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PC Fancy Smith (Character)
from "Z Cars" (1962)

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"Z Cars: Made for Each Other (#3.2)" (1963)
PC Weir: [Smith and Weir have just forcefully caught Elena who has been squatting in an unoccupied house] What's you name?
Elena Collins: Popular with the girls you two, are you - knocking them about and that?
PC Smith: Hey - come off it.
Elena Collins: Well they go for it don't they - bit of a punch up - fancy that, some of them.
PC Smith: What's your name?
Elena Collins: Judy Garland.
PC Weir: Oh aye?
Elena Collins: Shall I sing a song, like - prove it?
PC Weir: Look, stop messing about
[she makes an attempt to run away]
PC Weir: hey!
Elena Collins: 'Ever since this world began!'
PC Smith: Hey - shut it!
Elena Collins: Well you're not long on manners, are you?
PC Smith: What's your name?
Elena Collins: Marlon Brando.