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Quotes for
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass (Character)
from "Heartbeat" (1992)

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"Heartbeat: Peace and Quiet (#7.13)" (1997)
[Bellamy arrives at the scene of the crash on the moors]
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: Summat's happened to Oscar! Get an ambulance!

[in the ambulance taking Greengrass and Oscar to hospital]
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: Is he waking up? Just make a note - it was me that saved you.
[Oscar closes his eyes]
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: Don't die on me now after all that lot, Oscar. Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!

"Heartbeat: Easy Rider (#8.10)" (1998)
Oscar Blaketon: Is this one of you get-rich-quick-schemes?
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: No, this is one of my get-very-rich-very-quick-schemes.

[Sergeant Craddock has just been giving Greengrass a hard time over a racing bike he had removed from a scene of a crime]
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: Come back, Blaketon!

"Heartbeat: Arms and the Man (#4.10)" (1994)
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: It's like being back in the Army, isn't it?
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: Did you make it as far as India, Greengrass?
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: I know what you're insinuating, and the answer's no!

"Heartbeat: Stag at Bay (#9.13)" (1999)
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass: Who's the kid? Hope she can sing!
[Charlotte Church then starts singing Ave Maria]