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Charlotte Cavendish (Character)
from "Lovejoy" (1986)

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"Lovejoy: Never Judge a Book by Its Cover (#5.12)" (1993)
[Lovejoy and Charlotte are walking on a path round the edge of a large lawn in the quadrangle of a Cambridge college]
Lovejoy: Why don't we just make a beeline across the grass?
Charlotte Cavendish: Because it would be worse than raping the Chancellor's wife on the altar of King's College Chapel.
Lovejoy: Who is the Chancellor?
Charlotte Cavendish: I think it's the Duke of Edinburgh.
Lovejoy: Oh, we'll stick to the path, then. His wife's got enough problems!

Charlotte Cavendish: You've got a determined look in your eye.
Lovejoy: What look's that?
Charlotte Cavendish: The one you get when you're determined.

"Lovejoy: The Lost Colony (#5.14)" (1993)
Charlotte Cavendish: Well, Lovejoy, you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family.