PC Phil Bellamy
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PC Phil Bellamy (Character)
from "Heartbeat" (1992)

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"Heartbeat: Coming of Age (#11.18)" (2002)
Probationary PC Tom Nicholson: [arrives at the Police Station] Morning. Sorry I'm late. Oh good, Sarge not in yet then?
Sergeant Dennis Merton: [exiting his office] Yes I am Nicholson! Have been for some time!
Probationary PC Tom Nicholson: Sorry I'm late Sarge. The reason was...
Sergeant Dennis Merton: Save it. Armed robbery yesterday in the Midlands. Wager snatch. Security guard's been shot. He's on the critical list. West Midlands Police think an Asfordly man may have been involved. James Arthur Sutton?
PC Alf Ventress: Jimmy Sutton? He's still inside isn't he?
PC Phil Bellamy: He got nine months for car theft.
Sergeant Dennis Merton: Released last week apparently. It's not certain yet he was involved, but we've been asked as a matter of urgency to check on his whereabouts.

Vernon Scripps: [calls to Tom and Phil whilst having a drink in the Aidensfield Arms] Hey lads! Nicked anyone for car tax lately?
PC Phil Bellamy: What's he so pleased about?
Gina Ward: His latest venture. He's managing the Brass band.
PC Phil Bellamy: He won't make much run in one of those. Money's all in pop groups today.
Probationary PC Tom Nicholson: I love Brass bands.

"Heartbeat: Moving Target (#12.20)" (2003)
PC Alf Ventress: We'll still hope you'll give us the time a day when you become Chief Constable.
PC: Well as long as you smarten yourself up Alf.
PC Phil Bellamy: No chances of that.

PC Alf Ventress: We still hope you'll give us the time a day when you become chief constable
PC: Well as long as you smarten yourself up Alf
PC Phil Bellamy: No chances of that!

"Heartbeat: Playing with Fire (#1.4)" (1992)
PC Phil Bellamy: [imitating Sergeant Blaketon] Never believe a single word that Claude Jeremiah Greengrass...
[Blaketon appears]

"Heartbeat: From Ancient Grudge (#11.14)" (2002)
[PC Nicholson has just stepped on some horse droppings]
PC Phil Bellamy: [laughing] You're always putting your foot in, you.

"Heartbeat: Leaving Home (#7.5)" (1997)
[Sergeant Blaketon shows some mouse droppings he has found at the police station to Rowan, Bellamy and Ventress]
Oscar Blaketon: What attracts mice?
PC Phil Bellamy: Lady mice?