Dalia Hatzialexandrou
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Dalia Hatzialexandrou (Character)
from "Sto para 5" (2005)

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"Sto para 5: Episode #2.10" (2006)
[the five are in the car, carrying a dead guy in the trunk... they all look worried. In the mean time we hear what each of them is thinking]
Fotis: What if there are any guards at the gates? We'll have to find a way to trick them!
Aggela: Ok! If there are any guards we'll punch them, we'll kick them, and we ll get in!
Spiros: I'll fall on my knees and I'm gonna beg them "please help us, oh, we didn't do anything wrong!"
Zoumboulia: Either the car will break down, or we'll crash, or something else will happen and we'll get stuck in the middle of nowhere, with the "traveller" in the trunk...
Dalia: [singing] "What you wanna know? Papi, eh Papi, oh oops I bet you wouldn't mind, gigolo, Better run along Carry on with the show, Cause real ladies don't go for gigoloooos..." how stupid! She should have kept the song for this year's Eurovision contest... she would win again!

"Sto para 5: Episode #1.21" (2006)
Dalia: There is no way they can discover me! I'm going to change the name of the hotel of course. I'm the new owner, shouldn't I make some changes?
Fotis: That's right. What are you going to call it?
Dalia: "Hotel Dalia"!
Fotis: Don't you think they'll discover who the owner is if you call it "Hotel Dalia"?
Dalia: How will they know?
Ritsa: From "Hotel"!
Dalia: "Dalia Palace" then!
Ritsa: Why don't I have a tape recorder to record what she says!

"Sto para 5: Episode #1.17" (2006)
Alexis: [on a roof, talking to the radio] ...And right now I m going through total humiliation, having you calling me with the nickname...
Dalia: [talking to her radio] My little pony!
Alexis: I can't even say it...
Thomas Voulinos: But we agreed to have code-names from comics
Alexis: Yes but there are comics like Spiderman, Superman, Batman... Tomorrow I m meeting our ambassador in Brussels what am I going to say "Good morning I m miss Hantzialexandrou 's economic director or rather her little pony"? He'll think I m insane!
Dalia: Like if you said "Good morning I'm Batman" you would win him at once!

"Sto para 5: Episode #1.5" (2005)
Dalia Hatzialexandrou: [Aggela decides to drive the car even though she doesn't have a drivers licence. She has driven once before however... ] Aggela you're speeding! Can't she hear what I'm saying?
Fotis: We're going faster than the speed of light that's why!
Dalia Hatzialexandrou: Aggela where did you learn to drive?
Aggela: I worked at an amusement park one summer.
Dalia Hatzialexandrou: What part?
Aggela: At the bumper cars!