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Mrs. Hall (Character)
from "All Creatures Great and Small" (1978)

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"All Creatures Great and Small: The Name of the Game (#2.9)" (1978)
James Herriot: Hello, Mrs. Hall. Sounds like a very full surgery.
Helen: Oh, just the Dimmock family.
James Herriot: Oh, not again. How many of them this time?
Helen: The entire brood, and Mr. Dimmock.
James Herriot: They aren't a family they're more like a nation.
Mrs. Hall: Aye, and from the look of Mrs. Dimmock from the side they're about to increase and multiply even further.
James Herriot: Oh, this is the third time they've been back this month.
Helen: They've adopted you.
James Herriot: Yes, obviously.
Helen: Well, they wouldn't come quite so often if you if you ever got around to charging them anything.
James Herriot: Well, he always asks me to send him the bill.
Helen: But you never do.
James Herriot: Well, they haven't got any money, love. And if I do, well; they might stop coming.
Mrs. Hall: He's never done a days work in his life, hasn't that Mr. Dimmock.
James Herriot: He has learnt the art of gracious living, Mrs. Hall.
Mrs. Hall: At our expense.
James Herriot: He's got a bad back.
Mrs. Hall: Huh! All I can say is; he never got it to work! How he gets his time over, I don't know.
Helen: Oh, he always manages to make it look as if he's on his way to somewhere important.
Mrs. Hall: Mostly, the vault of the Dog & Duck for a game of dominoes.
James Herriot: Well, I like him Mrs. Hall.
Mrs. Hall: Oh, yes, everybody likes him. You have to like him. That doesn't mean I have to approve of him, does it?

All Creatures Great and Small (1975) (TV)
[first lines]
[James Herriot rings the doorbell]
Mrs. Hall: [opening door] Yes?
James Herriot: [removing his hat] Good afternoon, my name's Herriot.
James Herriot: ...Well, I belive Mr. Farnon is expecting me.
Mrs. Hall: Surgery is from six to seven.
James Herriot: Oh no, no, he asked me for tea.
Mrs. Hall: Did he now?
James Herriot: Well, I'm applying for the job, you see. Mr. Farnon's new assistant.
Mrs. Hall: Oh. Well you better come in then.