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Oscar Blaketon (Character)
from "Heartbeat" (1992)

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"Heartbeat: Arms and the Man (#4.10)" (1994)
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: It's like being back in the Army, isn't it?
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: Did you make it as far as India, Greengrass?
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: I know what you're insinuating, and the answer's no!

Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: [a hut full of weapons is about to explode] If my memory serves me right, Rowen, this is where we find a big rock and hide behind it!

"Heartbeat: Heroes and Villains (#7.23)" (1998)
[lots of golf balls fall out from Greengrass's coat when he stands up after telling Blaketon he has no golf balls left]
Oscar Blaketon: [sarcastically] Oh, he's got a hole in one!

"Heartbeat: Return Crossing (#18.7)" (2009)
[a Polish man is playing very mournful music on the pub piano. Oscar and the pub's regulars look bored stiff]
Oscar Blaketon: Can you manage on your own for a bit?
Dawn Bellamy: Why? Where are you going?
Oscar Blaketon: Down to the cellar to see if the rats have jumped ship.

"Heartbeat: End of the Line (#2.2)" (1993)
[a large number of sheep run through the charity fair]
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: I'll have you for this, Greengrass!

"Heartbeat: Ties That Bind (#18.18)" (2009)
[Dawn has seen Joe Mason and Rachel Dawson kissing]
Oscar Blaketon: What's the police force coming to? In my day, constables didn't go round *kissing* their sergeants.
Gina Bellamy: Well if you were the sergeant, Oscar, I'm hardly surprised.

"Heartbeat: Taking Stock (#17.18)" (2008)
[Alf was attacked by a gang of armed robbers but has managed to escape]
Oscar Blaketon: Are you all right?
Alf Ventress: A bit winded, that's all. A quick karate chop to get away - five years in the Commandos taught me that. And when you're in trouble, just lie doggo - thirty years of marriage to Mrs. Ventress taught me that.

"Heartbeat: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (#1.6)" (1992)
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: [Nick has arrested a drug dealer at a wedding recption he and Kate had been invited to] I thought you were off duty.
PC Nick Rowan: What was the first thing you said to me when I came here?
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: Go on, remind me.
PC Nick Rowan: If you're here, you're on duty.

"Heartbeat: Easy Rider (#8.10)" (1998)
Oscar Blaketon: Is this one of you get-rich-quick-schemes?
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: No, this is one of my get-very-rich-very-quick-schemes.

"Heartbeat: Leaving Home (#7.5)" (1997)
[Sergeant Blaketon shows some mouse droppings he has found at the police station to Rowan, Bellamy and Ventress]
Oscar Blaketon: What attracts mice?
PC Phil Bellamy: Lady mice?