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Deborah (Character)
from "British Men Behaving Badly" (1992)

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"British Men Behaving Badly: Jealousy (#6.3)" (1997)
Deborah: I thought people who lived in the country didn't lock their doors.
Mr. Wadey: Ah, well I'm a miserable bastard.
[re: the milk]
Mr. Wadey: That'll be a pound.
Deborah: A pound? That's a bit much isn't it?
Mr. Wadey: You wouldn't say that if you'd had to park your combine harvester in Safeways car park.

Deborah: We're renting the caravan for the weekend.
Tony: Are you Mr Wadey, the farmer?
Mr. Wadey: No, I'm Mr Wadey the supermodel.

"British Men Behaving Badly: Watching TV (#6.4)" (1997)
Gary Strang: You know Felicity Kendell?
Deborah: Yes.
Gary Strang: She was deliciously pert, wasn't she?
Deborah: Yes.

"British Men Behaving Badly: Wedding (#6.2)" (1997)
Deborah: What are you thinking?
Tony: I was just wondering what colour your bush is.
Deborah: What?
Tony: I was just wondering what car rubbish is.