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Siegfried Farnon (Character)
from "All Creatures Great and Small" (1978)

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"All Creatures Great and Small: Golden Lads and Girls (#1.7)" (1978)
Siegfried Farnon: You gave them all the injection, did you James?
James Herriot: For what it's worth.
Siegfried Farnon: Oh, the books speak very well of it. Chloroform to stupefy the worms, turpentine to kill them, creosote to cause the cough that expels them.
James Herriot: You're on with all that?
Siegfried Farnon: Not for one moment. No, I think that any good effects that have been achieved have been the result of getting the cattle off the infected pasture in time. Still, it always impresses the farmers very greatly.

"All Creatures Great and Small: Advice & Consent (#1.8)" (1978)
Siegfried Farnon: We're not gods James. Just fumbling mechanics most of the time, working with pathetically inadequate tools - on vehicles we've hardly begun to understand.

"All Creatures Great and Small: Matters of Life and Death (#3.12)" (1980)
Siegfried Farnon: It's an occupational hazard, James. one of the grayer aspects of our profession. None of us enjoys it very much. But... the last thing that a funny little creature like Theo feels is the touch of a human hand, and the last thing he hears is the gentleness of a human voice. It-It's the best we can manage.

"All Creatures Great and Small: Big Steps and Little 'Uns (#3.14)" (1980)
Tristan Farnon: [holding letter] Tristan Farnon, M.R.C.V.S.
Siegfried Farnon: Never!
Tristan Farnon: Don't take my word for it.
Siegfried Farnon: Now I know we shall win the war.
Tristan Farnon: What?
Siegfried Farnon: The age of miracles is not past.

"All Creatures Great and Small: Will to Live (#3.13)" (1980)
Siegfried Farnon: Can I ask you a very frank question?
James Herriot: Can I stop you?

"All Creatures Great and Small: Cats and Dogs (#2.1)" (1978)
Siegfried Farnon: [singing] Oh, what are you having for dinner, Mrs. Bond? There's a goose in the larder and ducks in the pond...