Janet Mayes
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Janet Mayes (Character)
from The Kingdom (2007)

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The Kingdom (2007)
Adam Leavitt: Sir, not to beat a dead horse, but if there was ever a time for us to put boots on Saudi sand, I mean, don't you think this is it?
Janet Mayes: There's no way, Adam. They will never allow it.
Adam Leavitt: Then let's just ask.
Janet Mayes: The Saudi Royal Family cannot appear as if they're losing control. If they lose control of their country, lose control of the people, they risk losing control of the oil. And that's not going to happen.

Janet Mayes: [while playing basketball] This is the kind of radical circumstance that could have seriously upped Shaq's free throw percentages. I mean, you take a man, you send ship him off to Riyadh. No cell phones, no girls, no booze. Nothing but being locked in a gym. He could have been shooting, what, seventy, eighty percent? Lakers would still be together. Kobe and Shaq, lovers forever.
Ronald Fleury: I don't know about that part. Kobe's a hater.