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PC Nick Rowan (Character)
from "Heartbeat" (1992)

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HeartBeat: Changing Places (1998) (V)
Jo Rowan: I didn't know you spoke Moose.
P.C. Nick Rowan: I told you, I've been trained for this.
Jo Rowan: Oh, so while we sat for three months in that flat in Calgary, you were off training to be an animal linguist?
P.C. Nick Rowan: After six years of working with Yorkshiremen, it's a piece of cake.

"Heartbeat: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (#1.6)" (1992)
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: [Nick has arrested a drug dealer at a wedding recption he and Kate had been invited to] I thought you were off duty.
PC Nick Rowan: What was the first thing you said to me when I came here?
Sergeant Oscar Blaketon: Go on, remind me.
PC Nick Rowan: If you're here, you're on duty.