Adam Leavitt
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Adam Leavitt (Character)
from The Kingdom (2007)

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The Kingdom (2007)
Adam Leavitt: It's LEH-vitt, not Le' Vesque. I'm not a goddamn French-Canadian.

[last lines]
Adam Leavitt: Fleury. Tell me what you whispered to Janet, in the briefing, to get her to stop crying about Fran, you know, before all this, before we even got airborne. What'd you say to her?
Aunt: Tell me, what did your grandfather whisper in your ear before he died?
Adam Leavitt: You remember?
Ronald Fleury: I told her we were gonna kill 'em all.
15-Year-Old Grandson: Don't fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all.

Adam Leavitt: Need a little check? Huh? Ah, you big queer!

Adam Leavitt: Sir, I already know the answer to this, but is there any chance in hell we get to go over there and use our hands?
Ronald Fleury: If you already know the answer, why ask the question?

Adam Leavitt: Sir, not to beat a dead horse, but if there was ever a time for us to put boots on Saudi sand, I mean, don't you think this is it?
Janet Mayes: There's no way, Adam. They will never allow it.
Adam Leavitt: Then let's just ask.
Janet Mayes: The Saudi Royal Family cannot appear as if they're losing control. If they lose control of their country, lose control of the people, they risk losing control of the oil. And that's not going to happen.

Adam Leavitt: We're going to Riyadh? Is that right?
Ronald Fleury: Yep.
Grant Sykes: State Department said yes?
Ronald Fleury: Nope.
Adam Leavitt: White House?
Ronald Fleury: Nope.
Adam Leavitt: We bringing security?
Ronald Fleury: No.
Adam Leavitt: This is really going to suck, I think.

Adam Leavitt: What are four people supposed to do over there in five days, anyways?
Grant Sykes: Weren't you the one that practically demanded we go this morning?
Adam Leavitt: Yeah, I didn't say I. I said FBI.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: You cannot touch evidence. Please leave it. You cannot question anyone without me present, touch a dead Muslim, or leave my sight at any time. Your safety is my primary concern.
Ronald Fleury: I thought your primary concern would be the investigation.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: And you would be mistaken.
Grant Sykes: I think this is one of those something happens to us, his head comes off kind of deals. You're our babysitter, right?
Adam Leavitt: We call that a babysitter.

Adam Leavitt: How many princes are there?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Over five thousand.
Ronald Fleury: Does every prince get a palace this big?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Some get bigger.
Adam Leavitt: And who pays for all this?
Grant Sykes: Exxon. Chevron. Shell.

Adam Leavitt: [Asking about Saudi Arabia] What's it like there on the ground?
Grant Sykes: A bit... like... Mars.
Adam Leavitt: Mars? Sounds like I didn't pack right.