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Quotes for
Charlie Gimbert (Character)
from "Lovejoy" (1986)

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"Lovejoy: The Real Thing (#1.7)" (1986)
Charlie Gimbert: [Hearing it was Lovejoy who conned his spiral staircase] Lovejoy!
Morgan: Lovejoy! I'll demolish that cottage of his!
Charlie Gimbert: Steady on. He rents that from me - but I wouldn't mind if you demoloished him.

Charlie Gimbert: [Angrily] Lovejoy, you scumbag! You owe me a spiral staircase!

"Lovejoy: The Sting (#1.3)" (1986)
Charlie Gimbert: I need a favor.
Lovejoy: We all do, Charlie.

Charlie Gimbert: I need you, Lovejoy. Since my wife died, I need someone to hate.

"Lovejoy: Three Men and a Brittle Lady (#5.5)" (1993)
Charlie Gimbert: [Rhetorically] Is it genuine? It's the only question I ask these days of antiques and women.

"Lovejoy: The Peking Gun (#5.9)" (1993)
Charlie Gimbert: Talking of rogues and reprobates, where's Tinker?

"Lovejoy: Ducking and Diving (#5.6)" (1993)
Lovejoy: [Furious after Eric has caused his valuable gun to fall into the water] That bone-headed rocker that you call a partner has just knocked my Purdey in the drink!
Lovejoy: [Correcting him] Associate.
Charlie Gimbert: What?
Lovejoy: [Patiently] He's an associate, not a partner.
Charlie Gimbert: [Angrily] You should stop associating with imbeciles!

"Lovejoy: The Lost Colony (#5.14)" (1993)
Charlie Gimbert: Lovejoy had a conscience bypass years ago.