle: Right I'm gonna go and talk to him.
Samantha Stewart: No. Leave it. Its alright.

DCS Christopher Foyle: I'm here to collect my son. Is he still here?
Wing Commander Martin Keller: Yes, yes, he's still here... look, Mr. Foyle, I just want to tell you that, in spite of what you might think, I've done absolutely nothing wrong.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, not exactly true.

"Foyle's War: They Fought in the Fields (#3.3)" (2004)
DCS Christopher Foyle: Where do you get your opinion of men?
Barbara Hicks: Experience.

[Barbara Hicks has asked what her bra is doing in Samantha Stewart's jacket pocket]
DCS Christopher Foyle: We were trying to decide what it was doing in Hugh Jackson's bedroom.

[Foyle has just caught a murderer in a POW camp and is speaking with the camp's chief interrogator]
Major Cornwall: I've always tried to see the best in people, and we've had good results with the prisoners. Quite a number have already opened up to us. You see, I spent a year at university in Heidelberg before the war. I always found the Germans to be a civilized and gracious race.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Ah... You ever played football against them?
Major Cornwall: Football? No. Cricket's my game. There's a disappointing dearth of cricket pitches in Heidelberg.
DCS Christopher Foyle: I was in a police team that played in Germany in '36. The German team that met us were very smart, hospitable, very gracious, very civilized. Wonderful night - they wined and dined us, and we all left the Bierkeller at dawn, and we staggered onto the pitch later that day badly hung over. But the German team that ran on to play us were 11 totally different men, who'd been in bed before 10:00, not touched a drop, and we got a complete stuffing. They used different rules. But if we don't want to lose this war, I think first of all, we've even got to be sure about what game they're playing. And you're right... it's not cricket.

DCS Christopher Foyle: Did you. uh, know Mr. Jackson?
Barbara Hicks: Not really. I've only been here a few days.
DCS Christopher Foyle: All right. First impressions?
Barbara Hicks: That he was not too different from most men... rude, lazy, lascivious, and ignorant.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Right... I see. Thank you very much.

Major Cornwall: Why didn't you tell me you speak German?
DCS Christopher Foyle: [apologetically] Well, frankly, Major, there became less and less point in telling you anything.

DCS Christopher Foyle: [about his German] And it's only what I managed to pick up in Germany during the last war. It's not that good.
[indicates Weiser]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, it's as good as his English.
Major Cornwall: No, he doesn't speak English at all.
DCS Christopher Foyle: [to Weiser] You're fairly fluent, aren't you? You understood one of my questions without it being translated when I came over here last time. And you understood every word we said when we first picked you up. You heard us talking about the woman who was with us that day being a possible murder suspect, and you described her later as the person you claimed took your gun when you were hanging from the tree.
Major Cornwall: What information did Sabartovski have that was so important?
DCS Christopher Foyle: [to Weiser] Do you want to answer that question?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No? It seems from what he said to Schimmel that he was an expert in RDF, what you know as "Funk-mess", or radar, and it looked like there'd been perhaps a new system on board, which is why they made the effort to get back to it to make sure it was destroyed, or to get rid of it if it wasn't. How am I doing?
DCS Christopher Foyle: He was sent for the same reason, to make sure the equipment was destroyed, and Sabartovski as well. And he came prepared to fake a situation in which he'd be caught and most likely taken to the same holding camp as Sabartovski and get rid of him here.
Raimund Weiser: If I faked the parachute drop, how did I get here?
[Cornwall looks at him sharply]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Through perfect English.
[Weiser smirks]
DCS Christopher Foyle: Boat? There were saltwater stains on your trousers, and no marks at all from a parachute and a harness that had never been used before.
Raimund Weiser: Good! Beach landing from a U-Boat.

DCS Christopher Foyle: You left the farmhouse, and made your next mistake. You tried to get rid of the gun.
Raimund Weiser: Yes. That was a mistake.
DCS Christopher Foyle: So, we know you did it, it's just a question of why? Perhaps being spotted faking the parachute drop didn't suit your purposes, so you had to destroy the witness? Why else would you do it?
Raimund Weiser: [shrugs, smirking] He was English.
Major Cornwall: You'll hang for this.

"Foyle's War: The Eternity Ring (#7.1)" (2013)
Sam Wainwright: How're we going to get in there?
Christopher Foyle: With a key.
Sam Wainwright: Where'd you get that?
Christopher Foyle: I 'liberated' it.
Sam Wainwright: Is this quite legal?
Christopher Foyle: Well, it's not all legal, but the security service doesn't seem to have much regard for the law.

Christopher Foyle: [about Vessing's murder] His death is too convenient.
Hilda Pierce: Sometimes things work out that way.

Hilda Pierce: [In the back seat of her car] I'll come straight to the point. I want you to stay with MI5.
Christopher Foyle: What on Earth makes you think I'd do that?
Hilda Pierce: Well, you always wanted to be part of the Service.
Christopher Foyle: I applied once during the War and was rejected. They had their chance.
Hilda Pierce: This is no time for hurt feelings. This is business. You're very good at what you do, and I'd like to work with you.
Christopher Foyle: [Dourly] I haven't got the requisite capacity for deceit.
Hilda Pierce: Precisely. I need someone I can trust.
Christopher Foyle: Well, that would be mutual.
Hilda Pierce: Point taken. Oh, come on, Foyle. what's the alternative? What are you going to do the rest of your life? Fish? Bigger fish to be caught here.

Hilda Pierce: Circumstances have arisen in which we feel we have a need of your help.
Christopher Foyle: Circumstances being... the end of the war?
Hilda Pierce: If only it had ended. We have a new war, a new enemy.
Arthur Valentine: The Soviets.
Hilda Pierce: George Orwell calls it the Cold War, and I think that might prove apposite.

Christopher Foyle: Given that nothing where you're concerned is ever quite what it seems...
Hilda Pierce: I don't know what you mean.
Christopher Foyle: Well, you know as well as I do that Fraser detests communism, Stalin and everything they stand for. By the same token Mrs Wainwright was nowhere near the theatre at the time you stated; neither has she met Vlessing. The photograph is a fake. I know it, you know it; so at some time I'd be grateful if you'd be kind enough to explain to me precisely what's going on.

[last lines]
Hilda Pierce: Anything else?
Christopher Foyle: I'd need a driver.
[Pierce looks at him]
Christopher Foyle: You owe it to her. So do I.
Hilda Pierce: The work we're doing matters. I appreciate our methods may not be to your liking, but it's not our fault; it's just the way it is.

"Foyle's War: Among the Few (#2.2)" (2003)
Andrew Foyle: [Referring to his RAF flying group] There's Rex, Douglas, and myself; and together we're the three oldest.
DCS Foyle: Well, of course you are. You're the only ones left.

Samantha Stewart: I just want to say how grateful I am to you for letting me have this chance, sir.
DCS Foyle: And I just want to say, um, please don't let me regret it.

Sgt. Paul Milner: I'm sure Andrew is above suspicion.
DCS Foyle: Is he? He's not above mine.

Frank Gannon: Death seems to follow you around, Mr. Foyle.
DCS Foyle: [Assertively] Quite the opposite. I follow *it* around.

DCS Foyle: You see, the trouble with war is committees, and the trouble with committees is that people take an hour to say what you or I could say in a couple of minutes.
Samantha Stewart: Mmm. I had an instructor at the MTC. We called him Chloroform, because when he finished talking, there was nobody left awake.
DCS Foyle: What did he teach?
Samantha Stewart: Road safety.
DCS Foyle: [pauses] Now you tell me.

[a black market truck rams through a roadblock, and Sam speeds after it]
DCS Foyle: You up for this?
Samantha Stewart: You bet I am, sir!

"Foyle's War: Plan of Attack (#5.1)" (2008)
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: So why don't you tell us what you're doing with yourself, now you've been thrown out of the police?
Samantha Stewart: I wasn't thrown out, I resigned. Anyway, I can't tell you anything except I'm making a vital contribution to the war effort.
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: I'll drink to that.
Samantha Stewart: It's not the same, you know, sir. You should have stayed.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Really?
Samantha Stewart: Well, if you're writing a wartime history of the Hastings police, you ought to stay until the last chapter.
DCS Christopher Foyle: No... Belongs to somebody else.
Samantha Stewart: DCS Meredith, you mean. He was the one who fired me.
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: I thought you said you resigned?
Samantha Stewart: Well, I would have... Given the chance.

AC Henry Parkins: [as Foyle is walking toward him] Mr. Foyle.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Uh-oh!
Rev. Aubrey Stewart: What is it?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Trouble!

W/Cmdr Stephen Foster: I thought you'd have better things to do with your time.
DCS Christopher Foyle: You'd be surprised.

Sgt Brooke: [Surprised] Mr. Foyle!
DCS Christopher Foyle: Good morning.
Sgt Brooke: Sir... Well, don't tell me... are you coming...
DCS Christopher Foyle: Only for a while. Just a temporary arrangement 'til we sort out what happened to Mr. Meredith. Okay?
Sgt Brooke: Sir. Well, thank goodness someone at the top has finally shown a bit of sanity.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Right. You question the judgement of any senior officer in front of me ever again I'll make sure you're transferred and demoted. Better still, I'll have you discharged.
[Foyle leaves]
Sgt Brooke: [Genuine big grin] Nice to have him back.

Samantha Stewart: All the raids that are going on there now, you wouldn't believe it...
DCS Christopher Foyle: [Holding his hand up] You might want to stop there.
Samantha Stewart: I haven't done anything wrong, have I, sir?
DCS Christopher Foyle: You mean apart from breaking the Official Secrets Act?

"Foyle's War: Casualties of War (#4.4)" (2007)
Samantha Stewart: [Sam has just survived a timebomb explosion while on a walk in the woods] I have to say it was the last thing I was expecting. Would you realise it was the third time I've been blown up?
Christopher Foyle: Can't say I was counting.
Samantha Stewart: First of all there was the pub and then Jerry dropped a bomb on my house, and now this! I was only going for a walk in the woods. Seems nowhere's safe these days.
Christopher Foyle: And you saw what?
Samantha Stewart: Two youths. They were both about 18, I'd say. One was tall and had dark hair and *his* name was Terry. I heard the other one call out to him.
Christopher Foyle: The other one wasn't called Frank by any chance?
Samantha Stewart: Would you know, I think that might have been his name. How did you know?
Christopher Foyle: They're the same men who helped Milner, when he got into trouble the other night.
Samantha Stewart: Well, that's nice of them. Rescue Milner and then try to kill me. I wish they'd get their priorities sorted out.

Paul Milner: I wonder why he was lying to us.
Christopher Foyle: The same reason everybody else does.

Christopher Foyle: Right. Looks as if we're going to, uh... have to spend a couple more days together at least.
James Nicholson: Why? I don't like you; you're a copper.
Christopher Foyle: Yeah, that's right.
Christopher Foyle: Have you ever been to prison?

AC Henry Parkins: Morning, I've finished my investigation of the south coast and have to get back to London.
Christopher Foyle: Well, absolutely no intention of keeping you. Well, I'm primarily here to find out about the De Perez situation.
AC Henry Parkins: I'm afraid I can't help you. He's attached to the embassy, as he told you and as such he is beyond our reach. Spain declared their neutrality back in september '39... However, many of their diplomats, the consular service, the police and the coast guard work for the germans. I got this from a friend in whitehall. He suggested we pass on what we know about De Perez, to the security services
Christopher Foyle: And what will they do?
AC Henry Parkins: I doubt they will do anything. They know who he is, and what he is. Doubtless they have their own reasons for keeping him at large.
Christopher Foyle: And so he is free... Well, that's marvellous, they all go free.
AC Henry Parkins: What do you mean?
Christopher Foyle: Well, him, Evelyn Richards, Lindemann...
AC Henry Parkins: Lindemann?
Christopher Foyle: Lindemann.
AC Henry Parkins: You're not saying he's involved, are you?
Christopher Foyle: I am.
AC Henry Parkins: What on earth are you suggesting?
Christopher Foyle: On the day he dies, how does Michael Richards, er, in such an extremely good mood, as a result of taking a phonecall, come to be so very angry and violent so very shortly afterwards. If he goes to the research center with the intention of doing as much damage as possible, why does he need his best suit and a bunch of flowers to do it? How does a woman with no experience of firearms manage to shoot her drunk, violent husband so very presicely in between the eyes and such premeditated fashion. I'm suggesting, that she made the call to her husband inviting him to the center, with the prospect of an improvement in their relationship, where he was shot, by Lindemann.
AC Henry Parkins: And why would they do this?
Christopher Foyle: Because they are having an affair - for which we do have proof.
AC Henry Parkins: It's not enough.
Christopher Foyle: Right... Well it certainly is for me.
AC Henry Parkins: Foyle -...
Christopher Foyle: No, with this sort of thing. um, virtually condoned for the sake of the war effort - A man guilty of coercion and sabotage can't be touched, while two boys guilty of nothing more than slipping of the rails because of lack of parental conltrol, will get several years of hard labour, assistant commissioners doing their very best to undermine me in front of my staff - yeah, I'd say I've had enough.
AC Henry Parkins: Look, I... I know, you and I got off to a bad start, Foyle. It was my fault and I apologize for it. But it's not too late, we can have an other look at mrs. Richards. And I'l tell you what. You know a young woman, Lydia Nicholson? I have here a report concerning an attempted suicide, a recommendation to prosecute.
[Parkins tears the report in half]
AC Henry Parkins: You see, justice can sometimes be manipulated to help the individual.
Christopher Foyle: Your justice perhaps, not mine.
[Leaving a letter on the table]
AC Henry Parkins: Look, You can't do this!
[Foyle leaves without saying another word]
AC Henry Parkins: Damn it!
Christopher Foyle: [voice-over as AC Parkins reads the letter] Assistant Commissioner Parkins: I have suggested to you that maintaining the law in time of war is all but impossible. I have now reached the conclusion that I am no longer up to the task, and it would seem therefore that there can be no useful purpose in me remaining in my position. I'm therefore offering you my resignation effective as of now. I remain, sir, your obedient servant, Christopher Foyle.

"Foyle's War: Killing Time (#6.2)" (2010)
Christopher Foyle: The men you robbed were all successful businessmen. Is that a coincidence?
Larry Hains: They made money while our lads were dying.
Christopher Foyle: Well, Delmont's factory makes parts for tanks. Where would you have been in the western desert without tanks?
Larry Hains: What would you know about that?
Christopher Foyle: Well, that much.

Christopher Foyle: [Referring to the American's wish to create separate but equal pubs] How do you see this working exactly?
Major Wesker: Well, we could make some of the bars 'whites only', some colored only. We wouldn't restrict our colored soldiers. We'd just separate them... like we do at the base.
Christopher Foyle: Well, that's fine except this isn't America. It's Great Britain, and we don't practice segregation.

Harry Delmont: Sorry things didn't go your way, Foyle.
Christopher Foyle: Well, that's democracy for you!

[last lines]
Samantha Stewart: It's going to be different in the country, I mean.
Christopher Foyle: Well, I hope so.

"Foyle's War: The Cage (#7.2)" (2013)
[last lines]
Sir Alec Meyerson: Listen to me. Pierce is first class, but you have something I need, and I don't mean your inability to toe the line. It's just that in this rather nasty little war we seem to be fighting I'd like to think that I have you on my side. And it might just be that working together we could do some good.
Christopher Foyle: We could start with Mrs Ross perhaps.
Sir Alec Meyerson: Yes?

Captain McDonald: [Anxious to leave] I'm sorry. I have a meeting. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Christopher Foyle: Well, I sincerely hope so. I've come to give you another opportunity to tell me the truth.

Colonel Galt: [Arrogantly] It is your duty to leave here and never speak of this again.
Christopher Foyle: Well, our ideas of duty obviously differ quite considerably.

Sir Alec Meyerson: Foyle, come in. you do have some questions to answer.
Christopher Foyle: Whough, that'd make a change.

"Foyle's War: Bad Blood (#4.2)" (2006)
Christopher Foyle: [Sam is driving Foyle and Milner to a farm] You're unusually quiet?...
Samantha Stewart: Yes, sir...
Christopher Foyle: Does that mean you're thinking?
Samantha Stewart: Yes...
Christopher Foyle: Need any help?
Samantha Stewart: No, thank you... I just have to make up my mind about something, and it's rather akward. I feel as though I've come to a crossroads, and I'm afraid of making a wrong turn .
Christopher Foyle: Well, you just have, you should have gone that way, Hythe is left.
Samantha Stewart: Oh... Sorry...

Christopher Foyle: You have a commanding officer here, name of Halliday. I'd like to speak to him.
Armed Guard: I'm afraid that's not possible, sir.
Christopher Foyle: Well, there's been an outbreak of anthrax here in Hastings and he's responsible for it. If I'm not in his office within the next two minutes, I'll be back with the army, the police, the home guard and the press. Would you feel able to convey this to him at your earliest opportunity?

DCS David Fielding: How long ago was it when I met you?... How old were we?... 21? 22? Young soldiers off to the war... It was a different world then. Of course we... we didn't know what we were going to go through.
Christopher Foyle: Well, we got through it.
DCS David Fielding: You may have, not me. I never told you. April 1915, Ypres. I was there with a bunch of Canadians. It was just a day like any other, which is to say, pretty... hellish, at the best of times. And then I saw it coming towards us. A cloud. Green. Almost... luminescent. It was completely silent. Moving as if it had a life of it's own. We didn't run. Nobody even moved. We'd no idea what it was. And then the pain. There were people screaming, coughing blood, tearing at their own faces, blind. Nobody knew what was happening. I mean, how could we? You see, that was the first time. The Boche released a hundred and seventy tons of chlorine gas. Do you know what the operation was called? Disinfection. Well, they disinfected us, all right. I was one of the lucky ones. I still feel it inside now, still burning inside me.
Christopher Foyle: Well, we won. We came through.
DCS David Fielding: Did we? Look around you, Christopher. There's so much evil, so much bad blood. Humanity stinks!

[last lines]
Samantha Stewart: So, you here to take me back to work, then?
Christopher Foyle: Absolutely.
Samantha Stewart: Good.
Christopher Foyle: Can't go anywhere without you.
Samantha Stewart: Jolly good.

"Foyle's War: Bleak Midwinter (#4.3)" (2007)
Edith Ashford: You're doing what you can.
Christopher Foyle: No, I'm doing what I believe is right.

Paul Milner: I just wanted Jane out of my life.
Christopher Foyle: She is now.

Sgt Brooke: Mr. Foyle?
Christopher Foyle: Yep?
Sgt Brooke: Well, pardon my saying so sir, but you must have it wrong.
Christopher Foyle: Oh, yeah?
Sgt Brooke: Well, I haven't known Sgt Milner all that long, but uh, a man less likely to murder his wife is hard to imagine.
Christopher Foyle: Well, that's very helpful - anything else you want to say before I get you transferred?
Sgt Brooke: No, sir.

"Foyle's War: Invasion (#4.1)" (2006)
Christopher Foyle: I, uh, take it you're not very, uh, happy to be here, then?
Sergeant Jack Connor: You tried sucking up to Hitler, that didn't work, so you went to war with him. You almost lost that by yourself and now you've dragged us in. No, I'm not crazy to be here.

Captain John Kieffer: So, how'd you get on with my rod?
Christopher Foyle: Well, it's beautiful; it's just I'm not catching anything.
Captain John Kieffer: Ah, it's a poor workman who blames his tools.

[last lines]
Captain John Kieffer: I'm new here. I know how you British are always murdering each other, but I didn't expect to get caught up in it like that, so, uh... maybe I behaved like a jerk.
Christopher Foyle: Well, you did much that was right.
Captain John Kieffer: Can we put all this behind us?
Christopher Foyle: Course.
Captain John Kieffer: Good. And in the interest of furthering British - U.S. friendship, I happen to have a quart of Jack Daniels in the back. Don't suppose you'd care to come back to the base and help me in drinking it, would you?
Christopher Foyle: To, um, help the war effort?
Captain John Kieffer: Exactly.
Christopher Foyle: Don't see why not.
Captain John Kieffer: Climb aboard.
[they get in the Jeep and start off]
Christopher Foyle: By the way, what's a jerk?
Captain John Kieffer: Ah, let me explain.
Christopher Foyle: Nothing to do with dried meat?
Captain John Kieffer: Nothing to do with dried meat. That's jerky.
Christopher Foyle: That's jerky.
Captain John Kieffer: Okay, look, a jerk is someone who... i-it's...

"Foyle's War: Elise (#8.3)" (2015)
[final lines of episode and of whole series - Samantha has a quiet word with Foyle after the funeral]
Samantha Wainwright: [diffidently] Sir...
Christopher Foyle: Yes?
Samantha Wainwright: Um...
Christopher Foyle: Problem?
Samantha Wainwright: No, I just wanted to tell you something.
Christopher Foyle: What's that?
Samantha Wainwright: I hate letting you down, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to hand in my notice. The fact is... well, you could say I'm... PWP.
Christopher Foyle: Pregnant without permission?
Samantha Wainwright: 'Fraid so.
Christopher Foyle: Well, you choose your moments!
Samantha Wainwright: I wanted to get it over with.
Christopher Foyle: Good thinking.
Samantha Wainwright: So it means I'm going to be rather... busy for a while.
Christopher Foyle: Well, I do understand.
Samantha Wainwright: I don't like to leave you on your own.
Christopher Foyle: Well I *might* be OK. I don't about the rest of the country, but...
Samantha Wainwright: I'd really like it if you- if you'd be the godfather.
[Foyle stops walking and turns to face Samantha]
Christopher Foyle: Honoured.
Samantha Wainwright: Thank you.
Christopher Foyle: Pleasure.
[Samantha hugs Foyle and kisses him on the cheek, then walks off to her husband; Foyle smiles contentedly to himself]

Christopher Foyle: I thought you should know that Hilda's been shot?
Elizabeth Addis: Hilda Pierce?
Christopher Foyle: Well, how many Hildas do you and I know?

Damian White: For what it's worth, Mr. Foyle, I'm not a Bolshie. I love my country. This was all just business.
Christopher Foyle: And for what it's worth, Mr. White, whatever you may call it, you're guilty of treason, which still carries a death sentence.

"Foyle's War: A Lesson in Murder (#1.3)" (2002)
DCS Foyle: I'll have the lasagne
Carlo Lucciano: Not the lasagne.
Carlo Lucciano: There's a meat shortage and I saw what went into it.

DCS Christopher Foyle: [Foyle is playing golf with Hugh Reid] You know, the more I play this game, the worse I seem to get.
Hugh Reid: Yes... It's probably your age...
DCS Christopher Foyle: Thank you!

Tony Lucciano: [Last lines] What sort of world is this, Mr. Foyle?
Samantha Stewart: [after a pause Tony walks away] Tony!
[to Foyle]
Samantha Stewart: I don't know what to say.
DCS Christopher Foyle: [Soberly] Neither do I.

"Foyle's War: Sunflower (#7.3)" (2013)
[last lines]
[as they drive out of the airfield]
Samantha Stewart: Where to, sir?
Christopher Foyle: Good question.

Samantha Stewart: [Going toward a house] So, what is this place? A nest of spies?
Christopher Foyle: Yup... but they're our spies.
Samantha Stewart: Well, that's all right then.

"Foyle's War: Enemy Fire (#3.2)" (2004)
Christopher Foyle: [Andrew is leaving to the RAF base at Debden] Are you all right?
Samantha Stewart: Yes sir, all present and correct.
Christopher Foyle: [after a pause] Well, I'll miss him... Will you?
Samantha Stewart: [sobbing] Yes, sir... I'm sorry sir, I... I didn't mean to get involved... Oh, I did, but...
Christopher Foyle: Well... The Foyle's you know... Always have been hard to resist.
Samantha Stewart: Absolutely, sir!

Sir Michael Waterford: I did think of it sometimes... Often... Of taking my own life.
Christopher Foyle: Why?
Sir Michael Waterford: Because I know what I am. Because I know I'm a fake. Sometimes living with myself is hard. I was at Messines Ridge, in the summer of 1917, battle of Ypres. For god sake I was their commanding officer. My batman was a man called Martin Drake, Gordon's father.
Christopher Foyle: Yes, you told me.
Sir Michael Waterford: What I didn't tell you, that it was hell! In the start it was gas shells, you'd hear them whining, as they came overhead. The gas and the shrapnels and the shells, and the mud and the blood, the rifles, machine guns, the artillery and the noise! And the endlessness of it. I didn't think it would be over until I was dead, ripped to pieces. Young men with their entrances hanging out. I'd had enough. I took out my gun, and I shot myself in the leg. I had to get out of there, it was the only way, that's what I did. Drake saw. He carried me to the field hospital. And as far as I knew, he never told anyone. And he wrote about it to his son. Gordon turned up and showed me the letter. He knew it would ruin me. He made me pay. I've been paying ever since. And in the end, I expect he'd have taken everything I have. Everything except my self-respect. I lost that twenty-five years ago.

"Foyle's War: The Russian House (#6.1)" (2010)
Uniformed official: It was very good of you to return after your predecessor...
Christopher Foyle: Died!
Uniformed official: In very unfortunate circumstances.
Christopher Foyle: It's my experience that most death is unfortunate, but all that was some while ago.

Monsieur Duveen: [after being questioned by Foyle about the two Russians] Neither of these men were here.
Christopher Foyle: You're quite sure of that?
Monsieur Duveen: Have we given you any reason to doubt us?
Christopher Foyle: Since you mention it, Vladchenko had nowhere else to go in London. Spiakov told him specifically to come here, and it would be interesting to know, uh, since you've no idea where I've come from, why he'd have had to have 'come up' to London?
Monsieur Duveen: I beg your pardon?
Christopher Foyle: You just asked me when he 'came up' to London.
Monsieur Duveen: Doesn't everybody come up to London?
Christopher Foyle: Well, some people 'come down' to London. An awful lot of people are already here.
Monsieur Duveen: [Duveen realizes he has given himself away. After a long silence] I do not think I have anything to add to what I've already said.

"Foyle's War: The White Feather (#1.2)" (2002)
Det. Supt. Christopher Foyle: I would like you to read these reports.
Sgt. Paul Milner: [glances through the pages] Did you type these yourself?
Det. Supt. Christopher Foyle: As I said, I'm short-staffed at the moment.

Rosemary Harwood: [Angrily] You're going through a lady's room? No gentleman would behave this way.
Det. Supt. Christopher Foyle: You know, you're right, but then again murder isn't a very gentlemanly business, Miss Harwood.

"Foyle's War: High Castle (#8.1)" (2015)
Arthur Valentine: William Knowles, eh? Should be right up your street.
Christopher Foyle: What does that mean?
Arthur Valentine: [tomgue in cheek] Dead body... knife in the back.

"Foyle's War: War Games (#2.3)" (2003)
DCS Christopher Foyle: Where's your wife?
Sir Reginald Walker: She's left me.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Not much of a day for you, is it? Your wife, your son... your business.
Sir Reginald Walker: My business?
DCS Christopher Foyle: [pointing at the golden box] Do you know what this is?
Sir Reginald Walker: It's a gift.
DCS Christopher Foyle: But you know what it is?
Sir Reginald Walker: It's solid gold and it's a gift given to my company in recognition of succesful trade relations.
DCS Christopher Foyle: A gift from whom?
Sir Reginald Walker: The office for trade.
DCS Christopher Foyle: The German office for trade?
Sir Reginald Walker: Yes.
DCS Christopher Foyle: And you didn't disclose the theft of it because...?
Sir Reginald Walker: Because my son did not declare it, he smuggled it into this country from Switzerland, a few weeks ago.
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, you're right. It is solid gold, hasn't been declared, certainly came to the country recently and might well have come from the office for trade, Sir Reginald. But it first of all came through a Department of the Third Reich known as the Vermögensverkehrsstelle, the Property Transfer Office, which deals with property acquired by the Nazis. This is a Jewish artifact, made in Frankfurt in the 18th century by Jeremiah Sobel, and until six weeks ago, it belonged to a family called the Rothenbergs, who used it as a prayer book holder. The family, all four of them, were shot and their home looted by the Nazis. And once it's generally known that you're a beneficiary of this Nazi "reallocation" of property, how long do you think you and your company have got?
[he picks up his hat and turns to leave]
DCS Christopher Foyle: One or two things bigger than business, wouldn't you say?
Sir Reginald Walker: ...Aren't you going to arrest me?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Well, on behalf of a very dear friend of mine, I'd say it's no longer necessary.

"Foyle's War: Broken Souls (#5.2)" (2008)
[last lines]
Paul Milner: Sad case, sir.
Christopher Foyle: Yeah,.

"Foyle's War: A War of Nerves (#3.4)" (2004)
[last lines]
Samantha Stewart: [Germany has just launched Operation Barbarossa, invasion of the Soviet Union] Can it be possible? The end of the war?
DCS Christopher Foyle: Be nice to think so.
Samantha Stewart: Well I'm going to drink to it anyway. Over by Christmas?
Sgt. Paul Milner: You said that last Christmas.
Samantha Stewart: All right then. New year.
DCS Christopher Foyle: New year.

"Foyle's War: The Hide (#6.3)" (2010)
DI Paul Milner: So... this is goodbye.
Christopher Foyle: Yeah, looks like it. You're on your own now.
DC Perkins: He's got me, sir.
Christopher Foyle: Precisely.

"Foyle's War: The Funk Hole (#2.4)" (2003)
DCS Foyle: [Taking Collier's investigation notes that Milner has improperly given to him] You know, there are, uh, going to be two of us suspended at this rate.
Sgt. Paul Milner: I'll be happy to join you, sir.
DCS Foyle: [Softly] Thanks.
Sgt. Paul Milner: I'll let myself out.

"Foyle's War: Trespass (#8.2)" (2015)
Christopher Foyle: You better wait in the car.
Samantha Wainwright: Why?
Christopher Foyle: [dryly] Because whenever you get out of the car, you get into trouble.

"Foyle's War: The French Drop (#3.1)" (2004)
Samantha Stewart: [Sam has come to pick up her boss from the SOE HQ] Good afternoon sir!
DCS Christopher Foyle: Glad to see you!
Samantha Stewart: I was rather worried they weren't going to let you out.
DCS Christopher Foyle: So was I.
Samantha Stewart: So what do they actually do here?
DCS Christopher Foyle: You wouldn't believe me, if I told you.
Samantha Stewart: Are you going to?
DCS Christopher Foyle: No.