Ronald Fleury
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Ronald Fleury (Character)
from The Kingdom (2007)

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The Kingdom (2007)
[before breaking open a door in terrorist apartment]
Ronald Fleury: Which side do you think Allah's on?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: We are about to find out!

Ronald Fleury: [refering to the Six Million Dollar Man] That's my shit.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: [confused] You need bathroom?

[last lines]
Adam Leavitt: Fleury. Tell me what you whispered to Janet, in the briefing, to get her to stop crying about Fran, you know, before all this, before we even got airborne. What'd you say to her?
Aunt: Tell me, what did your grandfather whisper in your ear before he died?
Adam Leavitt: You remember?
Ronald Fleury: I told her we were gonna kill 'em all.
15-Year-Old Grandson: Don't fear them, my child. We are going to kill them all.

Ronald Fleury: Does he know where Bin Laden is? That would be a huge promotion for me.

Kevin Fleury: What happened?
Ronald Fleury: Some bad things happened.
Kevin Fleury: A lot of bad people out there.
Ronald Fleury: Yeah. But you're not one of them.

Adam Leavitt: Sir, I already know the answer to this, but is there any chance in hell we get to go over there and use our hands?
Ronald Fleury: If you already know the answer, why ask the question?

Attorney General Gideon Young: As far as the public's concerned, lets try to view this through FBI agents' eyes. Is that clear?
Ronald Fleury: Sir, how do you suppose this is viewed through FBI agents' eyes?
Attorney General Gideon Young: Pardon me?
Ronald Fleury: I said, in this situation, how do you suppose this is viewed through our eyes?
Attorney General Gideon Young: It's a variation of vengeance. When one of your own is killed, agents lose their analytical skills.

Ronald Fleury: [after realizing he's being blackmailed by Fleury] What's your point?
Prince Thamer: I want in immediately.
Ronald Fleury: Define immediately.
Ronald Fleury: Right the fuck now! I mean immediately!

Adam Leavitt: We're going to Riyadh? Is that right?
Ronald Fleury: Yep.
Grant Sykes: State Department said yes?
Ronald Fleury: Nope.
Adam Leavitt: White House?
Ronald Fleury: Nope.
Adam Leavitt: We bringing security?
Ronald Fleury: No.
Adam Leavitt: This is really going to suck, I think.

Grant Sykes: Look, you want to go? We go. I got you. But you have to check yourself.
Ronald Fleury: I'm checked.
Grant Sykes: Okay. I'm just checking that you're checked.

Ronald Fleury: You ever been to the U.S., Colonel?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Yeah, I have been there once. I spent four days in Quantico. I also saw Michael Jordan play for the Washington Wizards.

Damon Schmidt: I got a plane. It's fueled up, it's ready to go, it's got your name on it. You guys want to go, lets do it.
Ronald Fleury: You talk a lot. A little too much.
Damon Schmidt: [padding his chest] You wearing a vest? You got nothing. You got nothing, big boy. You want to tighten up the kevlar.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: We need more security here before we go on.
Ronald Fleury: Are you fucking kidding me? You got a fucking army.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: I'm not kidding you, okay? And don't talk to me with this language.

Janet Mayes: [while playing basketball] This is the kind of radical circumstance that could have seriously upped Shaq's free throw percentages. I mean, you take a man, you send ship him off to Riyadh. No cell phones, no girls, no booze. Nothing but being locked in a gym. He could have been shooting, what, seventy, eighty percent? Lakers would still be together. Kobe and Shaq, lovers forever.
Ronald Fleury: I don't know about that part. Kobe's a hater.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: You cannot touch evidence. Please leave it. You cannot question anyone without me present, touch a dead Muslim, or leave my sight at any time. Your safety is my primary concern.
Ronald Fleury: I thought your primary concern would be the investigation.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: And you would be mistaken.
Grant Sykes: I think this is one of those something happens to us, his head comes off kind of deals. You're our babysitter, right?
Adam Leavitt: We call that a babysitter.

Ronald Fleury: I just need to ask your boys some questions about maybe somthing that they saw the other night.
Aaron Jackson: What do you want to ask my boys about the other night? What do you want to ask them about? You want to ask them about watching their mother bleed to death? Is that what you want to ask my boys? My five year old boy, when I got home, had a box of band-aids and he was trying to put his mama's mouth back on.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: [after a fight breaks out] Are you okay?
Ronald Fleury: No, are you okay? He slapped you.

Ronald Fleury: This is too pretty of a plan to be hatched in just one day. He had to come here a couple of times.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: This man is a Saudi. See, if foreigners were here, someone would say something.
Ronald Fleury: So maybe Abu Hamza?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Could be.
Ronald Fleury: Yeah. Then we should ask around. Get out of here and some people...
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: [interrupting] They won't tell you anything.
Ronald Fleury: Why not?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: He's like Robin Hood to you. People feel sympathy to him.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Tonight, we have the dinner in the palace. Uh, Miss Mayes, she can't be there. It's only men.
Ronald Fleury: Only men?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Yeah, you know, tradition.
Ronald Fleury: That's gonna be boring.

Adam Leavitt: How many princes are there?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Over five thousand.
Ronald Fleury: Does every prince get a palace this big?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Some get bigger.
Adam Leavitt: And who pays for all this?
Grant Sykes: Exxon. Chevron. Shell.

Ronald Fleury: [to Prince Bin Khaled] I know you want him caught. We want him caught. So let us help you. America's not perfect, not at all, I'll be the first to say that, but we are good at this. Allow us to help your men go catch this criminal.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: I want to take you somewhere.
Ronald Fleury: Where?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Someone who can lead us to catch the big dog.
Ronald Fleury: More like big fish.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Big fish?
Ronald Fleury: Yeah, big fish.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: A dog, uh... a dog's more bigger than a fish.

Ronald Fleury: So why'd you get into this, Al Ghazi?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Into what?
Ronald Fleury: Being a cop. Why'd you get into being a cop? I mean, with all this violence and chaos, it seems so crazy.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: It's because of, uh, The Green Beast.
Ronald Fleury: The what?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: The Green Beast.
Ronald Fleury: What the hell is The Green Beast?
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: It's a TV show when I was kid. You know, a man who turns green when he's very angry, he turns green and...
Ronald Fleury: Oh, oh, yeah, The Hulk.
Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: Yeah, you know. He was killing just bad people because they did wrong.

Colonel Faris Al Ghazi: I'm forty-two years old. I have two daughters and a son. Beautiful son. And I find myself in a place where I no longer care about why we are attacked. I only care that one hundred people woke up a few mornings ago, and had no idea it was their last. When we catch the man who murdered these people, I don't care to ask even one question. I want to kill him. Do you understand?
Ronald Fleury: Yes, I do.

Ronald Fleury: [seeing Schmidt almost vomiting] Schmidt, you all right?
Damon Schmidt: Yeah.
Ronald Fleury: You sure?
Damon Schmidt: Mmmhmmm.
Ronald Fleury: All right. Don't throw up on your tie.

Ronald Fleury: [holding a dying Al-Ghazi] We got 'em, baby... We got 'em.