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PC Mike Bradley (Character)
from "Heartbeat" (1992)

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"Heartbeat: Coming of Age (#11.18)" (2002)
Dr. Tricia Summerbee: [sitting in a car with Mike watching a number of people board a coach outside the Aidensfield Arms] What's all this?
PC Mike Bradley: The band are off to Morcom. Some big parade tomorrow. Are you sure you won't pop in? It's just uh, I've got to have a word with Gina.
Dr. Tricia Summerbee: No I'm really tired. Enjoy your pint.
PC Mike Bradley: Yeah.
[they kiss]

PC Mike Bradley: [on the radio] Delta Alpha 24 to control.
Sergeant Dennis Merton: [into the radio] Go ahead Mike.
PC Mike Bradley: [on the radio] Ambulance required urgently on the road through Ashfordly Estate. Phil's been shot, Tom's been taken hostage by Machin and Sutton. They're in a stolen Ford Zefa.
Sergeant Dennis Merton: [into the radio] Understood Mike. We'll organize road blocks, assistance is on its way.

Probationary PC Tom Nicholson: [seizes the gun Machin is holding] No! Don't shoot him!
[Tom wrestles Machin away from the plane]
Sergeant Dennis Merton: [as Machin pushes Tom over] HOLD IT THERE MACHIN!
Terry Machin: [points his gun at Merton] Don't even think about it!
Probationary PC Tom Nicholson: [gets up and seizes the gun] DROP IT!
[Machin wrestles Tom and shoots him]
PC Mike Bradley: Tom...
[Machin drops the gun and runs away. Merton runs over to Tom and Mike chases Machine]
PC Mike Bradley: [shouts] MACHIN!
[Mike slams Machin to the ground and arrests him]
Sergeant Dennis Merton: [checking Tom's neck pulse] Oh God no.